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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Do you have a skilltree posted somewhere? I'd like to give it a shot.
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    and yet you find a way to be negative and complain
    I havent even started seriously crafting etc etc
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  3. SkyfallDSO

    SkyfallDSO Forum Greenhorn

    You absolutely ruined the game!
    It's the worst update that Drakensang Online has ever received.
    I don't know where to start, the fact that we have only 5 skill slots now? or that you ruined all our unique sets...
    Not to mention the combat is HORRIBLE.
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So, as many people are saying, I like the new skilltree and the possibilities it gives, and I like the new crafting of course.

    Among the tons of bugs there are simple mistakes that can hardly be called bugs - they're no coding errors at all.

    Example? Well, as we know, there are tons and tons of possible dailies for the gold tier in the middle group. Among those are bosses on modes one can't enter yet for that boss. For example, you can get Balor on fatal while being on lvl55, while Balor requires lvl59 to be entered on fatal. There are other impossible to complete "challenges" as well, with requirements even further from the player lvl. This has to be fixed.

    Oh yes, net on keys 1-7 and EA on all mouse buttons. Now you have only 5 so you can't hit the net button with your fingers (you constantly press the buttons outside the range) and on top of that this two-skill wonder doesn't work.

    Welp. Time to learn real skill strategy.
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  5. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I've been trying to give the CE a chance. I'm at level 58. I'm stuck on the mission called The Union of Two. I'm supposedly in the correct map, but the Memory of Nefertari doesn't show up. I've tried on normal and painful. There are areas on either side where I get insta-killed. There must be something about this that I don't know. This is the second time I've gotten stuck in the new quest chain.

    So the game is basically the same, but everything is much more painful to do. Crafting was always difficult and time-consuming. Now it is even worse. Grinding up gems and runes is way more tedious than combining three of everything. There are so many green and blue drops and I'm sick of selling them all. Even the purple items don't look that good. I haven't read about or seen any gold drops. So many gems drop, but all you can do is grind them up. It's just way too tedious.

    It costs so many coins to remove things from items and trinkets. Then there are all the things you need to farm for crafting and upgrading. There are way too many things to farm for. I just can't stand it any more.

    The new skill bar is much harder to read.

    I mentioned in another thread that the solstice event is the same as last year, but now I'm playing with a nerfed character.

    I'm just not having fun. So, I'm done playing this.
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  6. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    MODS: Please add these to the list of bugs sent to BP ...

    The generic quest, A Mighty Threat, which pops up when you enter a scaling dungeon doesn't recognize the Nefertari Mages in the Duria maps as mobs to be tracked and killed. Probably related to the repeatable crafting quest, Bone Oracle, which wants you to kill Inhuman Sharpshooters and Inhuman Sentinels to collect their bones.

    So, even though I've turned on the tracking guide for A Mighty Threat, the tracker is using the filter for Bone Oracle.


    Someone else already mentioned this, but ... the Black Knight that spawns from your Dragan's Grim Signet Ring if your hit points drop below 33% does spawn ... but he doesn't attack mobs nor draw aggro.


    The Ranger's Dive doesn't clear stuns as it's supposed to ... and if I remember correctly, Adrenaline officially no longer clears debuffs, so the Ranger is a sitting duck in many situations now.


    Equipment stats in the popup window when your cursor hovers over the items is complete garbage.

    Some gold and platinum level stats aren't color-highlighted while others are ... I think in some instances, transferring one of this "hidden" enchantments to a different item will imbue the stat with the correct color coding, but typically not.

    The % of max calculations are often clearly wrong, where an enchantment on one item will have a lower value than the same enchantment on a different piece of equipment, but the % of max as displayed on the first item is higher than on the second item.

    Mind you, these are on random items which were already in my locker / backpack prior to the CE release. I haven't dropped anything useful yet post-release.


    This isn't a bug alert, but ... where did all the mobs go? Dungeons have something like 40-50% fewer monsters.

    It's not very surprising that I haven't dropped anything useful: Not only are there fewer mobs, they hardly drop anything at all. Clearing a smaller dungeon on Fatal yielded 1 exo, 2 magic, and 5 or 6 improved items. That total includes the loot from the sentinel and his chest.
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  7. lhuqe222

    lhuqe222 Forum Apprentice

    Please excuse me for my English, but it's not my mother tongue.
    Google trad translation.

    You think the Boss is made of plastic and doesn't move????

    The Boss's attack range is very short???

    You really want the dwarves to attack BOSS at close range using

    5 reduced CD gems...
    You want the player to wait 42 seconds to start shrapnel shot to
    hit BOSS.......................

    (30S ????)
    Waste too much spent points and gemstones
    CD Wait too long Dwarf in the Box (14S ???????)
    PW Bloodshed
    Have you considered the amount of BOSS blood?
    You want the player to wait to die???
    PK time please dwarfs keep running and wait 14 seconds???
    PK (You've really played dwarfs??)

    How many points do you have to invest to make a difference?
    ((At present, there is no effect))
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  8. Nothanks!

    Nothanks! Someday Author

    I create dragan two handed weapon but its created 1 level, this bug ?
  9. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Has to be, or it would be just bad coding if it's not (should be level depended).

    I think that those "cost fails" skills and synergies are for - reducing the time

    That was me, two pages ago ... hehe

    So, not to be SO negative we should post bugs somewhere and I've created another thread for that.

