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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by DSO Production Team, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Now since everyone is screaming nerf DK because the top 1% is overpowered, based on that video and the same "logic" they use, NERF SW!4!!!44!!
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    You know what since pvp is such an issue. Just remove it, the skills I have in pve is the skills I use in pvp I do not swop I dont change anything, maybe drakensang is just not meant for pvp but, I dont do pvp unless its for a clover.
    I get my behind whipped in many pvp matches...
  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Hey Nightmares maybe if you are so keen on seeing items and you consider those items OP you should join a fb group called dso world* there is amazing builds on there, btw spending ander is not so much of a thing.
    Seems whatever guild youre in you dont know the 3 basic rules of building...
    1. Craft
    2. glyph
    3. gem
    I guess you haven't seen the impact of royal gems
    Nor the difference of an item being on level 60.
    First thing you should do is get your weapon to level 60 (this makes a mega difference)
    *Some of the strongest builds in the game is on there, on all classes
  4. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    @GoulishNightmares - in the video you provided, that mage is one of the strongest look at 7:45 in that video...he catches the warrior in singularity and hits him at least 20 times with that "OP" q8 set that warriors complain about, hit him with a meteor, fireball...after 20 hits he barely took 30% hp of that warrior lol..The mage barely managed to kill that warrior and the mage was with 2hand...imagine how pathetic 1hand build is for mages now.The warrior did not even bother to dodge the singularity and despite having his armor broken he couldnt be killed lol.

    The only reason why the mage won here was because that warrior had low dmg.If the warrior had at least 10k that mage wouldve died 1-2 hits.

    Or fix it by adressing the issues that are making it so unbalanced.Also you have to start using the edit on your comments instead of posting multiple times.Its in the lower right corner, easy to spot.

    Well lets see, SW is already the worst in PvE, DK isnt, SW is worst than warrior at PvP yet lets nerf SW.Awesome logic there bro !!!

    I would agree with q8 -q7 sets being nerfed a bit for mages in order to prevent spamming but the skill dmg for the fireballs should be greatly increased, or at least some tweaks to be added to the frozen sphere increasing range, dmg, speed and making it explode on impact.As you saw from that video provided earlier, despite the fact that the SW has a lot of spamming skills, those are inefficient.
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  5. Moot

    Moot Active Author


    Well sure most SWs are weak, but so are most DKs, yet people keep crying for a DK nerf because there are some OP DKs.. I just applied the exact same "logic". To be honest I don't even care about pvp, I'm just afraid my fun in PVE will be ruined due to bigpoint listening to the moans of people who complain about some OP characters.
  6. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    And what about when a SW gets everything that can be achieved in this game vs a DK that achieves everything ingame (im talking about runes, gems, craftings, glyphs and so on) will become immortal in pve and pvp and one will end up with a lot of money and time wasted.What about this? The difference in power will be insane despite the fact of both having the same gems, runes, glyphs and all. You dont believe this to be unfair?

    Dont you agree that once both a SW and a DK get everything maxed they should be close to equal in strenght and not one to be godlike and 1 to be crap? Nowadays, ingame, a highend SW is crap when put into the same arena with a highend DK.The difference between them is so big that when compared to the DK, the SW looks as if he started playing DSO today and has 0 gems, 0 items, 0 glyphs...This is not right.

    One class is heading toward immortality and godlike status with each minute they farm/craft/pay and one class is heading toward pure crap with each minute they farm/craft/pay.
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  7. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    So for you it seems like right that when you develop your character enough it comes actually comes weaker than the other classes
    which are playing on same level (of equipment, gems and such ). It makes zero sense to me.o_O
  8. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    At this point its like those who know they play op class just stay silent hoping the nerf would pass away while others who are not geared enoughor know how to play say that dks are people if you compare the q7 set of all the classes you will see the differences ..... if you can farm faster than all the classes you get more items and you can get strong faster.. easy to understand concept , why is every dk denying it..i even play dk and i know its busted.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I tried edit it wouldnt copy paste
  10. MERGED

    A 1hand mage at any lvl above 30 really is a joke in my opinion. Damage is not there to compensate for the lack of health a SW already has. I agree with your post. Ill add more to this later as Im on my phone right now xD

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  11. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    @Fugnuts as I have said before you can not balance a game around the top 1% if you want to stay in business... You tune down them to an acceptable level, what you get is every avg joe being in a state where they can't do anything, they quit and you can close the game eventually.

