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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Alex_Thor, Jul 4, 2023.

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  1. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I only have 2 jewels on the archer from a long time ago, and I can't improve them because there is a recipe that requires to upgrade 4 more, and what should I do now? the recipes in the game are useless, so I can't improve 2 jewels that I have!
  2. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    "Another one and another one ", funny suggestion , but "black bear for 5 key chest" best suggestion, not this...:D:cool:
    If seriously, you just play the game and get more jewels and upgrade them , like all other players do. Upgrading unlocks next rarity tier recipe.
    30+ jewels in the game...from events , premium day chests, loot boxes, pw bosses chests..etc :)
  3. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    30 jewels? maybe in the past they gave you more, but now the drop is weak, it's 0.0001% maybe. On 2 classes it is more difficult to play with such a drop.
    Black bear? I said a bear, a simple one, not necessarily like those in PvP
  4. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    Keep an eye on events, you can get jewel of rage, focus, amplified healing and more guaranteed from events. Summer festival is also coming up, where you can drop jewels from the summer solstice jewel chest, summer lucky bags and the jackpot minigame. :D
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  5. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert
    you talkin about pvp ...:p
    About jewels :30+ i mean more than 30...and only 30 sockets in jewel trinkets , can't place all them... :eek:
    And play with one toon...2-4? u can have it for bonus or else, but overall that just wasting time.
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  6. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I only want to upgrade my 2 jewels at this moment, and recipe is a useless problem
    Bear is just cool mount.
    They filled the game with snakes, scorpions, frogs, etc... but a bear mount is nowhere to be found
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Alex, you've been around for awhile, so you surely know that the business model for this game is to create numerous grinding pain points in the hope that enough players will pay for progress instead, thereby keeping the game a viable enterprise.

    I too have upgraded jewels that have no value to me, just so I could get the next level upgrade recipe. That's just the way the game works.