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    ~Event Guide~


    Quick Overview

    Required level:20-55
    Duration:5th of August 15:00 –
    3rd of September 23:59 CEST

    Event summary

    Welcome to the Dracanian Anniversary Festival! Everyone in Kingshill is being excited about this special moment of the year…The 9th Anniversary of Dracania. But not everything is shining in the city! Some mysterious evil forces want to reintroduce the notorious Crystals of Truth into Dracania and spread chaos and fear across the lands!!​


    Get the party started!​

    03.png 04.png

    During the event time, all worthy opponents you encounter in your adventure are able to drop Phestos’ Egg Openers. You’ll need to collect them to open the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs that can be found on special spots across all dungeon maps (both in and outside of Parallel World Dungeons). You will need 5 of these openers to crack an egg open.​


    Each egg drops a variety of event items for you, but also the possibility of receiving different quantities of Crystals of Truth and if you are lucky enough, you can drop the Anniversary Arena Chip, where you will face one of the greatest monsters of Dracania and defeat them like a true Hero.​


    Collect as many Crystals of Truth as you can and head to Phestos in Kingshill in the middle of the party. He has opened quite an emporium in the middle of the Fairground and he’s offering numerous useful items in exchange for those!​

    The Dracanian Anniversary Arena

    A place to show your heroic skills and defeat all enemies that try to stop you! The arena will send you 5 waves of monsters. If you manage to clear all the monster waves, chests will appear, containing different loot for your hero, Anniversary Arena Chip for the other types of arenas, and most importantly – Anniversary Forfeit Chests. As you remember from the last event, there are different versions of the Dracanian Anniversary Arena. However, have in mind they are level restricted. Players below level 35 will have to play Duria only, as well as the normal arena version.​


    The Anniversary Arena Chips

    Below you’ll find a list of Bosses that drop the chips to the different arenas with a small chance.

    Arena ChipBoss
    • Heredur
    • Bearach
    • Arachna
    • Khalys
    • Herald
    • Grimmag
    • Sigrismarr
    • M’edusa
    • Gorga
    • Destruktor
    • Nefertari
    • Balor
    • Asar
    • Sharr’Kharab
    • Mortis
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bloodmage
    • Heredur
    • Bearach
    • Arachna
    • Khalys
    • Herald
    • Grimmag
    • Sigrismarr
    • M’edusa
    • Gorga
    • Destruktor
    • Nefertari
    • Balor
    • Asar
    • Sharr Kharab
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bloodmage
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bloodmage
    • Mortis
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bloodmage
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bloodmage
    The Anniversary Arena Chests

    After defeating all monster waves, 5x Anniversary Chests will spawn. They are dropping regional items and equipment similar to any other monster from the region/event. The loot from the chest is scaling with the difficulty entered.​

    The Legendary Anniversary Chest (largest one) is dropping Anniversary Forfeit Chests, Egg openers and Region-specific herbs and ores.




    The Anniversary Forfeit Chest

    There are 10 types of Anniversary Forfeit Chests, each type used for getting Forfeits, which are the currency needed for completing the progress bars, for each one of the bars. Each chest contains 30 Forfeits and a variable amount of Crystals of Truth, with a chance to get a small amount of Phestos’ Piñata Truncheons. The higher the difficulty you choose the more Anniversary Forfeit Chests you get from the Arena chest.​

    The Anniversary Forfeit Chest drop per difficulty:​
    • Normal - x1 chest
    • Painful - x2 chests
    • Excruciating - x3 chests
    • Fatal - x4 chests
    • Infernal I - x5 chests
    • Infernal II - x6 chests
    • Infernal III - x7 chests
    • Infernal IV - x8 chests
    • Infernal V – x9 chests
    • Infernal VI – x10 chests
    • Infernal VII – x11 chests
    No party without piñatas!
    22.png 23.png

    You can also purchase a Piñata Truncheon from Phestos. If you go around Kingshill, you’ll see some colorful piñatas next to different vendors. If you open one of those, you will receive one random item from the offers of that particular merchant, so you better bring some luck with you. You can hit and open the piñata as many times as you want after a little cool-down.​

    Some piñatas require more truncheons than others to be opened so hover over each piñata to see the costs!​

    Keep a good eye on the Golden Piñata, it is an irreplaceable part of the party! With enough Forfeit collected, you can receive Golden Piñata Truncheons, needed for interacting with the Golden Piñata. There is one in each regional hub and can drop marvelous items, from the outstanding Pauldrons of the Ferocious Beast to the immaculate Celestial Dragon.​

    Progress rewards

    24.png 25.png
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  2. teddy.bear

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    Anniversary Piñatas
    Gnob’s Piñata (5x Truncheons)​

    Zumpe’s Piñata (20x Truncheons)

    Grizmek’s Piñata (10x Truncheons)


    Zahir’s Piñata (5x Truncheons)

    Master Wilmer’s Piñata (1x Truncheon)


    Garnet’s Piñata (1x Truncheon)