    Let the people spam hate here :D ((joking of course) more post their opinions) and post bugs there.
  10. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Hello guys, i have a big you can se in @Phyrix picture the critical value is to low, when i was lvl 60-65 my critical value was like 90.000 and critical dmg was around 350-400%, now I am lvl 90 my critical value is 140-150.000 and critical dmg is if i am not mistake 220%, my dilema is here, on lvl 60-65 one item can give 300-500 critical value, on lvl 90 one item give now like 600-1000critical value and i think i am not sure at lvl 145 items give how much 1500-2000 critical value? this is not enought, i asume on lvl 200 we need 300-400k critical value to have 90% critical value and 300-400% critical dmg on bloodshed and from where the h*ll so much? I have all slot rune full and all are purple now...
    Now with lvl 90 and 150 000critical value i bearly can farm on fbi map on letal mode and take me like 20min...and with my 100k base dmg...I dont have words...
    P s! On biman weapons i bearly have 1.8 atac speed from 3.333+ before CE...
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  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    There's plenty of quest triggers that don't work, for example i am supposed to find someone named Morley in fyereborough, i found him but the quest doesn't trigger and i can't complete it.
  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So you literally loved crap like r185 and r214 and you are suddenly disturbed by this update?

    I understand people who didn't play back then and complain now, or those who were critical before and still are, or those who hated the previous state of the game and waited for changes only to finally make up their mind.

    But what you're literally saying is:
    "I liked all the previous times they screwed us over, had us farm to death for actually nonexistent rewards and took away even those rewards. But when now there are good changes spoiled a bit by bugs and bad changes, I suddenly hate it and quit." <- That's what you wanted to say?
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  13. SkyfallDSO

    SkyfallDSO Forum Greenhorn

    The worst thing is, the developers actually think this CE is amazing, and that people are overreacting. In reality, people will not accept this, YOU ARE LOSING PLAYERS, you are slowly KILLING the game. We, the players, will NEVER get over this. You ruined the game. You need to act fast BP and fix what you broke.


    These are not just "bad changes", they are HORRIBLE mistakes and they need to reverse them.
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Because you need to farm again and get strong again?

    That's what happened with every expansion,kiddo, i don't know what did you expect, there's no need to jump on the bandwagon.
    And the last expansion [EDIT] most of the player base over, it [EDIT] who ever wanted to use 1h weapons, it practically destroyed diversity, it destroyed the speciality of the rangers, which was their lack of 2 handed weapons and in addition to that, it forced them to use q7 set.

    Oh and let's not forget the grand sapphire theft.

    There's been plenty of bad, horrible changes, which made the game bad, this is not the worst.
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  15. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    on our guild... all those who have barely played anything for last 12 months are now back to play. let's see how long.
    So far I've loved this even tough need to relearn to do builds . Unfortunately skills still need some work, many of those are not much of use. Also, since getting any sort of better critical hit rate requires most of items to have crit .... that limits the builds also bit too much for my taste
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  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Many of the quests are still bugged and won't work and it seems that we only got the first half of the expansion, half of it is missing, including its bosses.

    Q6 has been removed as well, and it seems Mortis and Sargon are event bosses.

    I dearly hope that Sargon and Mortis become permanent bosses later.
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  17. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    --i cant use more than 27 rubies

    —jewel of rage gives 0 critical value bonus, is not a tooltip bug)

    —mark dont work if the enemy hit dies

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  18. SkyfallDSO

    SkyfallDSO Forum Greenhorn

    Have you even tried the combat? I've been playing this game for almost 8 years, never did I see a worse expansion than this. If you had the smallest idea of what a "content expansion" is you wouldn't be here in the forums replying to people who have reason to complain. Oh and by the way, I'm not "jumping on the bandwagon", I'm expressing my opinion, I made my own mind about the changes, I played through the CE for a bit and I can say it's unplayable. Truly, I don't know where to start, the fact that they completely ruined the combat (it lost its fluidity) or the fact that they ruined the unique sets. Yes, I understand that with every expansion we need to farm again and I did that every time, but this time the progression is just horrible. It's as if the devs brought in a new system introduced by people who have ZERO idea about mmos. It is an utter disaster.
  19. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    --some things (normal potions, physics of poison resilience, others)
    are not being counted for crafting achievements and achievement names in crafting window are still bugged

  20. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    So I've tried new CE it made the game intresting in a diffrent way
    I like :
    Removal of q7 and q8 for dwarf (Thanks I finally have choice to go other stuff and experiment with my equipment)
    the fact that they are trying to somehow recreate lvl 45 game no more infernal 10 000 now it's just bloodshed.
    the fact that runes now drop from monsters .
    However the price of removing this stuff is a bit too much and I really dislike.
    the fact that solo play is no longer existing you have to be in group in order to kill the boss ( R.I.P solo players), which goes to the fact that helping new players is even more impossible then before .
    Removal of the q7 and q8 makes the essence cost to kill the boss really high ( for example last year I could kill Big Paw inf3 for less then 100 essence and now killing him normal mode cost me more ) Either remove 4/8/12/24 drop from snow man and make it between 100-500 or make the snowman spawn after 5-10 seconds again or make a trader that gives you X amount of essence for X ammount sugar beet.
    That's my impression of the new CE I'm not going to comment about some bugs and some missing recipies for cloack because they will be eventally fixed after month/year/not gonna be fixxed ? Well who knows.
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