Development Team Letter - CLASS BALANCING

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by DSO Production Team, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    It takes about 10 minutes for me to do a full run on Grimmag from the beginning to the end to complete the quest.
    When you have 8 quests, that is 1.5 hours for me. That is definitely a "no way" for a casual player like me.
    If I have to do quests (when there is a clover), I do the Troll Dinn quest. I can do all 8 quests in about 5-6 minutes. The complain is that it is not useful for a level 55 character to do the Troll Dinn quest. A wasted 5 minutes.

    There are certain aspects that I agree. For example, grouping right now can be anti-beneficial. More than not, when I join a PUG, it mostly consists of weaker players. Since the creatures get so much harder to do in groups, more often than not, I spend more time clearing maps in a group than when I do the same solo. That definitely needs fixing. Just to give you an example, I could solo painful grimmag in 2 minutes. A couple of days ago I took 4 low level players (levels around 40-53) to help them do their PW quests and being the only level 55, it took me about 15 minutes to get grimmag down. Ridiculous. This kind of game mechanism is definitely anti-social. I would now have to think twice before helping low levels.
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    One option for the "number of quest" daily is to turn in silver ess for scrolls in the Full moon map. Very fast if you don't mind doing that.

    Totally agree. It's been that way for too long. For the most part there is no incentive to group, which is kind of sad.
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have to agree with you ... for once.
    But it was not that way (the game being antisocial) in the past ...
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  4. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Somewhere far far in the past, it was almost a necessity to team up for any PW map.
  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    believe me back in lv 40 tansk were 1h but didnt have heal and still were alive , dwarfs didnt exist rangers didnt have perma armor break mages werent spamming ice missles and the game was ballanced and it was fun. Good old lv 40 :)
  6. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I like whatever it was that happened with the Big Monster Hunt event. It created grouping that worked. All members of a group seemed to work together.

    I've been grouping with the Winter Solstice Event but things aren't as nice. When in a pick up group, people don't share or play nice (i.e.: toons dying, getting revives, but not reciprocating; or getting to Big Paws and not having snow essence so they sit and watch everyone else kill him). When in a group with guildies/friends, it is much better but if trying to get progress, not everyone gets the piggy. Only one out of the group does. This can create divisiveness/stress, and if sharing with all in a group of 5, drops your progress by 40 each run. This adds up.

    One of the reasons to join a group is to make it easier to kill the monsters. The current setup negates that benefit. This seems counter-intuitive to me. It should NOT be easier for me, a fairly weak mage, to run solo on an event/PW map than it is to run it in a group with other similarly leveled characters.
  7. rogue07

    rogue07 Someday Author

    this and..

    please dont think im trying to be rude but... i dont understand :s

    do you take 10 minutes or 2 minutes to clear grimmag?
  8. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I thought I was clear when I said the full run from the beginning to the end of the quest. The quest starts from Map 1 where I have to open the ritual circle, clears the creatures in it and then kill the leader, followed by killing the purple mini-boss at the end. Then Q1M2 where I have to kill several incarnations of Grimmag followed by the Dragon Knight. Finally Grimmag himself.

    It takes me 2 minutes to kill Grimmag alone. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.
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  9. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum Apprentice

    definitely you have to do something about the perma stuns of the warriors
    these are abusing to use them in pvp and more now with the new updated items unique of emilia
    which reduce immensely the recharge times of all their stuns
    My recommendation is to bring back the 2-3 seconds of immunity after using a jump/liberation
  10. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The devs play warriors and dwarf only they will definitely do something to make it 100 percent permastun
  11. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Will there be any chance to move the server's back in the US ? Or consider having option to switch servers.
    Since the server move my game has come so laggy and I need to serious think about finding some other game to play because your game has become too unstable and laggy. It was a really bad call to move the servers.

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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I have the same consideration as well. Before the servers moved, I had a pretty rock solid 12 to 15 ms on the latency indicator on Ethernet/Wi-Fi and no problems executing moves, picking up items, etc.

