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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding the Defeat the Undefeatables event.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    The best undefeatable event so far. The best event recently. But it is a shame you keep the realm prices high despite not improving their drop rate.

    I wish you get that feeling sometime, the increased prices today, but the increase of the salary/earning in 6 months. This is absurd.

    Also, I'm yet to find a single golden chest despite completing the progress and above that. If the information on chances is accurate, I should be extremely unlucky not to find a golden chest in 20+ runs of the hard map, and 30+ on the normal.
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  3. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    best undefeatable event so far? are you kidding? ... well ok the main event was easy to do and the normal chests have chances to drop something nice and also the bosses dropped good loot, but...

    If my calculations are correct, you will need approximately 350 hard map runs to get that 4% gem (level 3). Maybe 200 runs if you're really lucky or 500 runs if you're really unlucky.
    That means almost 7k realm frags for a lousy gem. And I don't even have time to do 350 runs in only 4 days, I've got other stuff to do too, not stay 24/7 on this game.

    Not to mention the bosses are so annoying (destructor the most and then khalys and balor are also annoying) and you need tons of essences to farm them and many many revive stones.

    My total frag count is about 6k and I got that many by farming for a year almost daily. And to give up all that hard work in a few days for 1 stupid gem pfff.
    Good luck paying for them too because some will do that.

    GG ripping people off bugpoint.
  4. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    Valid point. However (and this may be my personal opinion), I don't think that the 4% gem is so valuable. with 4% in my cape, the precision will cost from 23 to 22 concentration :/. The explosive shot will go from 53 to about 49. meh!
    The journey to get this gem seems so me much much harder than the journey to farm 1500 coins in the winter event. And that had much better rewards and didn't require thousands and thousands of frags and essence and revive stones to complete. For this much effort it should have been 10% gem, not 4%.

    And would this 4% gem be better than the 5% crit dmg + 1% speed gem?

    Maybe I'm not seeing the value in it? it seems about equal to me, am I missing something?
  5. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    Hmmm...I like the idea of the event,random bosses,group friendly event (usually bosses or events are easier for me solo or in max 3 ppl)here np we can take all ppl no matter of the class,ess,stats,it can be enjoyable in all way.
    I like that the bosses are droping some items (not like on Stelar event).

    I dont like:
    the price for entering,as ppl above wrote its just too much if somebody want to farm the gems;
    the possibility to get the golden chest;
    the possibility to get the gem(until now opened 5 only on 1th was a gem);
    the drop inside the golden chest...if you are already made a pet,and you are not getting the gem,the drop inside is miserable,no drakens,no nothing.
    So my dream about a 5x4% gems are gone with the wind :rolleyes:

    This event make me appetite for some huge group event when we need for exp. to fight 1hour with some extremely hard creature,maybe even in a group of 10 ppl...maybe in some future connected to the guilds goods...Something like a team building before a guilds war :)
  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Well, previous events were much worse) there wasn't even an option to get that gem. Heredur pet doesn't work. And we are not bored by running to kill gorga/some other boring mob 500 times to complete the progress. It is quite an improvement, isn't it?

    As for that gem, I only got 1 out of chest, 1 out of progress. I'm not going to pursue it, have no slots for that anyway. And, as you said, way too much of an effort.

    The only good thing for me was having 20+ circus rations saved from the previous event, and I got the pet out of normal chests.
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  7. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    I have wasted like 6 tickets to event hard map due to the brilliant unstable network.
    Is there not any other choice to aviod the relog bug ?
    Gather all the wiser in the company BP,i m looking forword to the great news within a year.
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  8. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    4 bosses to get 1 variable big boss -- that's ok. Difficulty ok too.

    What happened to getting passes with realm frags? Just using ander turns it into another pay-to-win event. It misdirected a bunch of prep time too, thank you so very much.

    Strange, I saw a lot of golden chests before I had the 10 keys to open 1 of them. Then none, what a tease!

