Feedback Defeat the Undefeatables [January]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    hell0 hello ...

    Boss event .. its good basicly, but no polish at all like always!! Boss have weard animation before go on berserk, Khlay ah ah sometimes she show on her place in outer ciricle and than just teleport back on spon, or dont use clones ... Medusa head fly all ower map even when Medusa is dead ... and Sigry omg his Ice missilas are bit 2 op i see a good good war (full def.) who forget to use shild skill dead in few seconds (I take a picture for next time he say "When i did die last time" :p) ... I dont even wana speak about Balor Herald ...
    Boss event whit bosses who DONT drop UNIQS !!oooo come on Dev. tim siriusly ??!! ... at least u can put tiler one uniqs for us who need God of Luck on our sholder to get them !!!

    Gold box ... white item pop out from her . this gold box is only thing i hate on this event, drop from her are so so no worth of farming 10 keys ! Come on white items on boss drop on hard !!!

    ... but i like concept of this event and i realy hope u will fix this crazines from bosses an add uniqs in bosses drops, make gem of rage can be crafted in stronger tiler ... and i hope to see this event at least one time per month ...

    P.s. Doll is cute littel pet but even a "Barbi" have a EDIT ....

    TxY u Nori
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  2. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Hahahaha level 22 ranger with semi-twink stats tried soloing Khalys Hard. Could you possibly make her stronger? Regen more HP? Have more bombs drop on safe zones while she regens?

    Next time just give her more HP and eliminate clones and bombs.
  3. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    FYI: It took me 500 realm frags to get pet parts, and with 4 parts left over.

    My guess is that there is a quota system that follows your personal ID. I also get a clover after about 1000 gold spent at the jesters. LOL
    Update: It took 650 realm frags to complete 2 pets, and with 6 parts left over. There were almost an even 10000 Badges of Honor to sell. All in all, an ok event, as long as your not in it for the loot. With variable end-bosses, it wasn't so boring.
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  4. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    My first Event that I seriously participated in... kinda', since I'm new here. In the beginning it was fun. I was in an group that was fun to play with... After that I did some solo runs. Today I had a hard time finding a good group... SW's going into close combat LoL
    It's apparently a grindfest, because I used all my potions, over 200 fragments, all my resurrect stones, over 1000 ander, tens of thousands essences, and I got only at the jewel on the progress bar. So after this I got a costume (I kinda like it tho), a jewel (it was my limit just as I thought from the beginning, I quit after that, I don't even have the resources to complete it) and a pair of medusa eyes.
    Mathematically it's a complete loss, literary... you're expecting some cool rewards from an event with such a title, but... From now on I'll choose events more carefully.
  5. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    This by far a very very fun event.

    The Khaly hard was a bit strong wised we has the boss position would be nice.

    The drops from the mobs PERFECT.
  6. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Lets say "good" because I didnt see anyone get leg item...
  7. Love the event, just wish the rewards were more promising.. like the old rewards for example :)

    I think everyone has the Undefeatable costume by now which costs about 8k andermants in the shop so it makes no sense for anyone to buy. New costumes are very welcome :)
  8. Gorneylin

    Gorneylin Forum Greenhorn

    Ok, so here is another new player, lvl 43 SM, with his impressions after the 1st event played.

    I've just finished it solo in normal mode with exactly 3600 Insignias, 2 Peridots, close to 700 Draken, 200 Gold, and M'edusa. I did open only 1 golden Chest (and I have seen 3) to get the guaranteed Peridot, and was lucky to get all doll parts early on (like at 2.5k Insignias), with just one leftover part.

    The costs were quite acceptable to me: close to 300 frags, 3 Mighty Spirit Guards, 25 Universal Health Potions, 9k Essences of Combat, 500 Essences of War (used those on M'edusa), and 500 Essences of Destruction (used them on Sigri and Gorga).

    The Peridot gem seems to be quite weak indeed, but at this stage I can still use it, Jewel of Rage seems much better though. I like the costume and the doll, and the cloak I also plan to keep for it's looks and mounting bonus (who knows, it may even be useful 1 day).

    On the other hand, after the first few runs, when I found strategies for every boss, there was nothing exciting about finishing the event - just farming grind since I got my 1st 600 Insignias or so.

