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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 16, 2019.

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  1. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Exactly, you are a smart one ^^ It's doable but issue is still necessity of manual unstacking them and different tiers won't stack. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be possible to raffle them into another slot from stack so you would have to click twice in better case. In worse manually unstack as i'm not sure there is an option of making it similar class object to epic or legendary bags. There might be issues with that. Not worth it in my opinion.

    No offence but your proposition is WAY too radical. Some points are good, some probably bad but melted together it's just too much.
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    It is meant to be radical. This game has been going in a wrong directions for quite some time, it needs radical changes to return to the correct way. While it looks extremely hard to do, it isn't. Tampering with modes, tiers and rarities that are already created is not hard at all. And regarding new set bonuses and boss skills... well, everyone has to agree that game needs that anyways to go forth. Also, specificity in farming (as in the gem crafting point) is actually an interesting mechanic that is in line with what they have been doing... and actually is not hard to do either.
  3. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I agree it's not technically hard to do what you are proposing but overall it's radical change to Dracania world. Most i agree with but i also very strongly disagree with points 1,2,6 and 10 which was enough for me to vote for "no". You get the point for sure, just too much into kitchen sink. Back in days i had totally awesome proposition with crafting system change but it was too radical and noone cared. Shame because i still believe it would be best craft system that was ever been implemented to any game and believe me i have seen some as i work in gaming industry. Not always people understand outstanding ideas :p;)
    But i kept idea in mind so might be sellable later, would be a throw anyway for DSO :D
  4. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I didn't expect much ... and that's what I got :D


    • Gems: no off ones (even 2 x 5 royals, now again can be useful because of those combos), classic combo "Sacred Cyanite&Diamond"
    • Unique: 2 outdated & one with bad stats (not to blame anyone, it's random, just saying)
    • No jewels, pink medusa doll (had blue = free up for 0 cost in the bag)
    Location: North (near Heredur/Blood mage)

    At the end, as f2p I am pleased with 7 day prem so ... won't skip next one neither.
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  5. VukChe

    VukChe Forum Apprentice

    wauu you lucky one, you got legendary atlantis shiled tier 7.
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  6. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Guys, there already is an item that might, at least for the time being, work quite fine. The item called "extraordinary equipment", which stacks similarly to the premium cubes.

    If I get it right, the problem here is that we have to collect billions of purple items to
    1) look for platinum lines, and to
    2) get gold from selling them.​
    But mainly people like me who have always little to no inventory space left, are forced to stop after every boss or cluster of enemies to identify, sell, and organize. Which makes events like DtU even more tedious than it already is by its design.
    The problem is that the inventory fills up too fast while farming.

    So if monsters dropped these stackable bags that are already in the game (see e.g. rewards in Varholm event), but tiered of course, extraordinary items would suddenly take up so much less room. (maximum of 9)

    Perhaps each equipment type should also have its own bag. In this case the number of slots necessary to collect exos would be higher than in the first case. (maximum of 16 types times 9 tiers. But who farms all tiers in the same farming session? In reality it'd be like 16 times 2.)

    Then once we were done farming, we would stand in a town, opening the extraordinary bags - just like premium players do when opening their cubes.
    Exos would pop out from the bags already identified. Why? Because if they didn't, we would have to do double the number of right-clicks.

    Can you link to it (if it still exists in the forum)?
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  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Was on domestic doesn't exist anymore.

