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    Defeat the Undefeatable
    ~Event Guide~


    Quick Overview
    Required level:20-100
    Duration:22nd of January 12:00 –
    31st of January 23:59 CET
    Event summary:
    Queen Antonia is summoning the bravest of heroes to Kingshill to defeat the archenemies of Dracania!

    Monstrous Threat!
    Collect Realm Fragments from worthy opponents to gain access to the Circus Monstrorum by exchanging them for Realm Paths from Thabo!

    Open the Undefeatable Chests with the Keys of Defeat that you get from defeating the Undefeatables and the Chests of the Fearless with the Keys of the Fearless that you get as a drop from the Undefeatables as well or through the Event’s progress bars to obtain some amazing rewards!

    Step against the Undefeatables to collect Insignia of Honor, the progress item needed for completing the Event’s progress bars!

    The Event Progress Bars:
    *these are the progress bars of a character with the maximum Achievement Score and Character Level required

    Event Daily Challenges:
    *the Silver Challenge can be found for all Monstrorum bosses in Circus Monstrorum

    The Circus Monstrorum:
    Defeat mighty Heredur, horrific Arachna, savage Bearach and poisonous M’Edusa in a row to open a portal leading to the main challenge: Fighting one of the Undefeatables!

    This is the main event map. It is where you face the Monstrorum Challenges leading you to the Undefeatables and the map where the Chests of the Fearless are located (more info about them below). Each one of the Monstrorum Challenges drops Insignia of Honor, the progress bars item, and also provides with chance of dropping a doll body of the defeated boss. These doll bodies can be used on the Workbench for creating the pet version of the boss.

    A new implementation to the Monstrorum bosses’ loot drop is the Flame of a Phoenix, added to the bosses on Infernal difficulty and above.
    Amount of Insignia of Honor dropped per each boss in the map (Circus Monstrorum):
    Amount of Insignia of Honor152227456090150
    (bear in mind that there are four bosses in that map, each of them dropping Insignia of Honor)

    The Circus Boss Portals:
    Portals will appear after defeating the last Monstrorum in Circus Monstrorum and can lead to the following locations:
    • Parallel World boss maps, such as:
      • Fortress Hall (Grimmag)
      • Khalys’ Elysium (Khalys)
      • Tegan’s Ceremonial Hall (Herald)
      • Hjalgrimur (Sigrismarr)
    • World boss maps, such as:
      • Yolotl (Balor)
      • Desecrated Sanctum (Gorga)
      • Teleportarium (Destructor)
      • Djinn’s Chamber (Sharr Kharab)
    • Event boss maps, such as:
      • Dragan’s Refuge (Dragan)
      • Creepy Castle (Gwenfara)

    Each boss has a chance to drop not only Insignia of Honor for the Event's progress bar, but can also drop the following:
    • "Keys of Defeat"
    • "Keys of the Fearless"
    • "Feather of a Gryphon" (used for combining the doll body parts into a pet)
    • Specific/regional equipment items and special items like Jewels or Runes. (for example there is a chance to drop Dragan’s "Rageful" and "Protective Armor" set items; "Dragan’s Grim Signet Ring" and "Incensed Weapon" unique items. It is even possible to obtain the Black Knight’s unique items from Dragan, as well as the Jewel of Ghost Power from Gwenfara in Creepy Castle (*from Infernal difficulty and above)
    Keep in mind that there is a Shrine of Monstrorum Challenge in the Secret Lairs after the portal boss as well, which could grant you with some additional event progress.

    Amount of Insignia of Honor dropped per each portal boss:
    Amount of Insignia of Honor507590150200300500
    Amount of Insignia of Honor dropped per each Monstrorum in the Secret Lairs:
    Amount of Insignia of Honor2025304060100120
    Event Offers
    Thabo Offers:

    007.png 008.png
    Shop Offers:

    The Undefeatable Chest and the Chest of Triumph:
    Both chests can be found after defeating a portal boss, either from getting a boss portal through defeating the last Monstrorum in Circus Monstrorum or via the Realm Paths to the bosses provided by Thabo. The higher difficulty you go on, the more chests you receive after defeating the portal boss.

    The Undefeatable Chest requires 1x Key of Defeat to open, whereas the Chest of Triumph requires 10x Keys of Defeat.

    Both types of chests provide you with some great rewards, such as Newborn Heart, great amount of Coins, equipment items from all rarities, Gems and some special items like the Gold-embroidered silk Fabric. The Gold-embroidered silk Fabric is to be used for crafting the Cloak of the Undefeatables on the workbench. There is also a possibility to get the Rune of the Vanquisher.

    The Chests of the Fearless
    There are three types of Chests of the Fearless: Heroic (can be found in Circus Monstrorum on Bloodshed difficulty; requires 160x Keys of the Fearless to open), Silver (can be found in Circus Monstrorum on Infernal and Merciless difficulties; requires 80x Keys of the Fearless to open) and Copper (can be found in Circus Monstrorum from Normal to Fatal difficulty; requires 40x Keys of the Fearless to open)

    Drop examples of the chests:
    *the equipment items’ item level is determined by the level of the monsters in the map (which is also determined by your character level)
    *the chests also drop Coins and have the chance of dropping Altered Crescerite and Golden Yarn. The higher the chest tier, the higher the currency amount received.
    Copper Chest of the Fearless
    011.png 012.png
    Silver Chest of the Fearless
    013.png 014.png 015.png 016.png

    Heroic Chest of the Fearless
    017.png 018.png 019.png 020.png

    Doll Creation
    The Doll-to-Pet transformation requires the Event Manual: Deafeat the Undefeatable that can be acquired from Matrona, the crafting master, in Kingshill (it costs 25x Drakens)

    Jewel of Encouragement
    Jewel of Contribution

    Jewel of the Vanquisher
    Adornment of the Vanquisher
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