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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _G_R_A_M_P_S_, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. VMmage

    VMmage Someday Author

    I see that the DSO Team is now going to offer Cursed Pearl compensation to those effected by the reset of the Sabotage! quest series, but no compensation date has been set. Let me gaze into my crystal ball to find the date -- December 25 -- Merry Christmas! What's that you say? It's after the event finishes? Details, details....
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  2. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    So IS the Sargon chest supposed to drop his gear or not? There is absolutely NO INFO on the event walkthrough about Sargon other than it counts towards the 999 kills. Everyone seemed to just get claw and class equivalent, and shields or quivers. Is there a chance his other set items will drop too? I'm only interested in the event due to Sargon. The incessant grinding for Dragan is a joke for how many tokens one does get so that gear will never be part of my inventory. If Sargon isn't dropping more set pieces this event is over for me.
  3. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    Seriously bug point this one is insane....

    1. you removed lvl 1 cursed archer and replaced it with lvl 1 cursed warrior....good one

    2. cursed knights and cursed archers arent even worth the ammo cause they dont seem to drop anything other than coins and grey items. hell none of the "bosses" is worth ammo cause they mostly drop just rubbish

    3. i gotta admit i usually have no expectations or expecting the worse when it comes to online games but both decreasing pearl drops and increasing entrance fees to dungeons, i didnt see that coming.

    4. VT - does this thingy have a facepalm emoticon? it takes 5 complete runs for 2 dragan pearls - that is 900 pearls that drop at 100-150 pearls per hour rate, + clearing 20 dungeons (10+10). you guys have to be out of your mind....

    5. dragan - deactivating lasers became real fun since dragan either spawn the projectile directly at players position where it immediately goes off or he spawns it outside the map!!! projectile spawn rate with 4 lasers on - 1 every 2 - 3 minutes. simply great!!!

    btw which expert came up with that stupid idea to log someone completely off from the site when he clicks log out in game? how does one leave the game and remains logged in on the site so he can access forum for instace as logged in user? not to mention stupid localization. i come from 1 country, live in another country and prefer game in english. EVERY single time your page tries to guess my language preferences - and is always wrong .... havent you heard of cookies for christ sake?


    6. walkthroug - why not transform most expandables items from previous event into quest items that needs to be combined on workbench and not mention it literally nowhere - not in guide, not in quest description, not on single items, quest says scrolls but items doesnt have "scroll" in name and doesnt look like scroll at all- have you ever seen a scroll before? which btw brings me to another point...

    7. inventory - you have 3 pieces of unique event armor, each needs at least 7 inventory spaces to complete, you need to collect and combine 5x4 different "scroll" fragments also, another 4 spaces are required for gremlin, another 3 for fest mare, 2 inventory spaces are needed to claim map 150 reward, dungeons seem to drop not only their specific "scrolls" but also scrolls from castle ravenclaw....i mean seriouslu what the hell !!!!

    also opening forum from game points you into local(country specific) forum instead of international english forum, there is no way to get from local forum to english forum, typing english forum url in adress bar opens english forum but treat you as logged out user, there is no log in dialog on forum site.....jesus christ who the hell is your session expert?
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  4. DJMoody

    DJMoody Forum Apprentice

    Just logged in for the first time in 3+ months.

    Checked out the event. Massive disappointment. Won't log in again.

    A ridiculous, incredibly tedious grind fest, even more absurd than the last Dragan event.

    This game has nothing to offer - bye bye.
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  5. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    i can comfirm sagron drops the armor pieces(got powerfull shoulders)
  6. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Yes, I can confirm all sargon pieces except amulet.
  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Castle Ravenclaw

    The castle is okay, although the drop rate for pearls is definitely lower than the 1st event. Thank you for fixing the lvl 1 gear drops. Loads of health pots dropped is a nice thing.

    Excavation Site

    This one is disappointing. The removal of the chests seems pointless. The boss is really no stronger than anything else. Less monsters and the one that used to turn into a group when killed was quite fun in the 1st event. Loads of health pots is a good thing. The fact that you have to run the map twice to complete the token quest is a but much. Add to that there are no main chests to open like the first event.

    Sulfur Desert

    You also made this map easier for some unknown reason. It's really hard to die on this map and that wasn't the case the last time. The gear drops are also considerably lower. Granted you did get rid of the stupid gnob quest so we don't need to farm this forever but it is still a bit disappointing. You also get rid of the chests for completing this map which isn't helping.