    @-HARRA81- that's basically how the game works for me and my DK right now I play 2h, I can deal with basically any pve content the game throws at me, but when i go into pvp, I get my ass handed over to me by EA IM and FB spammed at my face from a long distance even though they probably use the same sets, with about the same crafts, and the same amount of GOP as I do, and then they come here to the forums, and cry how unfair it is in 2 hits.

    It's funnny how what dps classes want is a tank who can stand between bosses and them and protect their ass, otherwise they wouldn't play with him, but when they face said tank in the arena they want him to be made out of paper
  12. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    In fact this game needs to be rebalanced at every layer of power/set ups.

    It's funny to see how DKs want dps to kill bosses fast, otherwise they wouldn't play with them, but when they face said dps in the arena, they want to not be killed after 400k damage recived.
  13. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Nope, I don't want dps to kill bosses fast, I have the dps, and I farm on my own just fine.. it would be really nice tho if I wouldn't have to build a second set to be the least bit viable in pvp while all the other classes can just hop into arena and do just fine spamming in their glasscannon setup from a safe distance.. but I really shouldn't care because I only play pvp when i get a clover in the daily.
  14. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    The balance that we have right now cannot be considered acceptable.It is as ive described it, one class is or will become godlike when getting maxed stuff and the other class is or will become crap no matter how much he crafts/farms or pays.The SW class was living on promises for the past 2 years to be honest...Im sure that if DK was in SWs place you would be here complaining and not me.

    BP couldve tweaked skills every patch and see how they influenced the gameplay but instead they decided to do nothing but work on a brand new skill tree that will nerf everyone and force us to pay more.They couldve put 2 of their testers in the same room for a few days and let each of them play a different class with noobaa items or high end items(crafts+runes+gems).At the end of the day they couldve compared the results of X vs Y and Y vs Z and so on.

    Did they even bother with such a thing? NO...they were working on new content all this time because this is what this game is lacking apparently and this is why we complain on forums...Due to the lack of content and not because of the lame balance and pvp setups.

    Lets face it, as long as DKs have a good time, the other classes can go to hell according to BP.Since this game made it on the market the balance was always shifted toward one can say this is not true...
  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Now here is 2x 2h dks telling you they die in pvp like nothing.

    Now I will show you something
    I told you gems is not fair right
    Do you really think those 1h dks that is so OP does not have an high amount of HP gems and HP runes in their rings and gear?

    Now with said gems being 70 more hp per gem let me do you the math

    70 x 10 = 700 x 200% 1400 + 200% = 4200 more

    That's is only 10 royals imagine 30 of them and hp runes in gloves boots and rings.

    The only thing that needs fixing is the gems, yes all 2h dks will die but for the love of something at least you will stop complaining
  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    You still dont want to understand that hp regenerations is whats making the warriors OP and not the extra 70 hp gems? How many other players have to tell u that before u understand? Have you not seen that video above where despite being caught in singularity, having his armor broken, spammed at with fireballs, with q8, a top mage could barely kill a warrior? The mage was lucky because the warrior had no dmg otherwise he wouldve been dead in 2-3 hits.

    Even if u have the gems having equal stats, that would mean -20k hp or so..Do you really believe that having 20k -30k less hp will fix everything ingame?

    The problem is that DKs heal more than the dmg they receive....they are also able to do a lot of dmg while having this high regeneration and defense.

    You either did not read the previous posts or did not understand what we were discusing here. 2h DKs are not that hard to kill indeed due to not having range but 1hand DKs become pretty much immortal after a point.This is what this conversation is all about and this is why so many complain about DKs being OP.

    There are a lot of players here who have invested a lot of time and money into this game to build up their chars...SWs, RAs, SMs and yet they are paper when it comes to fighting 1hand DKs.The game gives to these classes 0 chances to win and this is not ok.This is why u see RAs complaining about DKs, this is why u see SWs complaining about DKs...hell we even had DKs complaining about DKs lol.
  17. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    @Fugnuts I never said the current state of the game is acceptable. I said if you balance around the high end characters, the average player won't play the game, because they will be unable to do anything.