    Golden Piñata

    You will get one of the jackpot regards seen above

    Piñata Locations in Kingshill


    Phestos’ Offers
    35.pngDracanian Dragon-HorseAn amazing and epic mount for your hero!11999 Crystals of Truth
    36.pngDracanian Dragon-Horse OutfitThe anniversary costume every hero
    would like to have!
    9799 Crystals of Truth
    37.pngPhestos’ Piñata TruncheonYou’ll need these to crush the piñatas at Kingshill
    and get some rewards!
    829 Crystals of Truth or 200 Andermant
    38.pngPhestos’ Egg OpenerThey drop from worthy opponents.
    You need 5 of these to open a Mysterious Anniversary Egg.
    30 Andermant
    39.pngAnniversary Arena ChipIt teleports you to the Dracanian Anniversary Arena.719 Crystals of Truth
    (Note: It can also drop from the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs)
    40.pngFestive Essence of Destruction+300 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    399-1599 Crystals of Truth (depending on the amount)
    41.pngFestive Essence of War+200 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    199-799 Crystals of Truth (depending on the amount)
    42.pngFestive Essence of Combat+100 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    99-399 Crystals of Truth (depending on the amount)
    43.pngAnniversary Arena Chip
    (in the following order: Duria, Norseland, Atlantis, Myrdosch, Lor’Tac, Qaizah, Helios Games, Ghost Festival, Dragan, Winter Solstice Festival)
    Takes you to the new special Dracanian Anniversary ArenaIn the following order: 799-879-959-1099-1199-1299-1499-1799-2199-2699 Crystals of Truth
    44.pngRadiant Gem BagContains a random Radiant rarity gem4999 Crystals of Truth
    45.pngPolished Gem BagContains a random Polished rarity gem1499 Crystals of Truth
    46.pngDraken CoreUsed for crafting event items on the WorkbenchAmount:20
    499 Crystals of Truth
    47.pngFirework Battery emote
    (in the following colors: green,
    purple, pink, yellow, blue and red)
    Consumable emote.5 Crystals of Truth
    48.pngDracanian FireworkConsumable emote.8 Crystals of Truth
    49.pngExtraordinary Dracanian FireworkConsumable emote.
    With a lovely DSO logo on it!
    30 Crystals of Truth
    50.pngFestive FirecrackerConsumable emote.5 Crystals of Truth
    Important changes made based on feedback from the community

    Player Suggestions

    Heroes of Dracania, we gathered a lot of feedback regarding the Anniversary Festival from last year and tried to implement as many suggestions/wishes as possible.​
    • Progress Rewards
      • Rewards were changed, different Mounts, Pets, etc. have been added
      • Realm Fragments were added as Progress Reward, to several bars
    • New Unique Items
      • Ring of Diversion was added. (More info below)
    • Ingredients from final Arena chests
      • Herbs and Ores and later even some Extracts can now be found in this chest. The drop chance, ingredient type, rarity and drop stack size depends on the difficulty you play on and in which Arena you fight. (You will not get Herbs, that you typically find in regions of Duria, in the Atlantis arena for example; More info down below)
    • Pricing of Anniversary Piñatas
      • We revisited the overall pricing and made some adjustments: The Piñata near Zumpe now costs 20 truncheons instead of 25 and the Piñata near the Gnob costs 5 instead of 2. No changes were being made regarding any drop chances or possible loot.
    • Anniversary Event Attire
      • We did add an additional bonus effect while not raising the price for the attire (more info below)
    • Auto pick-up for Phesto’s Egg openers
      • We added the auto pick-up function for this item for Premium and Deluxe Members
    • Spring Festival items
      • There is a chance, that Daran the Spoiler spawns together with the final arena chest. While the chance of him spawning is low and depends on the arena you fight in (chances are slightly higher in the later arenas), he will always drop one of the Spring festival specific items, like the Enigmatic Hatchling (pet), the Spring Festival Egg (mount), or a part of the Joy of Spring set. He can only spawn in the specific arenas, not the random one.
    • Anniversary Forfeit Chests
      • The Forfeit Chests cannot be opened until the respective progress bar has been opened (i.e. You cannot open Anniversary Forfeit Chest (Qaizah) as long as you haven’t finished the Lor’Tac progress bar).
    • Egg Openers from the final Arena Chests
      • We added Phesto’s Egg Openers to the Loot of the final Arena Chests. The amount scales with the difficulty you play on
    Anniversary Event Attire

    We added another bonus to the event attire while not raising the price​

    Bonus while active:

    • 50% increased Anniversary Forfeit drop stack size
    • 100% increased Phestos’ Egg Opener drop stack size

    Duration: 30 Days
    Ring of Diversion

    The Ring of Diversion can drop from any final Anniversary Arena chest. The chance depends on the difficulty you play on.

    Ring of Diversion
    [Values for lvl 55 item, tier: 0]
    Base Values (PvE)
    + 26-34 Damage
    +520-680 Critical hit rate
    + 650-1105 Health Points
    [Depending on class]

    33.25-31% increased critical damage
    83.7-111.6% more Health Points on this item

    Unique Values:
    If your Health Points drop lower than 33%,
    3 Taunting Drones will appear that will taunt foes, fly away in random directions after a while and then explode. They live for 8 seconds in total – can only be used every 100 seconds

    Why Daran the Spoiler?

    Since a lot of you suggested making a Spring festival themed arena, we decided instead of adding another arena (which will be followed by a new progress bar as well), to implement Daran the Spoiler with a chance to spawn alongside with the final arena chests.

    Content Expansion Starter Box


    What exactly you will find in it remains a mystery for now: we have not reached level 56 ourselves to be able to open it.

    Herbs and Ores

    Region-specific herbs and ores can now drop from the final Anniversary Arena chests with higher chances on higher difficulties and in line with the "certain-rarity-found-on-certain-difficulty" rules, you already know from the ingredients bag. In the final chest of the Solstice arena, you have a chance to get extracts with a raising chance per difficulty.​

    Jesse O’Barker

    The community trader will have some new offers for you, while the event is active​
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