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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Dec 7, 2021.

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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here:
    - December 2021 (first week) event schedule and
    - December 2021 (second week) event schedule.

    You can use this thread to share your feedback regarding the current in game events. Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Why are the rewards from the Winter solstice festival the same as in 2020 and 2019 and 2018 (that one i'm not certain).
    It can't be that difficult to put some new ones in?
    There is no reason for me to do this event when i have all of the rewards already!

    Just some modifications could have changed this :confused:
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  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I've run across a few item bugs (there are undoubtedly others as I'm only playing the event casually at this point):
    1. Violet presents dropped on different difficulty levels appear to be recognized as unique (I'm playing 99% on Infernal and the new violet presents dropped this time are the same as and stack with some violet presents I had left over from playing the event at some time in the past, but the lone violet present I dropped on Fatal mode won't stack with the others)
    2. One of the costumes that can be dropped from the gold (legendary) presents has no icon info, so looks like a white void in the locker (although the sneaky Santa costume does appear on your toon if you activate it)
    3. ADDED: Frost Bombs from progress bar 1 reward don't stack with Frost Bombs from previous events (not certain where I got the bombs that were in my locker)
    4. ADDED: Gold present from Phesos quest reward doesn't stack with gold presents dropped from bosses (including Big Paws loot)
    I find the drop rate of snow essence to be depressing. I'm tired of events requiring hours of farming before we can farm the event progress itself.

    Speaking of progress, the Winter Solstice event used to be doable for newish toons ... however, the last few iterations have such long progress bars (with fairly weak rewards until the last bar or so), one has to run on Bloodshed and/or apply such relentless dedication to the game that it's a chore, not a pleasure. And that's not even including the mini-events.

    I didn't play the event last year because I was trying to figure out how to move forward with all the bugs, wackiness and challenges of CE. This year I'm probably not going to play because I have a life outside of the game (I'll be traveling during the entirety of the first mini-event).

    My first few times trying Desert of Essence when it was new were disappointing, so I avoid it. New Moon is drastically tedious, especially in relationship to the rewards, so I avoid that event as well.
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  4. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    I agree with you and first time i don't do events since all these changes...
  5. Pingyurka

    Pingyurka Forum Greenhorn

    1st time to try finishing this event , not worth it at all . Winter soltice Breeze and 3 blue runes in the progress bar and can`t forge it because only simple runes can be use it?! Why DSO put blue runes if we cant use it to craft soltice breeze runes ? ( just for fun ? )
  6. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    When was the action Ascended hero...people made 30-50 Imperial Stones each...Look at the New Year's prizes....shame...beggarly prizes....there is no's useless junk... and a waste of your time....
  7. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    new team, no changes xd.... why are these events so goddamn boring? New moon is a pointless grind, maybe give us some Icy/Dark weapon glows from the spiders, maybe the karabossa/magotina mount (the actual spiders) or give the weapons nice buffs, make the set useful again.. idk , something to make new moon worth it at least. Winter event is pointless, why do we need so much progress man? why? the 2011-2015? winter event was so fun because it was nice and fair to complete no matter your level and it gave GOOD rewards too, nobody wants to grind 100k+ event progress for crap rewards, Desert of essences i havent touched since we could farm the green-yellow set, so like..6 years? xd, it's really not hard to talk to the community about the events and get some big changes in like seriously do you even care about this game anymore? 2011-2014 were the best times with 2015 being a nice time because lvl 50 added so much variety to builds (PW sets) and old items still being viable, now the game is a hot mess :') i just log on, say hi and come straight off xd
  8. dam18

    dam18 Someday Author

    low stack of snow essens when we both have to exchange Christmas present and defeat master paw
  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Just how are players to get the reindeer with lights now? Use to be would get the parts to craft it from the progress bars. I have it don't care. But many players have expressed their disappointment to me of not being able to get the one with lights.
  10. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Same rewards as before. One December tradition is for me to complain about those stupid shooting heads. No reason to play this event.
  11. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    Rewards from Solstice Cave....1st gift - 5 sugar beet, today again same five...developers u so funny LOL. :D
    I'm missing so much Hansen with bonus code from him with 15 (or 30 ) sugar beets..:p

    Seriously new team can check old rewards in sugar beets here ( 2016 ,2017) and give more useful gifts for players.

