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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by NSDT-returns, May 29, 2020.

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  1. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    Perhaps online translators are not translating the thought as it should be.. I want to say that new essences are useless in any interpretation, on any bosses.. Character, will beat, as if absolutely without essences.. In case of kraft, the increase to damage disappears, and instead of it there is damage from elements, which in no way injures bosses..
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I'm not understanding the economics of this event.

    It's sole purpose is to obtain carmot to convert your existing essence to higher levels and/or to convert regular essence to elemental essence. Right?

    As a still emerging L55 toon (just surviving Great Desert on white essence in Infernal 1, or Inf2 on green essence), I can't get beyond the 3rd event sandstorm on Excruciating, so clearly won't finish the progress bar. But, if I did get through it, I'd have gathered 1,250 carmot.

    You need 30 carmot to convert 1,000 blue essence to purple essence. That means I'd need nearly 4 events to gather enough carmot to convert a single stack of 50K blue. And 1,556 gold coins.

    In the meantime, if I completed the first two of the middle column daily challenges, I'd have gathered approximately 90K more blue essence in normal game play.

    So, at best I'm standing still in regard to # of blue essence. And haven't touched any stacks of other colored essence (other than converting that one 50K blue stack to a 33.3K purple stack).


    Also, what's up with the white essence cost? By converting white to green, I'm only gaining 25% damage, but I only get back 200 green for every 1,000 white, so the per unit conversion cost in carmot is the same as going from blue to purple, but the gold coin cost is 30% higher to convert white than blue.

    What gives?


    Question: Where do the elemental spheres drop? I've only done a couple of runs in map 1 (only through the first 3 sandstorms each time), and 4 runs of white map 2 on Excruciating. In my small sample size, 0 elemental spheres. Are there quests if I keep going that result in sphere rewards, or do I have to attempt higher difficulty runs, or do I need to get into other colored map 2s, or is drop rate just super low / super random?

    EDIT: Answered my own question: White isn't an element :). I accidentally clicked on the green archway while killing mobs on map 1 (which erased 3 runs of gathering Dew Drops :mad:), went to Green Kia Krisal and dropped 6 Green (poison) Spheres.

    Which brings up a point: We need a confirmation dialogue upon clicking on one of the archways. I had intended on going to Yellow Kia Krisal as part of the quest-line, did not want to go to Green.
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  3. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    I think progress drop is too random and must be changed. 120 progress in INF4 is too low.
    I got a max of 248 and min of 120....the range is too big.
    And 800-1000 realm fragments to finish a montly event is too much.
    Let's we make a comparison of monthly events:
    FragmentsDrakenOther rewards
    Full Moon1004002 lesser rune from bar and staff2H for mages and weapon for PvP
    New Moon150-2004002 lesser rune from bar and witch set random
    Desert of Essences800-1000300some random essences and ingredients to make elemental essences
    Expected changes:
    1) progress: short range min-max
    2) entry costs like other montly events: 1 pass for all dificulty
    3) in infernal I always use black portal and only 2 times I get purple map

    The % for uniques and other kind of items are too low (I have not found a single unique or aura) and there are no core drops in this event.

    I tested DoE but I can't spent 1.000 realm fragments for some elemental essences that I don't need and I prefer use them for other events with better rewards especially because the drop of realm fragments has been too low for months and I need 2 weeks to get 1000.
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  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

  5. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    This is another useless event in it's current form and another scam for player's RFs being made a monthly event. Also shows again the lack of creativity and lack of effort spent with it. I know it became very popular to praise the art dept for their good work, but all they did here to reuse existing maps and use different colors on existing monsters.
    - I know of 2 people already completed the event, one of them got to Kia Krisal (Purple) at cca 3800 progress while the other did not at all
    - The drop rate of the new pets, costumes and black essence skins are (almost) non existing
    - Price of the entrances is awful high, should be much lower and not equal to DtU prices
    - The drop rate of crystal dew is also low, one should get at least 80 in every rounds and it should not take longer than 2 runs to collect 10 essence crystals
    - It it also a joke that using 2 fire buffs and Sharp-eyed Raven (almost 40k fire resistance) I still die in the 6th/7th waves on excruciating difficulty