    And one thing, not mentioned here before, which looks like a bug to me - XP gains. Killing 5 overstrength lvl 43 bosses for 1.4k XP? When Gorga at lvl 40 was giving me 6k? Imho, they should either give no XP at all, or the XP gains should be more in-line with mobs killed.
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  9. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    all things considered the event is ok at best ...
    rewards for me are just not worth the time/effort, 4% come on it's so low it's silly.
    the low drop rate for realm frags make it so that i just cannot do many runs to it.
    i spent several hours on many diffrent maps just to find a couple dozzen frags , a real bummer they do not drop more often.
    i will not finish the progress bar let alone get anything good from the boxes or even see a elusive gold box.
    the 1st set of 3x boxes i got 2 leg items after that i seen -0- items of worth to mention and -0- parts to make the pet...
    after close to 5x years of playing i see no point to finishing the event for such little rewards.
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  10. AuZor

    AuZor Forum Apprentice

    The only good thing about this event was all the gold I got, 2 new item improvements and and about 800-900 drakens in total. I'm not planning on using 30-40 minutes on gathering 9 fragments, to walk in and get about 60-80 points and a gamble on the chest.

    Honestly, chest dropping 100/200 drakens and a ton of gold was awesome, but the last 2 items in the progress bar are not worth spending time on.
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  11. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Fragment cost is too high.
    Drops are somewhat decent but I would like to see a 3rd difficulty that actually drop legendaries and uniques. Even better, make a hard map where it's mixed between Skyfall Arena and Circus.
    Gem drop is nonexistent.
    Pet is useless.
    Most if not all event rewards are useless.
    Perfect gold farm.
    Rework Destruktor please... the boss is amazing but it's waste of time to farm him.
    Balor's Herald is a waste of time.
    None of this feedback will be read by BP's developer.
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  12. anonynoob

    anonynoob Forum Apprentice

    Like the next one said to you, with a bit of luck you get as much drakens as full moon or new moon just by clearing the progress in that event and that's the point.
    I got 500-1000+drakens with all chars.
  13. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to complete the event in the past 4days with my main toon (SW level 41). Now I have about 400 insignia of honor...what to do of them? Can they be used for something? Or it is better to free some inventory space?
  14. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    Selling or discarding them is about all you can do with the insignias.
  15. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Insignia of Honor are just progress markers for your inventory. They give you a little feedback on event activity.
    If the count applies, it will automatically go to the progress bar by a separate mechanism.
    They can be sold for a few silver to clear the inventory spot, but new insignia will go to inventory at the next opportunity.
  16. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    Thank you both, I just freed my inventory slot and gained 4 silver. I do hope to have more time to play on the next event iteration.
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  17. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    old event mush better then this and had more time to finish.
  18. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I disagree, this version is much superior to the old event. (Completing the old event often involved the mind numbing grind of killing kristoff 526 times or some insane number like that)

    Things I liked about this event:

    1) ability to complete event by using either the hard circus or easy circus.

    2) progress rewards - a jewel of rage, a somewhat useful/useless cape, the costume and cut peridot is a relatively decent haul for the progress.

    3) drop quality - I got some potentially usable legendary items from the circus hard boss and end boss, as well as a good amount of gems and 65 ander drops. This made it worth it for me.

    4) The ability to test out group strategies with easier versions of the bosses was informative.

    Things I didn't like:

    1) realm frag entry cost are too high, and/ realm frag drop rates are too low. One of these two needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

    Things I'm hoping for in the future:

    1) Event comes around 3 or 4 times a year, giving people a decent chance to craft the final peridot and the pet.

    2) Jewel of rage becomes craftable - perhaps 3 5%crt damage/1% attack speed jewels of rage becomes a 10% crit damage/2% attack speed superior jewel of rage. And consider doing the same for other specialty gems (shadow stone, etc)
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  19. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    well at least old event did not ask for insane number of realm fragments
  20. KellueéHazé

    KellueéHazé Junior Expert

    I'm not here to moan, But it was a bad idea to make the event full of realm fragments because they are a pain to find... and not everyone under lvl 45 has more than 100+ 200+ realm fragments :(. The event could have been more lvl friendly, or should I say, money free, You could have just made it like the old event , but award more insignias for it :)