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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. Hawkslayer

    Hawkslayer Junior Expert

    The wiki says that the travel ration will drop for Gorga normal.
    I've done 20+ runs and have not seen a travel ration.

    Is the wiki incorrect?


    NVM after some different searches I found that it rarely drops with Gorga...

    Oh well, suck to be me...
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  2. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Overkill :eek:.
    What did you get? And how can I get it too :D ?
    True, but I've just spent 4k Ander on opening another inventory line, so I'll have to do it the ol' way.
    Where does it drop easier? Hard bosses? I wouldn't mind doing that quest for an easy 50 Draken.
  3. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Well, feedback-wise...

    Event is much the same as last time, if not for some very motivated friends who kept dragging me off to farm the 3 hard bosses, I probably would not have made it to the finish. Adding the 3 hard bosses quest for 45s was a vast improvement to this whole grind. That said, it wasn't a super enjoyable experience either, so I'm glad I'm done. -.-"
  4. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Adding 3 hard bosses as a quest really improved things, and the hard boss drops seem much better than i remember (they probably aren't, its just that with the event resulting strong groups they are dying faster). A good group of 5 can really move fast now. Now i wont have to kill kristoff over and over....

    Also, circus is not bad either in a good group. Make sure you have the capability to get a double break by having at least a mage and dk, or a mage and dwarf, or dwarf and dk....

    Regarding travel rations - pretty sure the hard bosses are more likely to drop than gorga normal.
  5. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    My thoughts go to the lower lvls up to 32.
    Arachna x3= 6
    Talking Skeleton x 5 =6
    Khaly x3 = 16

    The grind and the battle for those trying to get their 5 kills from Talking Skeleton is very sad to watch. On several occasions, I watched a player, who had already started , trying to complete their set. When others stronger, came along... and were to rude to wait their turn. I even asked the new comers to let *player 1* complete the set first. However, the request, was ignored.

    I did however, form a group with the player that was their first, got their set then took them for runs in Khaly for a mere 16 drops.

    Would it be possible to consider something that would work for all.. such as setting a lock, so the first player is able to complete their set before another can start.. Better still Increase the drops for the lower lvls :)
  6. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Event is same as earlier,i.e. grinding too much,with little rewards(except in the 3 boss quest).
    Another thing is the drops in circus,while it is nice that they always drop a legend or exo,but the doll parts are simply too rare.I have done about 10-15 runs there,that's 40-60 boss kills,but got only 1 part.So as the drop rate of portals for circus in the hard bosses is also low,therefore the parts drop extreme rarely.
    Anyways,did they offer the same mount like previous event,so that players can have more?Seems like in future mounts could also be crafted.:p:p
  7. TheDe4thTr4nce

    TheDe4thTr4nce Someday Author

    About Circus. I did 15-16 run with group and managed to get 3 parts (except the one from Heredur), and after that to save essences I've done another 6 times solo run to kill Heredur only.. but no luck so far. it seems like zero drop chance to me. :mad:
    But other than that I have enjoyed this event so much, especially the three bosses quest for extra gold and glyphs.
  8. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    My feedback?

    I stole the 70 draken from the first quests and forgot about the rest of the event. It is simply too dull. Maybe it is more fun for fresher characters, but it feels for me as someone told me to push a button 1M times. Not really hard, but also not really fun.

    Maybe create bosses that need some solo player skills to defeat? Doing the same circle and hit combo 50 times isn’t exactly exiting, even if your stats are low.
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  9. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Feedback and only feedback folks.
    What you are farming and how do you play the event is not relevant to this topic.
    Off topic will be removed.

    I do remove off topic postings.

    EDIT: For those who need a reminder about how to give feedback please read this thread.
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  10. sirsquishy

    sirsquishy Junior Expert

    Reading through this events feedback compared to the last time, the biggest and most positive change was addition of the 3 boss run.

    While this was quite nice the first 3 or 4 days while grouping was easy, it eliminated any real possibility to run Destructor.

    Most of the upper level characters could run the 3 bosses using blue ess and got 85 points, decent drops and regular travel ration drops.

    Destructor runs on the other hand require red ess by most players, takes a while to kill and the drops are not any better than the 3 boss runs, so there was little incentive to face that boss (which is pretty much true any time event or not).

    After the first few days, people were basically running Kristoff and while it was very easy and fast, there were virtually no chance of good gear drops and no travel rations.

    Once the majority got through the event (day 3 for most) anyone not capable of running the bosses solo were forced to grind Kristoff over and over again.

    My suggestion (for event or in general) would be to improve the rate of points (maybe 160 or 200) and rate of drops for Destructor to provide a reason to do that boss, and improve Kristoff drops so those farming him over and over at least get something for the time and effort involved. The 24 points were fine, but add some reasonable chance of better gear as Stalgard has some of the worst drop rates of any map.
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  11. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    yes i agree 100 points to do 3x3 bosses is faster then to kill destrcutor for 85 points, last event i did kristoff only, you can have a run to krisstoff that takes you past a possible 5 chests so i got a lot of keys , so good to have the 3x3 boss run added to the event. So now just add the points for destructor and you have a great event that you can repeat over and over again, just change the rewards

    did mainly 333 boss run untill i had 3400/3400 , with that i collected 17 circus travels, needed 16 of them to get the pet doll. i got 3 doll weapons , 2 doll helmets , 1 doll shield , 1 doll. Made the circus run 1 time solo. Had no issues of lagg or connection trouble. Got 1 unique from gorga the marcocheira longbow (its a weak bow but i will use it to store gems in)

    just saying
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