Feedback Defeat The Undefeatable - November Edition!

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You got all for doll parts for each of 5 toons opening only normal chests? Really? I only ran one toon, received only doll part, which I believe was in the same gold chest (I opened only one of those as well, knowing that the Cut Peridot only dropped from the 1st gold chest ever opened for any given toon across all DtU events).

    Were you maily running Painful? I pretty much stuck to Normal (only tried a couple of Painful runs, and in only one of them survived to open a chest). Wondering if the doll part drops differ dramatically in Painful? Maybe I'll have evolved my baby Lvl50 Ranger enough by the next DtU event that I can successuflly grind Painful.
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Only one of the five was a first timer that had to waste 10 keys on a gold chest. I ran normal maps for the most part. My main and one other are strong enough to run painful in decent time but would still need ess for the boss which I did not want to use a lot of for this event.

    Here's how I did this event. I figure it would be unlikely for all three normal chests to contain a pet part. So first I would do a bunch of lightning runs to get a bunch of keys before I started popping chests. Imho, by opening 3 chests at a time I greatly improved my odds of getting a pet part from one of them. When I ran out of keys I would go back to farming more of them.

    Not only did this strategy pay off for the pet but also I got good drops of drakens and gold. My main which did about 50/50 painful/normal had over 1K Draken before I r-clicked on them at the end. I did not keep track of the gold drops but I saw plenty over the minimum stack of 5.

    One other note. Since speed was my goal I did not pick up every piece of gear that dropped. I would get stacks of passes from Thabo and just keeping looping thru the event without having to come up for air because my inventory was full.

    Something I forgot to mention in my original feedback was I really liked that the boss chambers exit dumps you out next to Thabo. I have extra keys left over (just like form the last event) but did not want extra passes. When I got close to the end I could just get passes one or two at a time.

    Luck be with ye,
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  3. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    alot of DK's go to the lvl 3 map becouse they heal hp faster than they take dmg that's the way it's designed. they are the easiest toon to play. i took my time doing lvl1 maps finished the event and built the new pet. for me it's not a race to see how fast i can finish as it is for some players. i found the event a little boring but fun nonetheless.i used all my 800 or so RF and it was just enough to finish the event. wish i had more to get extra portals but that is how it goes. i did see many times in normal lvl a boss drop 20 -50 instead of the normal 10 so you must not be lucky to ever see that many drop. as for the gem drop i seen -0- and i only opened the gold chest except for 3 or 4 normal that i did open so out of 15 or so gold chest and 0 gems i was kinda bummed out, i guess my luck had run out on getting them.
    unlike other players or most that i know i play here 98% solo, maby for that kind of player the drops could be lower, at least it seems that way.

    all things considered a great event i can't wait for the next time it comes.

  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Thanks for the feedback. After my original post, I still had about 20 runs to do, ended up with a hot streak with a drop of 50 one run, a drop of 50 and a drop of 60 the next run, then a drop of 60 the next run, plus one more 50 later on. So, yeah, random luck swung around in my favor briefly :)

    I too play solo almost all the time, so the fact I got that first Cut Peridot and you didn't suggests there's no bias against solo-only player drops (not that 2 players is a good sample size :)).
  5. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    Finally got a chance to try the event with acquired trips to circus monstrorum (was on vacation so big nono during that time to do farming). Here are my pluses and minuses:
    + Being able to benefit from the event after its period passed was very nice. Having so many fragments it felt great to be able to put them to amazingly good use.
    + Great gold drop and even draken obtain. I got around 1500 draken in 116 runs and about 700 gold (from all the selling of items and what I got from chests). Not bad I would say.
    + Being able to do everything on normal was fun as was the diversity of bosses. Went really fast, rewards were good.
    + Arachna Doll is a good pet to upgrade critical hit rate (not obtainable via skills). Can't wait to get it.
    + Finally got a chance to fight and defeat Balor. Cute experience for me (never done him before).

    - The doll pieces drop was frustrating. I ended up with 4 legs, 4 teeth and 3 eyes. No ears. This was incredibly annoying seeing how many runs I did.
    - The golden chest didn't feel like something to waste your keys on. As you can see, I got 11 pieces in 116 runs so that's about the same drop rate. Plus the diversity is better and the drops are kind of the same (not really into the peridot piece for which the drop rate was abysmal anyway).
    - I saw no point in higher difficulties - which is both good and bad. I guess if the number of entrances weren't 1 on 1 with the rewards it would have been worth doing painful. But other than that, Normal just went that fast enough. I spent like 8000 blue essences on the whole runs (and so worth it seeing as I have plenty of stacks from parallel worlds to spend).

    Overall really nice execution guys. Very very happy with the event. Wish other events were as rewarding. (still trying to shake off the failure of the Dunes of Insolation and New Moon events)

    This event is a 9/10 from me slightly more fun than Full Moon. (a 10 would need to be a perfect event which seems close to impossible anyway).
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