    Odd but i somehow didn't thought about drop in bags. Yeah that would solve any possible issues, just adding tiers so creating 7 additional item classes would seal the deal - there is even no need for adding bags for particular parts of equipment. Extremelly simple and effective.
    Still you would have to double click - not possible to make it 1 click in my opinion - but that would be great improvement overall. Much less clicking if you have to sell/glyph items on the map, you wouldn't even have to use blacksmith in the city after tp. I'm sold.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I know what you meant.
    I have mentioned those just to make comparison.
    dude I have a high opinion of you ... don't act like a noob :p
    let me tell you what you are asking for ... but let me first quote this
    (just quoting part of your post Akageshi - not replying to you :p )
    First of all that is not going to happen because the game mechanics are not working like you think.
    Both of you are asking for general nerf of enchantments, base stats and selling value of items.
    1. Item's price is determined by its stats. The higher the stats the higher the value is (in general). Normally items with higher tier would probably have higher stats thus higher selling price.
    Stacked items would always have minimum few silver coins price ... just like those exo and leg equipment bundles are having.
    So you are asking to nerf my gold earnings by making items stackable and devaluated .
    2. You are asking for further enchantment and base stats nerfing.
    no one is going to give you 10K stackable items with a high chance for gold or platinum enchantments. Have you opened any cubes lately?
    Out of 5K cubes you can get few platinum enchantments that are hard to be even called platinum and a handful of gold enchantments.
    On the other hand ... enchantments on items ... even under these nerfed circumstances are having higher chance for better values than those stackable items.
    On top of it not every dungeon has same chance ... and not every monster has a same chance. there are dungeons and monsters that are having higher chance for better enchantments than the others.
    But no ... we would like to stab ourselves in the back and see them enchantments nerfed further by making them items all stack together.
    3. What is the point of clicking and collecting enchantments if I have to open them once again in inventory? and hell no ... I don't want them identified like the latest changes on cubes. I want them unidentified so I would know what have I opened and what item have I got.
    4. Some monsters are having specific loot drop.
    Now we should lose that too just to have crap items stacking in one slot.
    5. Some monsters are having specific item drops. How is that going to work with stacking?
    In example: how would you make a difference between Full Moon regular items and Winter Solstice regular items if they stack in same place? Even monsters in PW are having different drops ... you can get those items for skins only from specific monsters.

    And so on and so forth ... I can continue giving examples to show you why it is a flawed idea.
    It is not the items we need to pick up the issue ... the issue is the limited storage space.
    Why the storage is still limited ... I have no idea. It used to be marketing philosophy so people can buy premium.
    But now ... at this point ... with gazillion new items and features not even 200 premiums are helping anymore.
    Actually it is not random. I took your quote out of context ... but it is still all the same.
    It was even said that the drop is not random but semi-fixed ... and it was also said they will fix bugs and chances for the next event.
    The next event has come and we can see nothing has been fixed.
  9. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    the 200k chest is a big waste of time :') You either get gems you want, or you wanna kill yourself there is no inbetween :D
  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Ah.. of course, you're right.

    I once read in this forum long time ago, that there is limited inventory space because of technical limitations (some database bullpoop or what...). I don't understand that stuff :|

    If that is not the case, they could continue the trend of unlocking more space by purchasing it for andermant.

    In DtU I've felt super uncomfortable. Each boss and chest drop literally tons of items, mostly equipment. And I can't just quickly click them all to sell them. I have to check each one of them for enchantments. And although I can do that pretty quickly, it still takes time and my group is inpatient.

    Some 3 extra pages would help, but what would help me much more on top of that in this specific case, is a new feature that would give each "platinum" enchanted item a yellow outline. I've seen this in the CC, btw.

    Also, if I could use a specific key shortcut to collect all items of the same rarity in a, say 3 m radius around my character, it'd be cool. Something like Ctr+Alt+click or whatever combination that doesn't collide with anything.
    This game is fast, and in a group, you want to do loot collection fast. And a full blown auto-pickup may be a little bit too much...
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  11. sanket

    sanket Forum Apprentice

    Hello, I just completed the 2nd event's bar and I will stop there. I don't like long-lasting events ... after a while they became boring ... kill the same bosses more and more ... I prefere short term events that can be completed before be tedious.
    P.S. I expected this event in order to get some Dragan's items, but after more than twelve killings I got nothing. So I hope next time.
  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Short events still do exist (Full Moon & New Moon). Full Moon is fine progress wise, but getting the uniques is an exercise in frustration. New Moon is the same, only the progress is much slower :|

    Perhaps you remember Monster Hunt events? They were short (2 days or so) and required you to play non-stop, pretty much (or purchase buffs).
    I'm afraid shorter events tend to be just as tedious as long ones, perhaps even more as you have to fully commit, even if just short term. They also had only one progress bar. In nowadays' long events you can at least finish one progress bar, maybe two, and you can feel quite good about it. People who grind for the infernal bars, mainly inf 4, are insane. So much work and so much time for basically a loot box and a bunch of cosmetics.

