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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by minik333, Dec 16, 2020.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. minik333

    minik333 Forum Greenhorn

    I have read the producer's letter and it says it is the biggest ce of last ten years. When you finished that job didnt you look eachother and say we didnt design any new bosses, any new maps any new unique sets,any new lore. I guess you made the level cap 55 to 100 to hide your blunt CE. Your director didnt ask you where is new content? The only content that ı see is 3 demon figures. İn old dso you were releasing 5 level but they were totally new content 1-2 new unique bosses, new maps and new uniques. This CE is a total disaster. Even if you kept your promises, ı would be fine. You promissed pvp update in 2019 but you didnt keep your word. You promissed new pw gorga but you didnt. You said you are workin on a CE and where is the CE that you have been working for 1 year. You cancelled Sargon the best event in the game for 3 years and now you will bring sargon. I think you are joking to the community with this CE. This so called CE is only total change game mechanics like gems and runes. I want to ask where is new content?
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  2. Marginal013

    Marginal013 Forum Greenhorn

    I totally agree, they just reformulated a game that was already good, what was the point of doing that?
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  3. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    they just changed things that didn't need any changes .. they didn't created anything brand new ..
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  4. Talaby

    Talaby Forum Apprentice

    and to leave no doubt that they are the same developers the game remains full of bugs, lag in map changes and as always infinite loop in the lives of some final bosses. I am trying since the change occurred to finish quests and do not drop items, do not find characters that finish quests. there was no need to increase the level of the characters to 100 to justify improvements in the mechanics of items that were out of date since the beginning of the game. some since the beta phase. unfortunate. I always said in the forum comments: "If it’s to justify the high price of items, premiums and in-game coins, don’t mess up what worked." adds that the game is paid. ready, only those who want to spend on it will play. now i mention what happened to my character: before the update i ran to carve important items for my character, including items purchased on premium day, which after the update did not occur the expected changes. I bought it with gold coins and anderments and as it was promised to return what was spent and would not be updated in the changes of the items, it was not fulfilled, not with me. yea! already complained in support and the answer? that I should clear the game cache on the computer because that would be the reason that the items have not been converted and would be causing conflict between the new and old items, so clearing the cache would solve. I'm only sorry
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  5. Thybano

    Thybano Forum Greenhorn

    if the bugs are now immune to the Magician's mind control, why not?
    remove in skill settings,
    more and more characters are killed I do not see any in the update, everything is worse.

    PLAKASIZ Advanced

    they want '' play p2w or dont play '' they dont care effort of players, only looking pays. RIP dso !!!

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