    Now I have an unstable 80 ms and upwards to the hundreds and thousands at time and very noticeable lags/rubberbanding. My item pickups can take multiple seconds, some as high as 10 to 30 seconds to execute.
  13. Sudiscia

    Sudiscia Someday Author

    first of all, i would like to say that i'm a mage.

    i want to understand where is the logic in this game of BigPoint.
    as a mage with this releases we got the LOWEST DEFENSIVE stones in this game, we already have the lowest defensive items, why stones too? we pay less andermant for that stones? where we have some advantages compared others classes?


    [​IMG] +240 Hitpoints
    [​IMG] +312 Hitpoints
    [​IMG] +264 Hitpoints

    ARE WE SERIOUS? it is a JOKE? no, its simply a fraud.
    in ATK STONES of course everyone have the same damange, very CLEVER MOVE.
    its not enough that now we have ridiculous defensive ITEMS?

    but ok. we can left behind stones. we can speak about something else? like for example...mmmm skills? maybe they are good compared to others no?

    ah we have even the LOWEST SKILL DMG in this game? we play as a fireball as a MAIN SKILL 126%. RIDICULOUS.
    EA 500% 66 CONC 126% FIREBALL 35 MANA.
    seems equal?
    we play with a ice ball dmg BUGGED, ofc because deal less dmg than its supposed to deal.
    we play with a teleport bugged that its not working in singularity. so basically in singularity its supposed that every skill have a reducted cooldown . it works for all... thinks what? expect teleport...the only usefull one.

    so basically we are supposed to play with : lowest stones, lowest items, lowest dmg % skill.

    and dont speak about HIT BOX. because fireball its simply ridiculous. was good at 45, maybe at 50. now is obsolete. chars with 100k+ hp . rangers with 80 90k hp. mages? ah true. no mages play at 1h because its totally useless to play like that. not enough dmg to kill anyone.

    and this. from my honest point of view it's a totally fail from BP.. when a class CAN'T play in a way..because it's IMPOSSIBLE to play like that.

    basically actually we are the slowest class in PVE...and no guys i'm not a noob. i'm maybe the one with highest stats as a mage at 2h..but a tank and dwarf it's faster than me in PVE. a ranger? a ranger its faster than me of 50% . with even lowest stats.. funny yes?

    and in pve we are good only at 2h. so basically we can just play in 5v5 and 6v6. because we can't compete at 1h settings. even if i have in my warehouse something like a weap with 204% dmg ^^

    so please. now u can continue on complaining about mages spam. yes guys ...a spam of a 126% dmg skill. ;)
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  14. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Nearly everybody spamming fireball in pvp will take the 5 point talent for fireball and pair it with the herald pw set.

    If that's the case, its more like a 126.5% to 216.5% one shot spammable skill, and a lot of mages in 5v5 are just blindly firing into the corridors.

    Sometimes I wonder if changing the 5v5 map design (or adding multiple map variations) and blocking skill changes while dead would be a better pvp balancing tactic.
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  15. Sudiscia

    Sudiscia Someday Author

    2h mages man can spam
    1h mage pay 35 mana one fireball for dealing 126%
    And in the whole poem u answered on me the most useless part of it. Gg
  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Well this happened because....well..BP..ive asked the same questions many times here on forums.No mods were able to give me an answer..maybe they dont care either.Mages get less from def stones yet same on offensive gems.Why would a warrior get + 100 hp per amethyst and have same values for onyx / ruby as a mage ? The answer is simple..BP wants mages to su_ck.Sure i get it that mages are supposed to have the worst defence (which they do) but why lowest dmg too? Why wont rubies and onyx and enchantments on weapons be higher for mages to compensate for the low defense? It would make a lot of sense.Having tanks run around with more dmg and double the defense/hp that a mage has is pure nonsense and a mistake.

    The whole reason why PvP is so messed up is because you've killed the 1hand builds.I mean how am i supposed to kill a 100-200k hp tank with a 1hand mage? I can shoot like 3 or 4 fireballs max main dmg skills are useless af since you cant really hit crap with them.But again...why even bother complaining that mages are weak...everyone knows it already yet no one does a thing.