    Unfortunately in DSO, 12 kills are nothing. Sometimes you can go 50 times ad get nothing. In Parallel world it's even much worse.
  13. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Staggered progress event that can only pass phase when the previous one ends, all right, now when progress is only worth it when it's at the same level, that's dirty with players who don't have a strong, structured character to tackle the bosses in the circus. mostrorium in infernal 1+. Why not count progress on another difficulty the player can make? It's no use justifying what you have to do in a group. what a group if the strong don't accept you in their group. another situation they should look at. There are many players who do solo events. for not finding groups that accept them. Boss with a lot of life and resistance to everything, are invincible indeed. Another negativity is in the drop of balls for entries, 10 for 1 entry and now lethal already uses 2 per round. very expensive. The drop of spheres is not significant for all this. and all events use them to enter. now comes from the haunted castle, which will use 22 for 1 entry. aff. are ending the game. only that.
  14. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi again. i wanted to wait to post till i decide i would stop playing this event, and i did it yesterday. The truth is i still don't know why i played it. last time i didn't cos i though it was a bit bouring, now i see i didn't get wrong that time cos i played it till lethal and i regret having done it. In my opinion prizes don't deserve that amount of fragments and time. that's what happens when BP use an event three times in a year without knowing what to give us like new. We spent moths with 2 newmonn and 2 fullmoon that in hours you are able to finish them so maybe they did that to avoid having a gap of event like that again. i hope there's no more DtU between Halloween and Xmas, but one never know cos or there's a emptiness of event for months or they put pvp or pve or whatever alltogether + fullmoon or newmoon to boot.

    Just to you all remember it's my opinion but all of you who have finished it and got 200 keys or more to open the chest i wish you got a good reward and not a nebula since it happened to more than one...

    Greetings and good drop to all of you
  15. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul


    It's been a few years since I was here (so I'm sure Traki is the only one who remembers me :D), but I had to come and share the feedback because a) I think forum needs a bit of fairy dust, b) there is room for improvement :p

    So, I've enjoyed it a lot. I know, I know, unpopular opinion - let's just say it's probably because I haven't done event in years, so I'm pretty fresh and it's pretty exciting:p
    I've loved seeing all the bosses, I love how Dragan and Gwenfara are part of the event and most of all, I love the people who play with me, even though, after 2-3y of not playing, I am a giant noob, as you can imagine.:oops:
    Good thing people love my personality, I guess. hahah:D

    Now, improvements.
    I've been playing i4 for the last 2 progress bars and more, spent around 15k frags to enter - got 4-5 pink t8 items. What's up with that? That is a lot of runs for not a lot of items:( Especially considering that it's mostly killing bosses. For so many i4 boss kills, 4-5 pink t8 items is truly ridiculous, no wonder people are unhappy. How about making i4 bosses drop more t8 items? Maybe even some platinum lines - had 0 of those. That would be nice.

    Speaking of ridiculous, why can uniques be so bad at t7? Why is that even an option? It would be really good if we feel rewarded for getting unique.. getting an unique items shouldn't feel like a slap in the face, especially on i3/4.
    Perhaps you could make the stats range smaller, so that when we don't get golden stats, at least we don't get useless unique that will sit in out inventory for no special reason. It takes a lot of effort (not sure about how much effort it takes for good players, but for noob like me, i4 is a challenge:p:D) to get t7 uniques we want - they simply shouldn't be useless.