    If you think the balance was always shifted towards DKs you must be kind of new to this game. I have played mage from the start of the Beta until about the release of Mortis when I couldn't play the game anymore due to personal reasons, and trust me, for most of that time DK was pretty much nowhere. In the beginning we had thousands of mana with infinite fireballs, while the DKs would have to slowly crawl towards us, but then someone at bp had the brilliant idea to cap the mana at 100 which pretty much balanced things out. Then they released ranger, and made it the king of pve and pvp so people would start a new character and spend a fortune on it so the balance was ranger > sw = dk for a long time
  18. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Ever heard of a ranger called ruby rose? she does 1 million crits
    2h dk Siiyyuuuu nvm the spelling does 1 million crits too
    I am certain select builds can attain this and this includes all classes, does a 1h dk really stand a chance against this?

    Regarding what Moot said.
    It sucks that they capped mana to 100 they should make it 500 at least.
    The nature of any mage on any game is to cast spells and not be limited by mana they invest more in intelligence to attain more mana
    Maybe they should allow players to invest in stats like speed, dexterity, intelligence etc
  19. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    i play from the start of the game march 2012 to be hones.. tanks were ok lv 40 ,45 powerful but beatable.... 50 reallllly hard and now immortal..i mean when i started the game like it was hard to play each class but only tankwas easy because you are melle yes but you juke the enemies and you god damn heal... why on lv 45 tank were the only real users of 2h cuz HEALING llv 50 i remember there was a patch which removed the healing from battly cry and dragon hide ( 2% of max hp for 8 sec ) AND THEY GOD DAMN GAVE YOU MORE DMG ON FEARLESS AND ARMOR ON JUMP + INFINITE sustain on the new agro buff.. idk but the supposed " nerf" was actual hard Buff and now even rangers cry... like 30 k dmg vs 10 k dmg 1h tank is pretty much 20 lv mob vs inf 3 herald i ahve played all the classes in these all levels and i know their weakness and tanks dont have such..... the fact that you can juke the boss if you cant tank it right away is pretty much playing for free without giving ess or anders for reviving ,,,,, like... the only class which benefits the most from uping the inf difficulties is the tank , why ? because you get more hp like 1k per item but dmg classes get like 100 per item and maybe 1000 from weapon and if you compare 3k hp vs 1k dmg hp wins for tanks since they have mitigation and sustain so that bonus 3k hp is pretty much infinite compared to the 1k that you will get from the next inf levels
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  20. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Ever heard of armor, ressistance, block rate, block strenght? Also ever heard of red essence or pink/blue? The ranger that does that does it with red essence which doesnt work in pvp...he does 1 mil crits to an opponent with 0 block rate, 0 block strenght and a lot less armor and ressistance than a high end player would have in pvp.Also more importantly he does it after triggering the effect of q7 set which also adds 150% dmg to your toon.He also does that dmg to an opponent which heals 0 hp back, which in most cases is static and which doesnt have unlimited stuns. What are you trying to prove here cuz im lost?

    I suggest you check youtube to see how fights vs 1hand DKs with cube set (endgame dks ) go and then argue with me on forums.Check prototype's matches, optimusprime's , valak and other high end dks when they play with 1hand in 1v1, 3v3.

    I agree upon the fact that capping the mana at 100 was a big mistake and because of this 1hand builds for SWs are useless since the cost in mana for each skill will deplete your mana bar after hitting 2-3 times max and then you will have to wait for recharge.

    Im not that new, im playing since lvl 40 when DKs were carrying the entire party at mortis and since they were single handed fightning entire guilds.What changed since then is that now other classes can kill mortis too but the warrior can still fight multiple opponents with ease.You can check youtube and see how endgame DKs fight alone in 3v3 and they win with ease vs SWs or rangers.

    Let me ask you something, according to you, highend DKs with 1hand are not OP at all when compared to SWs or other classes? Just curious.
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