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    Exclusively Unique Level 40 Items in the Region of Atlantis:
    A very special, five-piece set of Level 40 Atlantis items is being added to the game. You can find all pieces of this mighty and visually unique set of items by the monsters in the Atlantis region.
    In addition to the set, you can also find a new unique Level 40 2H weapon in the Atlantis region.
    All these exclusively unique Atlantis items can theorhetically be found by every Atlantis monster.

    A Unique Level 40 Amulet by the New Mini Boss M’Edusa:
    You can find a unique Level 40 amulet by the new mini boss “M’Edusa“.

    A New Unique Level 45 Ring:
    High-level players can also look forward to a new, very powerful but very rare unique Level 45 ring, which can be found by Level 45 monsters.


    Accessibility Enhanced: Parallelization of Quests in the Watery Grave

    If you enter the Watery Grave, you will now be offered three quests:

    Quest chain with “Kill Mortis” – Reward: Ring of Death (repeatable)
    Quest “Weapons of the End of Time“ (repeatable)
    Introductory quest to the chain of successive quests and dungeons Q1 to Q5

    This means that you are no longer forced to defeat Mortis in order to get to Q1 or to be able to start “Weapons of the End of Time“ Quest.

    Balancing of Repeatable Parallel World Quests
    • Ø Parallel World Quests
    • There is a new repeatable quest after a player killed mortis, which has the Ring of Death as reward
    • A bug was fixed, which gave the mage a wrong quest reward out of the first run in Q4
    • The time players need to complete repetitions of Q1-Q4 were brought closer together (It takes more time to complete Q1 and less time to complete Q4). The first run in each dungeon is not affected.
    • Since there are two set pieces in Q5 as rewards, this quest will take twice as long to complete (first run as well as repetition) (See 2.3 Overview)
    • The current reward progression and level of difficulty of the parallel worlds Q1-Q5 is not being changed.

    Addition of the Missing Ammon Set Piece – the Torso
    • In the last and most difficult parallel world Q5, the quest rewards for players are the fourth piece of the set and the missing fifth piece of the Ammon Set.
    • All five new pieces of the Ammon Set as well as the “Ring of Life“ and the “Ring of Death“ items are therefore awarded in the parallel world quests. Since the values all of these items vary, all parallel world quests can be repeated as much you like.

    The Old Ammon Set
    • The dated Ammon Set was renamed "Ammon's Forgotten Gleam".
    • So that you all get the chance to complete the old set to "Ammon's Forgotten Gleam", the pieces of the set can now be found by regular monsters (monsters without red marking) in the parallel world Q1-Q5. With a little bit of luck, you can find a certain piece of the set in every parallel world:
    • Q1 - Gloves
    • Q2 - Shoes
    • Q3 - Pauldrons
    • Q4 - Torso
    • Q5 - Helmet

    Rebalancing of MORTIS Boss Fight
    • First stage:
    • Hitpoints of the Skeletal Dragon are reduced by 20%
    • Damage output of the Skeletal Dragen is reduced by 10%
    • Second stage:
    • The movement problem with souls, which sometimes caused souls to jump back and forth uncontrollably, was fixed.
    • Malicious Souls ("Small Souls")
    • Hitpoints reduced by 33%
    • Travel speed reduced by 50%
    • Malevolent Souls ("Large Souls")
    • Hitpoints reduced by 16%
    • Travel speed reduced by 10%
    • Gates of Souls
    • Maximum number of Gates of Souls reduced from 8 to 6
    • Mortis now casts only one single Silcence-Field which changes its position every 10 seconds (before he could cast multiple fields that lasted 15 seconds each)

    LOOT Adjustments in the Parallel Worlds

    • In general, the drop probabilities for enchanted items (green, blue, violet, orange) was increased in all parallel worlds.
    • In addition, the drop quality increases per parallel world, corresponding to the increasing level of difficulty.
    • The drop quality of the mightiest end bosses (Destructor, Mortis, Khalys (hard)) was also increased in relation to the enchanted items.
    • Players won’t find white items any longer in the Parallel Worlds


    • “Steam Conductor“ skill: It now reduces all active cool-down times by 1.5 seconds (previously 1 second).
    • "Tactical Turret" skill: Once you place the Tactical Turret, the first homing explosive will now appear somewhat quicker. The Shrapnel Shield boosts armor by 25% for five seconds and travel speed by 15% (previously only the armor was boosted by 25%).
    • "Rocket Dwarf" talent: Should you select this talent, the rocket pack only costs 30 steam (previously 35 Steam).


    • The chance of finding a lock pick in a Shabby Treasure Chest has been increased considerably and is now 10%.
    • The situation with the “ghosts” should be much better now!
    • A problem was fixed for long-range attacks, where due to many enemies standing very close to each other, the nearest target was not hit but rather a random one.
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