    Last but no least, finishing event takes a huge amount of time. I know, it probably shouldn't be too easy to finish, but what's with people who want to enjoy(!!!) the game, make progress(!!!) in game AND have actual life, you know - maybe someone goes to college, has a job or a family.. They shouldn't feel like they need to abandon everything and everyone just to finish event.
    What if difficulty was more challenging but drop was much better, in terms of progress? Or something similar. Just throwing ideas around. :D

    That's it, Faerie out! :cool:
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  16. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Hi Faerie,

    Wellcome back :)

    Always :) There is almost nothing that would not be better with fairy dust :D

    Nice to hear, you enjoy the game again after your break. So lets try to get rid of some points that disturb your joy ;)

    That is absolutely normal ;) T8 items are rare, as, if you know how to proceed, you just need one t8 Item for each of your equipment to make it t8 (even one green t8 is enough)
    Keeping in mind that you therefore only need 10 different t8 items at all, it becomes clear why they are that rare.
    Some layers run round by round in pw, Not getting even one. You got a Hand full of them.
    So everything fine. Each (different) one you got is one t8 piece in your equipment.

    They are also rare :D. Good ones like damage on Item on a weapon are the rarest good there is. It is even more precious like in the old days those Khalys or Mortis Uniques with fixed stats, that needed hundreds and hundreds of Runs, have been. ;)
    So again, everything fine, if you take that knowledge into your concideration.
    For the beginning Gold lines are more than enough, to (re)Start.

    Thats is the curse of variable stats. But on the other Hand you get them more often.
    Consider how little days the Event s running and you got several Uniques. Back in those old days you could Farm a Boss for weeks or longer, Not getting even one desired piece.
    And compared to a t0 or t1 Item, the base values of such a t7 unique are better, as there are ranges.
    You can take it as base item, craft better enchantments on it and once you find a Version with better stats, you Transfer the enchantments with soulcores ;)

    If you have had a long break, your stats will surely Not be in a range, where you could solo easily Go inf4.
    Imaging how much efford it took, the People that helped you through to get there.
    If you think about that, it will become clear, that reaching that Level should Not be able with a few days work, beeing helped through (even quiet a lot) eventruns inf4.

    But at least you should have found some good items (at least compared with a some year old equip) some golden lines for crafting , some gems, some draken and a Lot of experiences :D

    So keep a little Patience, keep your joy, put some fair dust on it and go on ;)

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  17. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    I finished the entire event (all progress bars) doing Inf3+lair and Inf4+lair, 0 goblins in lairs, 0 bodies on circus. Why don't you do a single good event instead of 3 bad events with no drops? Why you create some challenges for lairs in test server and when it comes to live server there's only 2 modes (guardians+clear normal map)? Why the guardians mode is harder but less rewarding? What's the point of an old brazier if there's only appearing the chest mode (99,9%)? Are you out of your mind? Why you hurried to fix the sewer keys "bug" but you did not fixed the pet drops bug? How can you bring the same event as 3 months ago without fixes or improves from feedback? How can you sleep at night?
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The former dictator of BalkanskiNeRed? Umm ... no ... it doesn't ring a bell :p
    Only Chuck Norris can get T8 cloak from a drop :p
    Now ... you mentioned green items. Those green and blue items are more precious than leg and exo items. But some noobs were whining about the "bad drop" and about getting green and blue items on infernal and the devs used it wisely as a narrative to remove those .
    And of course the devs and the game are always to be blamed ... not the "pro players" who don't even know what are they asking for.
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  19. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    You are very adorable, thank you! :D
    I guess I have nothing but time haha, although patience isn't exactly my strength. There are people I need to help, and I can't - this is a bit of a challenge for me :oops:

    On the bright side, when you've been out for so long, it's easy to make progress in stats :rolleyes:

    It's okay though, the main thing is I'm enjoying the game/event and it's been a while since that happened. So, as long as it keeps being fun, items can come whenever they want (even though people would benefit if they come SOON :D)
  20. DarkThor

    DarkThor Forum Apprentice

    Positive event for group/guild playing.

    Bosses direct entry do cost to much frags, circus was acceptable trade.

    I do feel the things we get on normal progress bars (inf4) a bit lacking, if we put it as finishing line.

    The chest of 200 fearless keys it is pretty good :). Overall was some good hours of playing.
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