Bug DoT skill bug ? Am I wrong ?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by alchimista, May 1, 2017.

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  1. alchimista

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    [​IMG]Fury of the DragonLevel: 40
    Cool-down: 0
    Essence: 6
    Rage: -60
    Unleashes a Dragon Cry that creates a crack in the earth for 4,0 seconds, causing 150% of your base damage as fire damage every second to all foes in the affected area. Foes in the affected area will also travel 40% slower.
    [​IMG]Bloody Wild SwingLevel: 6
    Cool-down: 1
    Ammo: 45
    Rage: -30
    Unleashes a Wild Swing, causing 44% of your base damage as physical damage to all foes within a 3,3 meter radius. Affected foes bleed for 4,0 seconds, suffering 45% of your base damage per second as physical damage.
    [​IMG]Rageful SwingLevel: 3
    Coold-down: 1
    Essence: 2
    Rage: +5
    Delivers a sideways blow, causing 100% of your base damage as physical damage and building your rage by 5.
    DoT ( Damage over Time )
    But none of those DK talented skill is able to "cumulate" dot ?
    While casting Fury and then anoter one , the last hit DoT negates the previous one effect. ( as for bleeding with Wild swing and Rageful. )

    Is Fury of dragon not a ground active skill ?

    Why "poison's pools" ground boss skill are cumulative DoT ?
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