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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Radec, Mar 24, 2022.

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  1. Jawoben16

    Jawoben16 Forum Greenhorn

  2. luukm

    luukm Forum Apprentice

    Answer: 76864
    Nickname: BiGMEKKI
    Server: Heredur
  3. иво5775

    иво5775 Forum Apprentice

    74019, 65,11%
    Game nickname: Arcatraz
    Server: Grimmag
  4. CMF-CMF2

    CMF-CMF2 Forum Apprentice

    71k %63 Nick: ληgεl Server:WERİAN
  5. meeresfischi

    meeresfischi Forum Greenhorn

    My guess: 84438

    Nick: Zimtbrötchen
    Server: Heredur
  6. tobik76

    tobik76 Forum Greenhorn

    92564 65%
    gamenick :tobo232k server:grimmag
  7. mrs.meri

    mrs.meri Forum Greenhorn

  8. MihaiMagic001

    MihaiMagic001 Forum Greenhorn

    Nick: Cezaяa
    Server: Heredur
  9. Osem

    Osem Forum Greenhorn

    game nick: Osem : Heredur
  10. нех

    нех Forum Greenhorn

    My tip is: 81200
    nick: нех
    server: grimmag
  11. jenna82

    jenna82 Forum Apprentice

    my guess is 93000 name in game: LIΑKΟS server: heredur
  12. scorpina

    scorpina Forum Greenhorn

    79680 nick:ΞΣЯЯθЯωαrιοrΞ ser. Werian
  13. Wrecky

    Wrecky Forum Greenhorn


    Nickname: Verstappen
    Server: Heredur
  14. giuliussch

    giuliussch Forum Apprentice

    utente: Giulius777
    server: grimmag
  15. xxx_Shadow_xxx

    xxx_Shadow_xxx Forum Apprentice

    Игровой ник: Anarchy20, сервер сервер Grimmag
  16. actesi

    actesi Forum Apprentice

    A : My tip is 79386
    Game nick : Feusacrée
    Server : Heredur
  17. Vonifyy_

    Vonifyy_ Forum Greenhorn

    78 539
    nick: Polaгis
    server: Grimmag
  18. Bido

    Bido Forum Greenhorn

    My guess is 88657
    game nick :Bido , server:Heredur
  19. Adonysmester

    Adonysmester Forum Greenhorn

    Werian szerver: Game nick Prefektus
  20. CrazzyJoe

    CrazzyJoe Forum Greenhorn


    Nick: Cale
    Server: Heredur
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