    It still bites that BigPoint offers unachievable goals. Even realm fragment hoarders will rarely find 9 peridots to combine to 1 Astral Peridot, which gives only 4% cost reductions, a very dubious reward. We heard the event might repeat regularly.
    Do they expect us to lean out and hope forever?
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  9. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    I thought golden chest would be a rare offer to help get good. but like darwarren said, they appear and suddenly you need 10 keys to open when you get 1 for each boss killed. so 90 realm frags for 1 golden chest. so how many frags do I need to do.. oh wait, stellar gold, next day defeat, day later wolf coming???

    with the poor drop rate, supposedly getting better after all these events have passed! how are you meant to have enough realm frags to have a chance of getting anything from this event?

    **disclaimer, obviously some of us have frags from excessive farming, saved from before blah blah, but im meaning for those that don't spend 8hrs a day playing, they have no chance at all of getting the items, unless they spend money....oh wait...I get it...shhhhhh
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  10. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Exactly. At least the main event is somewhat doable if you have like ~400 realm frags.

    The bosses are all decent and somewhat fun to kill in a group. Except Destructor, way too difficult compared to all of the other bosses.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
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  11. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    I love this event.
    Don't remember when was the last time I said that.
    Glyph and gem drop rates are good.
    Fun to beat these bosses and it is more fun with a full group.
    You can have so much fun nd talk between each boss kills.
    Normal mode is Doable by all and Painful maps are an easy challenge to End gamers.

    This event is gonna be around more often, not rushing to get the 4% gem done.
    The frag rate for entry are a bit high, hope the Frag drops increase well with R161.
    I can skip the stupid moon events and play just this, if this event is gonna be more often.

    1. Herald summoned by Balor has way too much HP and Damage than Balor itself, please balance Herald.
    2. Destructor is stronger than Balor I feel, takes lot more time to beat. Maybe his HP needs some balancing.
    3. Shiny chest drops are not worth once you get the Medusa Pet complete. Pet parts are useless thereafter and there is nothing better like drakens, good legendaries to work on them. Improve drop quality on shiny chests.
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  12. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I have to say that I also like this event a lot. It is very fun to play with both my strong char and another toon that I'm levelling up. Even though the main rewards are not really useful to my endgame char (I don't find the pet or even a couple of 4% gems useful personally), I like playing the event, even if just for the item drops and the fun of it.

    The issue of it requiring a lot of realm fragments should resolve itself, as it has been mentioned that their drop rate will increase in the future releases. Hopefully, that will happen, so it will not be so hard for new players to get enough gates, at least for completing the main event progress.

    I also have two suggestions, but they are exactly the same as those from Manoj, so I'll just copy them:

  13. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I actually like this event and some of the changes made.

    I Like
    - Getting directly to the bosses vs. fighting the way to them.
    - Chests with decent drops (200 Draken from one), gear or additional insignias
    - Gold drops (no one else mentioned this) 110 gold at 2400 progress. Nice to see someone listened to feedback on this

    I Disllike
    - Frag cost for entries (due to several events running at the same time) You did give us 40 though...
    - Destructor was pretty difficult
    - Maybe my old eyes but maybe something could be done to identify the golden chest a little better Edit: Yep my eyes as I clearly see the difference now...carry on.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
  14. Excalibur1974

    Excalibur1974 Junior Expert

    At last, i can fill some rows of pros. Some light in the deep fog :D

    Main line of event doable in a reasonable amount of time and effort
    Not stressing, relaxing diversion event
    Grouping is effective for all classes, no need to prioritize SW and DK presence
    Acceptable drop of common lower gems and legendary items (quantity)
    Clear and straight dynamics, kill 4 bosses and get 1 random endboss.
    Additional Drakens and Gold inside chest
    Different/uncommon Special Gem achievable, even if it's too weak and indeed useless

    Really too many realm fragments needed to enter
    Special Gem has too low effect, good idea about function but very bad in terms of quantity of effect
    Randomized drop of Pet parts
    Randomized drops of Special Gem tier1 inside randomized chest (*)
    Endbosses life/resistances are unbalanced. Fair HP level for Gorga, Herold, Sigri, Khalys, but too much gap with Destructor and Balor. Further, Herold companion in Balor map is oversized in life, it never dies. Or better, he will die after Balor.

