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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. kevrotz

    kevrotz Forum Greenhorn

    why make a celebration event sooooooooooo hard to have to be a long time pro player to complete this event.....the drops are absolute a few days all ive got is 180 points on duria……… would think after all the money the players give to you that you would give something back in return other than just a piece of crap this event is...……..I for one will NOT give you anymore money.....I think this will lead to me to stop playing your game...will get much more boring faster not having premium
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  2. Mrsnowx

    Mrsnowx Forum Apprentice

    hi everyone ^^
    in my turn to give my opinion on the event, overall the event is pretty good (especially since the fix) only disadvantages is the prices! I would love to have the mount of the event but when I see the price it becomes discouraging since the beginning of the event I have only 350 truth crystals and only 90 of progression (no fake) so..... :/
  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Who ever was in charge of placing the gold piñata's did a terrible job. The gold piñata in the desert map Hariar or how ever it is spelled, put it so close to the NPC you can't click it. Same old BP such a minor detail, thought that is what the test server was for.... not to dictate how the game is played. Two thumbs down on the event over all.
  4. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Arena rework - excellent job!

    With some issues till the hotfix, but anyhow - well suited for any type of player: hardcore farmers - few days job, other: few weeks "can be done", good rewards worth grinding etc.

    I'll comment eggs at the end of event because I still don't have enough details.
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  5. DarkThor

    DarkThor Forum Apprentice

    I consume around 2300 realm frags for finishing event with runs on inf4 inf3 and inf2, so for new players maybe a little hard.

    Rewards were good, it is very important getting feeling of improvement on char after finishing all this grinding, and this event gave me that.

    We had 2 events based on realm frags, some of my friends already gone to bankrupt on them, and we all now that anderment cost for entries are Mars or Jupiter not realistic at all. If this continue will surge unhappiness because majority of community won't have capacity to finish events!!!
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  6. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    @Dzungla, I'm in the "others" category, and beg to differ with your assessment of my chances to complete the event. Most weeks I play an average of 1 hour a day; this week I tripled that effort.

    Even Painful is a stretch in the Arenas: Until the hotfix, the boss at the end of the Duria Arena was impossible for me, so spent most of the week "farming" painful and excruciating scaling dungeons (not bosses) for egg openers in the hopes of dropping general Arena chips, playing those, and hoping to drop Duria Arena progress: 180 progress before the hotfix.

    Farmed scaling dungeons again yesterday: Averaged 1 Arena chip per hour (resulted in only non-Duria forfeit chests).

    Bought two Duria Arena chips via realm frags: Yay! The boss has been toned down, so I made 120 progress (on Painful).

    EDIT: Some versions of him are still brutal, with rapid HP regen, one-shot damage, and invisible explosion (? not certain what it is, but sometimes when he's close, without swinging at or even facing me, I get one-shot) … all at the same time. Three revives, using purple essence to finish him that time.

    What does this add up to? At 60 progress per 22 realm frags, I need over 2,000 realm frags and 100 runs (at ~10 minutes per run including selling off all of the green and blue junk drops (combined with actual coin drops, that totals to ~30 gold per run); I average less than 2 exo drops [CORRECTION: That was in the general Arena; in Duria the average is about 4] and <1 junk real-world "unique" or legendary per Arena), plus 120 andermant revives every few runs as I still get one-shot by mobs and/or bosses, in the Duria Arena just to complete that first progress bar. And each successive progress bar becomes more costly due to increasing realm frag costs. Best case scenario, my 6,000+ realm frags will get me through three of 10 progress bars. And those 50 or so hours of Arena grinding will take up almost all of my active play time.

    And what will I gain in those 3 arenas which might improve my character? 6 gem bags, 7 polished gem bags, 2 radiant gem bags, 10 random exo bags (melt or failed crafting material), miscellaneous drips of essence. Even as weak as my Lvl55 toon is, that's not going to exactly propel me forward in leaps and bounds.

    Instead of wasting my time on this event, shouldn't I be grinding PW Qs in the vain attempt to drop a T1 Unique?
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  7. Zatol

    Zatol Forum Greenhorn

    Almost each time we have 5 waves in one and chest at first wave. We die on poison and more there is all mobs all around. If no one survive we have to spend alterium to revive. Fix that.
    10 run = 2 normaly run and 8 bug.
  8. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    The event is mostly good, but there are a few things:

    - some waves are pure stupidity (e.g. the birthing andermagic waves in Lor'Tac - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??)
    - drop chances from the Zumpe pinata ( really? uniques all round for 25 truncheons??)
    - mostly getting chips for arenas I've finished and you can't even exchange them for frags
    - the chips from Qaziah forth.. are WAY TO EXPENSIVE
  9. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    This event was supposed to be like "thank you for bearing with us and playing our game". Instead, we received yet another grind farm that contained some bugs and unbalanced mobs (e.g. the Helios arena :/). Plus there was not enough information provided in the game, I cannot count how many times I had to explain via chat how to start it and how to get the progress. At some point, I was simply annoyed.
    They knew perfectly well, that most of us are struggling with the lack of inventory space, but still they made the progress that way, that you had to keep all the chests till you could proceed to the next bar. Not to mention some of the prizes.

    What I liked? That there was enough time to complete it - unfortunately I had to play alone, but it's ok. I'm proud of myself <3 Some of the prizes on higher progress bars were a nice way to boost my char. Also, since I haven't reached the cap lev of wisdom, I managed to get some additional levels, which is good.

    As for the ingredients - I appreciate that, especially that they were counted into the achievement (wish the same was made for the numerous monsters that appeared on the arenas). However, I'm one of those who wanted to get some ores as well. Maybe next time try to add it to the drop. Keys - don't really need them, but I'll try my luck with Herold to see if I'm able to get at least one cape ingredient.
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  10. ZieOmega

    ZieOmega Forum Greenhorn

    Event isn't bad thus far from my experience. Only noticeable thing that is very discouraging is when you use your limited truncheons on pinatas, I keep getting pets or mounts I already have. Wish it would drop something we do not already have considering how rare these drops are. Just a minor suggestion.
  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So... the event has ended... and here's my feedback.

    • quite good rewards, after all (in the last progress bars, at least)
    • nice, varied arenas; randomized generic arena (good direction)
    • no inherently stupid things like the dwarfs last year
    • everyone can literally choose rewards (aside of the progress bars) - quite a broad Phestos' and pinata offer
    • too realm fragment hungry (realm frags should be just for faster finishing, but not as an almost obligatory way), because either:
      • egg openers should drop from arena, so that we could play it in a chain: eggs-arena-eggs-arena...
      • chips should have a way better drop rate from bosses - their drop rate was almost nonexistant
    • the "100% crap" items, like the 62 draken (!) emote, single amphora keys or the legendary items dropping from pinatas... at too big a rate
    • no warning of additional forfeit chest contents (contents themselves are ok)
    • takes up too much of our inventory space... like, seriously, we already have problems with our inventory space, we're being locked out of playing because of filled inventories (even when maxed out), and here you're giving us 20 new items to store...? just...
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