    The sad thing is that this game will forever belong to warriors.When they cry, BP takes actions.When everyone else cries..well..nothing happens.

    We get it, they are tanks, their defense gems are supposed to have higher values than the dmg dealer class,their base stats on items are supposed to have higher defensive stats, but what about the dmg dealer classes? Arent they supposed to have increased values for offensive gems and also for offensive items like 1hand-2handers too then?
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  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Have you ever noticed what the skill damages are for the different classes? The DK's single highest attack is 240%. All of the DPS Classes blow that number out of the water. BP controls DPS differences via skill damages, but defenses are controlled with gear/gem variations.
  18. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    ehm... baragain, sorry. what are you saying? 240% with so few rage cost and speed of execution is a fantastic skill. Spellweaver does not have such a good damage skill. This is the point, both in pve and in pvp. Are you talking about destruction or meteor? well, if you can hit someone in pvp with those skill it means that your opponent is at the beginning. The only skills usable in pvp to bring damage are fireballs (35 mana and 126%), magic missil (100%), ice missil (35%), lightening strike (50 mana 250%, only if your opponent take it fully without moving), frozen sphere (40 mana and about 200%, but only at a certain distance and the damage is bugged). Without q7 set that can grant you constant damage with fireball (even if with more than 100k dpi the dmg is nothing against good 1h dk), how are sw supposed to face against such good character? it is totally unbalanced, as sudiscia said.
  19. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    In terms of this dev letter about blancing i have been think about one question since lv 45. Why 2h axes on tanks have crit?. Before the argument was ye tanks cant get so much crit becasue they need hp he he ,, no. I dont know if im stupid or i just cant get but the crit maxe thge game really easy early and mid game lv 55. This kills the question if you should play anything except tank or dwarf. I made a comparison with a friend of mine. Only because of the base crit he got like 12 percent more crit than me.This is another thing which makes the game unballanced. Now i assume than every DK player will start saying how this is necesarry,but actually it isnt.Either ranger and mage shouild get crit or tank should not have crit i mean he already get more hp from stones and has healing to compensate the fact that he is melle.
    About the skills scalings which people are mambling about, i dont know if you can use math or no but destruction aint the highest dmg skill in the game because: 1 has cooldown and depends on monsters hit if upgraded 2 hits only 1 time for Physical dmg ( therefore armor reduces it ) 3 its slow and i prefer to use 2 frozen spheres at that time which will deal more dmg ( yeah i dont know a tank or ranger who has so powerful skill which can be ignored for other skill for being slow. Dwarfs are different matter.) The 2 best skills in the game in ters of pvp are 1 EA( because 125 +250= 375 x2 if marked= 750 aka destruction without cooldown it can hit 2 times therefore higher chance to crit armor breaks and has lower windup ) 2 the dashing ability of tanks which scales with only 175 percent yes but its INSTANT therefor if you are really near your opponent the only way he can dodge it is if he happens to use teleport and dash of some kind. In pvp the most powerfull spells arent the ones that just scale good but can be used fast without being punished.
    About farm you know which 2 classes can make the " perfect" group in BP is idea so im inly hinting them :)
    I usually agree 100 percent with what Baragain and traki are saying but when somebody points out something weak about the mages you guys start to get in rant mood :D. I dont want to trigger anybody with this post, im only pointing out things which are as they are and about the crit in the axes i generally dont get the idea why it was added at lv 50.
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    SWs are not weak at all ... it is only the DKs are OP :)
    What you are forgetting about the Destruction is ... you can have it again in few seconds speeding up the cooldown.
    Also what you are referring to EA is not applicable in all cases ... it is applicable only in case of the broken q7 set. which makes it set issue not a skill issue.
    As for the Axes ... you can have staffs and bows and guns with the same pattern ... having a crit hit but having a lower damage in same time. It can help the newer players ... but it is not useful for the end game builds. Crit can be gained easily without making damage sacrifice.
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