    (*) About his cons "Randomized drops of Special Gem tier1 inside randomized chest", i mean that from my point of view it's better to eliminate or at least reduce randomness. You should guarantee at least 1 tier1 special gem (as now in the main line event), but don't open the way so much to a scenario where some few players has maximum tier gems and others the minimum available. Better to push towards a concept "redo the event in 2 months, every time one special gem tier 1 is guaranteed".
    But to increase the event frequency you must dramatically reduce the entering cost. This is not an option.
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  15. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I really like the fact that we get to directly fight the bosses, a vast improvement.
    Finishing the progress bar is quite fast.
    The drops from the bosses are okay.
    The drops from the chests are okay.

    The randomness is killing me a bit, but that is what it is.
    I've been stuck in Destructor or Herald mode for the vast majority of end boss fights. I did get Balor twice, Sigris twice, and Kahlys once so I know it's possible to get other bosses, it would just be nice to see them more than a couple of times while finishing the progress bar.
    I thought Gorga was also an option for lvl 50 players ???

    I've yet to see a golden chest, but with the small % chance I'm not holding my breath. I also keep getting the same pet part over and over again, but again that is the generated luck we all have to deal with.
  16. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    i like the event compared to a lot of the previous ones as its simple and quick rather than the usual grind fest. I don't have enough frags to complete it though which is my problem.

    bosses I think are ok too. destructor not that hard, just takes a lot longer due to the having to beat him 4 times. Balor I think the issue is balor has been reduced, but the summoned heredur is still as though you went to fight him as normal in yolotl. just make sure you don't summon him by running around for a bit if balor gets too angry :)
  17. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I may be wrong about this, but wasn't the new pet supposed to give 20 resource points? I just got it and it gives only 10. I may be wrong about this though.

    Something else is that the new gams are not really worth it. I got it to Tier 3 and I still would very much rather have any normal gem into my coat over this. I do not really get how it is usable. 4% lower cost is just 2 mana/rage for skills that use 50, it makes no real difference at all. Perhaps if I ever have 4-5 of those, to lower the costs by 15-20%, maybe then it will make some sense.
  18. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Cost to enter is too high. Spend more then 450 frags on first day and in all that I find shiny chest 4 or 5 times.

    End boss drop keys but... one on normal and two on painful? Thats is joke. Every round you get 3 chests and you get one or two keys??? Not to say that you need 10 normal or 5 painful rounds ((90 frags to spend) so you will have keys to open shiny chast.

    Destructor is incorect in few things. Strenght, time to regen and bombs (one time I put bomb and generator didnt go off).

    Herald have much more HP points than Balor.

    Gem is useless. After spending more than 450 frags I get only one gem from chest (plus one from event progres), so cant craft tier 2 gem. Idea of tier 3 gem is in realm of theory... and still it dose not have much value. 4% is just not worth all that time and effort.

    I like general idea. Its fast paced and have good drop but rewards and cost of entering deminshed all that. You get one costume (ok), one gem bag (nice), one gem (so-so) and one cape (no one wants it). Craftable gem and pet are to hard to get. I got 3 tails, one horns and one arms. So... its nice try but need to think little more on rewards if you want people to play such event.
  19. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    The drop of the gem is more then miserable...82 runs on hard,only get the gem from the 1th...
    Thats mean that we spent 1558 realm frags.
    If we take that is nowday to farm q3 norm full map drop average 7 rf /run 1558:7=223 runs on q3
    Average player for q3 norm full map 20 min*223=4460min or 74h farm only for the frags and the golden chest dont give nothing,even not drakens or gold... insane... :(
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The concept is good ... but flawed.
    1. It is good to have boss maps but 18 and 9 realm fragments are just too much.
    2. There is no randomness in this game ... just like in everything else in this game this event is pure example where you get stuck in the same instances over and over again with the same drops from the chests over and over again.
    3. The new gem is very very bad ... even if tier 3
    4. A lot of bugs.
    - the minions summoned have the same behavior as the 6v6 turrets ... tons of armor and resistance and no chance to crit hit. Player with average 2500 base damage dealing 100 damage? You must be kidding me. This was the issue since the very beginning in the TS but only thing they fixed are the spiders form Arachna.
    - That M'Edusa minion (the one that stuns you) is following you as a pet :D
    5. The M'Edusa Doll is simply useless/
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