    Shooting heads for me not a big problem, in bloodshed u must just more careful ..
    Mini rewards bad and too much grinding for that , mini entrance screen have missing icon reward (jewel?), same as temporary scoundrel costume...not fixed even after 1 year.
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  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    nice joke with winter event
    u give us event with grind festival and 0 rewards?
    minievent = ~145 runs to finish and u give us rewards what 90% players can do in few minutes on normal farm? its a joke? who do u think will be doing this? there is no reason to go there and waste our time to do it
    remove this 'event' and give us an EVENT, no trash a 'wasting time maps'
  13. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Hi all I have a question, what jewel it is that falls on the kranparus boss, or it's a bug ?

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  14. Elnegro93

    Elnegro93 Forum Greenhorn

    The winter event a big joke! The mini event a big joke! The rewards very very big joke! Hey new fantastic "ninja" team wake up and repair the game!
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  15. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    This is the first time in years of gaming that I have skipped the Christmas event. New Team I don't blame you for this massacre on DSO. I hope that it is clear to you that the game you have inherited is totally to be redone, it will take months and months of work to wipe out the failure that the inconclusive Dark Legacy has brought to us gamers .
    The fault of all this is not of the players, it is not the fault of God or of Santa Claus, it is all your fault that you did not want to listen to the needs and problems of the users and what was necessary to turn DSO into a real game and not a job. God bless you.
    Trust me before making any decisions about any DSO development, discuss it with the community, make it clear which direction you want to go, don't make the same mistake as the old team. And above all, give your Boss a spank.
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  16. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    New Team, Old Team , Ancient Team ... none of them are making decisions they are only coding and doing what they have been asked to do. The Dark Legacy disaster is not any team's fault.
    Yes nothing has been changed not even the gem drop. Simple and Normal gems on Merciless difficulty is a big joke. I have not received higher gem than flawless so far.
  18. EvelinaRochaz

    EvelinaRochaz Forum Greenhorn

    Events Feeback Thread hmm,

    Winter Event - to be honest i always liked it, even this time, yes its grindy but sadly the rewards are horrible, only good for new players.

    Kranparus - same story i like it but with a difference, the rewards are even more useless and its even MORE grindy even so much that with the 3 hours event cloak as gift today i think i cannot finish this Kranparus mini-event even if i wanted to, then again who wants to finish it with rewards like that. =P

    Every day a giftcode and the gift cave are umm nice (i am happy with even 5 sugar beet as gift hihih P come on guys)

    And today i saw a new thread about that Winter event cloak for like 49 euro's!! Are you guys demented.... incomprehensible to me!
    Who is gonna pay that?


    One of the principles of success is knowing who your customers are and what they want.

    Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All You Want To Know About Your Business.

    So in short DSO if you want to Earn Money listen to your customers, even after
    all this years that DSO exists you failed to do so.............

    New Developers, New Managers, New CEO, it seems they are all deaf, nothing ever changes.

  19. nvmind2

    nvmind2 Forum Apprentice

    The rewards are not up to date with the in-game inflation. They were good a couple of years ago, now means nothing.
    As the event didn't get any updates or new rewards, I don't get the topic - event feedback. Feedback for what ? For how this event was 3 or 4 years ago ? Back then it was was good. Is like giving us 5$ and saying, you know, this had value 100 years ago.
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  20. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    At last give us the DTU event ... and rework the rewards in some events(or maybe all of them) , give us some of the new jewel, hunter jewel(ingredient jewel) etc ...
    Thanks that you clarified me guys about that jewel.
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