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    Desert of Essences Guide

    In order to travel to this far off desert you need to speak to NPC Thabo - You can find him in every major town of Dracania (except Grimford). Only he is able to show you the way to Shanri-La.


    Collect realm fragments and bring them to Thabo, who will convert them to realm path items that enable you, through right-click, to travel to Shanri-La.

    Basecamp Shanri-La

    Once you have reached the base camp of the desert destination, you will find all the necessary merchants to equip yourself before you head off into the desert. Notice that there are NPCs which offer you differently coloured equipment.

    Color Tribes



    In the desert you will face enemies that belong to different tribes, each of the tribes has its own colour and you will quickly realize why they are differently coloured. The colour tribes vary in difficulty degrees.

    Map: Shanri-La
    • Green – Easy
    • Blue – Easy/Medium
    • Purple – Medium
    • Red – Hard
    Map: Shanri-La by Night

      • Yellow - Hardcore
    Green enemies are easy to defeat while yellow enemies are already a bit more challenging and red enemies, well, let’s just say there is a reason why red symbolizes danger... so beware of the red tribe.

    The colored enemies will drop essence shards and essence tears.

    (Color) Essence Tears:

    These tears will give you character an instant temporary boost, depending on the color the boost will be either lower (green) or higher (red).

    New & Old Essence shards

    Defeating the regular enemies will give you essence shards, which you will need to call the Champion enemies, the Brute.

    Old Essence shards:

    Essence shards of the very first Desert of Essences Event appear in the colours green, blue, yellow, purple and red. You can sell these essence shards for virtual currency at any shop. Red essence shards have the highest value and green ones the lowest.

    New Essence shards:

    In order to allow you to have more space in your inventory, we decided to have essence shards and cores that can be used universally. Every enemy in the Desert of Essences has the chance to drop essence shards; the new essences shards can be recognized by their icon, they are not single coloured but prismatic. Prismatic essence shards can be used to summon all champion monsters of all colour and difficulty degree. New essence shards cannot be sold.

    (Color) Essence Core:

    Defeating the champions will give you essence cores, which you need to summon the mini bosses of each color, the Beserkers.

    The mini bosses always drop 1 part of the set that you can collect.

    Set Items – Costumes – Pets:

    All the bosses drop parts of the Essences Set; depending on the color of the enemy, the set items will have lower (green) or higher (red) enchantments and values. Note: The set has random values and are automatically identified when dropped by the bosses.

    The bosses also drop a costume, Essences Vortex; you might have noticed that crystals are orbiting around NPC Thabo (he used to be a keen adventurer at some point and probably also stopped by Shanri-La).

    You can also be the owner of a pet; the Essence Spout.

    The rule of the colors applies here as well, the higher the difficulty degree, the more boost the pet will give you (green spout +1% Health, red spout +5%)

    Completing the progress bar will give you the green spout and the green vortex, if you want other colors and more valuable items, you will need to defeat the bosses!

    QUEST: 1001 Jullov (repeatable)
    When you enter the map to Shanri-La you will find NPC Jullov next to NPC Mina. He is offering you a quest with two parts. You can complete the first part by collecting 300 pieces of Fine Essence Dust.

    Complete the first part of the quest successfully and you will be rewarded with Jullov’s Sleep Potion. Right-click on the potion and you get the option to travel to Shanri-La by night.


    Shanri-La By NightNight falls on Shanri-La and the all NPCs go to sleep, except for Jullov, he is half asleep! Talk to Jullov and he will offer you the second part of the quest 1,001 Jullov.In order to complete the quest you have to wander through the desert of Shanri-La and collect at least 10 Glowing Things. Beware as Yellow Essence Monsters are patrolling around the sand dunes. The Yellow Essence Monsters have surpassed the Red Essence Monsters by far when it comes to difficulty degree.

    Complete the quest and you will be rewarded with Draken, a large gem bag and the Irish River Dance emote.


    drop chances of the essence equipment

    Blue**4.227% 21.841%44.387%28.887%--
    * additionally very small chances for blue parts
    ** additionally very small chances for purple parts
    *** additionally very small chances for red parts
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