    BP also clearly lied in patchnote 228 as we see more and more events reducing our RF pool and looters (mis)fortune event clearly does not give sufficient amount, we want the old drop rate back :mad:
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  6. Вантик

    Вантик Forum Apprentice

    Extremely unsuccessful and meaningless action, in the form in which it has become. Time is wasted, fragments of spheres - almost nothing is obtained in return. A particularly unfortunate idea with sandstorms is that all the fan and all the fun of the game is lost. Well, I also play with premium - after death, the character is reborn in the same location. Regular players will have to re-enter each time, paying for the entrance with fragments. The chance of a drop of crystal dew is very low, so that you can collect 80 drops - you have to clean the location 10 times..

    In general, I did not like it very much.

    Sorry, translated by Google.
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Khalys does have equal resistances to all elements, i believe, but unlike mortis, you can stun her and armor break her.

    The essences don't give you any advantage with her, however they should work on all other bosses, with the exception of Mortis.
  8. KotBogomot

    KotBogomot Forum Apprentice

    U have to invest time + SF+ monay to get good essence so u can kill bosses faster. When u think about it, its just a way to remove SFs from players and get nothing :). For me it is playable again only if : 1.entry cost for 2nd map reset to 1 pass for every difficulty, 2. add draken cores drop from boss, 3. add something to progress reward(nothing big, anything)
  9. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    It could become a good event if: increase the drop of entrances for 2nd map increase the progress bar, drop of cristals for colour missions and the apearance rate of purple map( donne it more than 10 times and still nothing) otherwise is a anoter dead event.
  10. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    First of all it's clear that @trakilaki has made his point. the company is bad at making event guide or making a GUIDE at all.when he stopped providing guides in the wikia we start to see a lot of player not knowing where to start or what are they supposed to do.

    Back to this event review

    ~ what i like about event map ?
    1. the map design is nice and the wave concept is cool.
    2. finally it's not essence dependent event ( some room to breath here ).
    3.the new elemental is nice. good job there.

    ~ what i didn't like (hate is more appropriate) about the event map?
    1. the archways and the mobs surrendering them are put in a way to involve a misclick and result of losing 80 crystal dew or to be forced to play that map and lose the entrance fees.
    2. the all color quest is just too long with a poor drop rate / variance of blue boxes ( you may get 0-1 per run or 5 per run- you have to play a colored map at least 6 times to complete a specific color - so 28+ runs) any rational person well played it once to get the last quest or not plying at all. fun fact you made it repeatable.

    ~ What was your view of the difficulty of the event?
    I would say about right for my main char. i didn't played it with my lower chars because it's time consuming and not worth the effort. so probably it gonna be a hell for weak players or low level characters.

    ~ Did you find the event interesting, or was it a bit of a grind? same as last event, It was a lot of a grind. and the fun factor is missing from bp events nowadays

    ~ What, specifically, could be done to improve it? i don't see the point of this question since the next DoE is next door but here we go again:

    1. is this an event? if so where is the drakens cores??.

    2.the event take too much time and resources to complete it, increase the drop size and reduce the entree fees.

    3.increase the purple map occurrence. completing the event with this high price to get to go to that map once or none is depressing.

    4.this event need runes in the progress bar (any kind of lesser runes will do except wisdom runes or group runes)

    ~ What was your view of the rewards? got 0 pets 0 vortex 2/5 black set few elemental spheres and enough carmots. definitely can be improved
    ~ What rewards would you have preferred (no Lamborghini's or Ferrari's, sorry).? see above.

    Overall review
    Let's see what we have here: we got an event with same entries as DtU, drop rate of progress is 1/3 new moon progress per run, and an empty progress bar with lack of drakens cores as stellar gold. So basically an event to rip players from RF.(and pots but it's not big deal).
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  11. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I'm not interested to say if you have or not to have an advantage, the single player can test byself.
    I wanted only to show how work the new essence, in fact i used only magic missle,not stun or armor break.
    In my test you can see more damage with poison essence than with green essence; fire,cold and light essence will be the same, because Khalys has 60% resistence to all elements (75% to andermagic).
    Mortis has 75 % to all, but you can do more damage with fire ( or other ) essence than the old essence ;)
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Bad event: it requires tons of realm fragments, which are not easy to come by these days( restore the previous drop rates, thanks and also lower the costs to buy event entrances), the desert storms are annoying and boring.
    Drop rates for costumes and pets and unique items( the set is bad) are very bad.

