Defeat the Undefeatable Feedback [January]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Biztart, Jan 5, 2014.

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What did you think of the event?

Poll closed Jan 12, 2014.
  1. Event Length was ok

    43 vote(s)
  2. Event Length was too short

    23 vote(s)
  3. Event awards were attractive

    46 vote(s)
  4. Event awards were not attractive

    24 vote(s)
  5. I enjoyed the event

    20 vote(s)
  6. I did not enjoy the event at all

    73 vote(s)
  7. I liked the event item pricing

    8 vote(s)
  8. I disliked the event item pricing

    45 vote(s)
  9. The event was too difficult

    32 vote(s)
  10. I found the event playable in difficulty

    35 vote(s)
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  1. ZmajodBosne

    ZmajodBosne Active Author

    Yes, BP forcing players to buy premium in 2 ways: long run to desirable map and too few kills for quest prizes, Kristoff gives 36 insignias for 2 kills.
    It's faster with premium, so you can free teleport in couple of seconds, and they don't let you kill same boss repeatedly for let's say 5- or 10-times for 100 insignias. I'm not talking about Destructor, as everyone knows he is money bait.
    Look on this video, Perrush shows Premium and free travel is very desirable.
    On the other hand, free to play need to walk/run/ride through 2 maps before Stalgard, fight with Kristoff, go out of map, walk in again and kill boss, then teleport to urban area for 36 insignias, and all again to to die of boredom.

    This event must be reworked in a manner all bosses are in quest, and bigger cap kills per quest for more insignias.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2014
  2. Hellamyjamgirl

    Hellamyjamgirl Junior Expert

    This event was no fun, what hapened to the fun? There were only TWO OPTIONS, and since Destructor is much harder to deal with the most just keep killing Kristoff.. You usually don't use our feedback to anything but if you do this time.. Next time please at least make Mortis and Khalys avaible, it's waaay to boring with Kristoff and Destructor only
  3. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    I think most persons who complain that level 45s have it easy have missed this point. It is not only the tedium of doing Kristoff, but is running through respawning dungeons, when persons do not have premium. I for one have refused to do Destructor. Bearing in mind that you can no longer enter PW on normal and then enter a particular dungeon on hard, Khalys would not have been such a picnic either if one or more group members choose not to use the travel stones to Khalys thus allowing others to enter the firs 2 dungeons on normal.
  4. Nikitaaa

    Nikitaaa Forum Greenhorn

    Can every level 45 stop complaining about having only 2 choices? lol... level 42-43 have one quest. Do you want to know this annoying quest? Kill gorga, herald, and sigris 3 times each. It takes ten minutes for you guys to kill kristoff 2 times and get more than 100 isignia.. While for us it takes 30 minutes to kill all those bosses and get 100 insignia. The event is not fun and i'm not even going to waste my time on it. Sigh....

    Okay I just realized that I am premium. But still. I have killed all 3 of those bosses 1 million times each already. I am sick, sick, sick of it. But this is all on BIGPOINT. Give us a choice. I was waiting for this event to give me an excuse to stop doing PVP and farm khalys... So thanks... Not doing the event...
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  5. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    Killing Kristoff twice only give you 36 insignias. Destructor is the one that gives you over 100 insignias and believe you me, that takes more than 10 minutes per kill. You spend more resources than time on Destructor...
  6. Nikitaaa

    Nikitaaa Forum Greenhorn

    Um, I have a level 45 character. Killing Kristoff 6 times is ABOUT 15 mins with premium. It's so easy too. Not the case for lower levels
  7. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    You are supposing that everyone who plays this game has premium. You are missing a huge portion of the population.
  8. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

    Does have a point, that 1 quest is discouraging for the players, its best to try and level to 44 if you are close then do the event, if not, i suggest skip this event.
  9. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Takes a billion kills for lower levels! Please do increase insignia gain rate for the next defeat the undefeatable! Like really? 15 insignia for 3 gorga kills? I pity levle 38-39s. They'll level up once or twice long before they finish event.
  10. Hellamyjamgirl

    Hellamyjamgirl Junior Expert

    I'm not saying the event is hard I just think it's too boring with only two options and that next time they should make it mroe fair for low lvl's aswell, this event was really boring yet very easy for a lvl 45
  11. KasKISkyWalKer

    KasKISkyWalKer Forum Apprentice

    I've heard some rumors (nxt patch or coming soon), that it will cost andermant to travel even if you are premium member. So in the future it will not be so unfair for free users.

    If this is true drakensang will be dead soon :D
  12. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Event... makes... me... boooooooooorrrrred... zzz...zzz...zzz...
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  13. Ffs

    Ffs Forum Apprentice

    For those non lv45 who think lv45's are complaining too much, should at least think and get their facts straight before they comment on our feedback, no offence. Destructor is not an option for the most part. Farming an easy boss is ridiculously boring and its 36 per 2 kills.

    Also, I'm happy for you having premium and all, but lol, you fail to notice the main point. If we buy premium specially for the event, BP would surely make more events like this since they found a good source of income. Lets see if you'd like buying premium for every event then. But for me, I'm not stupid.

    And regarding your no choice at all thingy, and its just my opinion, you should totally give feedback complaining why you're not given a choice if you're having a hard time, instead of blaming fellow gamers for their feedbacks. :)
  14. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Killing Kristoff with premium 2 times for quest is about 3 minutes maximum. So maximum time need to complete all that event is about 500 minutes. I finished it in the first 24 hours, with sleep, drink, bath and some home work. Event is unfair to middle levels as 41-43 - they can't do as fast as 44-45lvl because of quest - hard bosses on difficult and all of this 3 times each. When I complete with event I go help to my friends and even with me it wasn't so easy for them.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)
  15. DancingAdolf

    DancingAdolf Forum Greenhorn

    I spent so much time trying to get into Stalgard so i didnt have time to play the event.
    You should consider some serious changes regarding this event , because current situation is not good for you or us .
  16. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Current situation is not good for players, not for game owners.
  17. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    Hey everyone,

    aside from saying how much this event sucks, I need to tell you all something else. Instead of different lvl players complaining how it's harder for 43 lvl or harder for 45lvl or low lvl, you should all take some time to support each other and send a clear message, all together - this event is a failure!
  18. ZmajodBosne

    ZmajodBosne Active Author

    I agree with you.
  19. DancingAdolf

    DancingAdolf Forum Greenhorn

    This event is a disaster of biblical proportions !!!
  20. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Ohh come on, its not that much of a failure, everything was great. Expect maybe few tiny issues. Errors, bugs, lags, monotonous farm 1 single boss for 200 times..o_O
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