    As usual, another bad event from BP.

    The only good thing is the artistic design of it, which is wasted on this trash: the artists of this game should work for somebody else.
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  13. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

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  14. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I run and finished this event. It is not very difficult (if you are in a good group) but it is a bit repetitive and boring.
    I wish drop rate of the items (set, pet, aura effect) could be better, as so far only 1 part of set and 1 aura.
    What I noticed is that when I was in group, the drop rate in second map is drastically low (sometimes 1 frag).
    I did several black portals to find purple map, I got it 4 times and only 2 frag so far... maybe a bug?
    For the rest, I will check those ess if they are worth it.

    PS I would prefer next week Dragan event and not again Desert ess event
  15. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    where do i found that circle ofresistance again, i dont find it. i mean that circle what resistance is good against a other resist, i hope you undertsand what imean
  16. Nigno

    Nigno Forum Greenhorn

    I would say my point of view of this event. I had a 1750 progress bar (few achievement points). I did excruating mode and Infernal 2/3 mode (depends if alone or in group). I NEVER found quest's chests while i'm playing in group; all other teammates found several chests or 10 directly. I found quest chests only playing alone, but many times I need to make more than 2 run. These need to be fix, 10 chest must be found in max 2 runs.
    The quest cycle is too long, I had 3 inventory slots blocked until completed the fire map part. We need a faster quest to make infinite carnot or need to divide the 4-part quest in a 2-part + 2-part quest.
    Also, the progress bar need to have a half prize, like Full Moon or new moon, maybe draken cores or less essences package (also for 4k progress bar players).
    I liked the event, but the debuff in the Desert is too high for low level maps... As a 3k achievement points player, I cannot remain alive in excruaciting mode or painful mode until the end of the Desert's debuff, so I had to use many fragments to earn all crystals (very expensive for low stats/achievements points players).
    I found purple map only in groups, so I didn't complete the purple part quest cuz 0 chests. :(
    Elemental essences should be dropped in its elemental map, green/blu/purple or even red essences in its map in high mode or amphoras
    I hope this will help DSO Mods.

    --- MERGED ---

    fire on ice on poison on lightning on fire
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  17. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    With the advent of this event, an older problem now becomes very pressing.
    Essence storage is a pretty big issue.
    I don't want to write this in the creative corner section because this event contributes to the filling of the inventory
    and it's an old problem, it's nothing creative.
    At this moment we have 5 usual essences (white, green, blue, purple and red) 5 elemental essences (fire, poison, ice, lighting, andermagic),
    and a lot of essences for events. The essences for the events are about 10 in number as far as I know:
    Mighty Antidotal, Antidotal, Snow essence, Light essence, Ordinary light, Mighty Light, Siver essence, Shining Silver, Stellar Gold si Spirit essence.
    I hope we didn't miss one, but the idea is that we run out of space.
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  18. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    well 5 normal
    25* elemental if we can fuse white which im not sure about
    2 antidotal
    3 from halloween event
    winter event ess
    stellar ess
    2 FM essences
    5 spring essences
    and class essence for All for one event
    So in total about 45 types of essences with which(if you dont spend it all right away which no sane person will ever do especially in nowadays nerfing fests) you might sit at 30-70 filled slots :D
  19. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    my suggestion for the upcoming Dessert of essence is drop the first course and possibly put it on the quasha card and with that a little change on the quests. The portals must be green, white, orange, yellow, blue, purple must also be introduced as portal in addition to cut down to 9-10 realm fragments for one and crystal dew would have to be able to be collected in parallel world and the regions beyond that one would need both crystal dew and portal in the event example 1 portal on painful + 24 crystal dew to enter.
  20. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Collecting crystal dew outside the event is senseless can you collect wood for NM or pebbles for FM out of event maps?
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