    Battle Ground

    For this map, I'm going to assume that I am just incredibly unlucky. Upon entering, the game crashes and gives me an error 18 message. I've done this map 3 times now and have gotten exactly 8 white gear items upon killing everything on the map.

    Ghastly Grave

    The thought of combining two bosses seemed like a good idea, but yet apparently my luck has not been good. I got coins the first time and 1 white and 1 blue gear the 2nd. Certainly not worth the time to farm the pearls, not to mention the wasting of the ess to fight these bosses.


    The 1st event was better by a long shot. The drop rates of the important things like gear and draken were considerably higher. The mobs were tougher, the mini bosses were tougher and the farming rate wasn't nearly as long.

    The best thing that I can say about this event is that I get to spend time doing something else other than farming pw....
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  8. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    2 half hours farming for map 150 isnt fun this event is worst like never before
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  9. TheGreatDivine

    TheGreatDivine Forum Apprentice

    I agree with everyone above, but I would like to mention the complete rudeness that BP has completly exiled the f2p community. I would say I'm a bit of both, I pay for prem and smallpacks of ander once in a while but what are you guys trying to do? As a game designer myself, I enjoy making something beautfiul and watching others enjoy my creation. If you guys are that snotty and so up and tighty that I'm sure alot of the people play dont spend a dime and want to drive them away? That pisses me off.

    F2p deserve just as much as the Dragan gear as anyone else, though with the insane prices and the constant bugs, you've eliminated that chance for them to ATTEMPT to get anything from this event. Shameless none the less.

    As for that excuse on twitch with our LOVING CM's, Shut up, we don't care what lies you have for us today.
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  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Was the jabbax hand supposed to drop this time? I got one before the event reboot, was that a mistake or is it tradeable for more gnob maps?
  11. -hexhunter-

    -hexhunter- Forum Greenhorn

    Way too much farming for 1 kill of a easy boss (Dragan) with terrible drop rates. Low draken rewards and pointless costumes.

    Nerfed battleground? lame was my favourite map on this game a real challenge and massive mobs (yes im a dk and I love a large group of monsters :D) could of made it slightly easier than last time but now any half decent Dk could do it blindfolded :(

    Grave map is actually quite nice, although could be a little more challenging but probably the only thing I liked about the event so far.

    Warlord looks basically impossible to get as even with the most powerful of characters it worked out at 180+ hours game play and that's assuming a 1/5 drop rate for capes. 3 hours or so to get 1 shot a Dragan? He not even close to worth that :(

    At the end of the day if you want to make a set hard to obtain make the boss incredibly hard not incredibly boring.
    3 hours of running around killing weak monsters and a less than challenging boss for terrible loot.

    The only thing that could save this event now is the difficult maps but I guess only time will tell :confused:

    Also for the players not hunting the warlord or Sargon Sets... Give them some draken for there efforts or something.. its Halloween you get more draken during a new moon event than this.
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  12. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    agreed. mobs shoulf be farmed for general drop and event progress, bosses for special items. they should be hard enough to kill but if only difficulty was set by something else than just shere brute force of monsters cause now, the main challenge here starts and ends with finding someone strong enough to tank the monster. relatively new monsters with indirect fire attacks or lasers are certainly on the right path to more interesting gameplay where actually skills do matter but one shouldnt die of boredom 10 hours before he can get to fight them

    for the record, the idea of farming monster for material or parts that are used to create final item is very nice but one should be able to collect these and decide which item he wants to create. it would be much more player-friendly if people didnt have the feeling that 80% of their time spend playing was in vain cause they couldnt get what they wanted just because of some strange odds
  13. TheGreatDivine

    TheGreatDivine Forum Apprentice

    Over the course of the past few days, it's been quite tragic and annoying for us all. If they do decide to read these posts, here's a glorious idea to save the event "somewhat". Open hard mode. Yes, it has beem mentioned but here are my thoughts on why you should.

    1. The problem with quest will be avoided, less work for you guys. (Think about it, your lazy as it is, I'm helping)

    2. We can all do Dragan and attempt to get the set, or at least 1 final peice.

    3. Add draken to drop from Dragan, not alot, but the simple x10 like New Moon will do fine in my opinion.

    4.Raise the drop rate on Ghastly Grave. 20+ runs and I havent got nothing when I see others who done it once or twice and have Helmet and Crystal. Is it bad luck? Maybe. Do I care? No, its an event that apparently doesn't come so often, which SHOULD mean the drop rate is rose considering we have a time limit.

    5. If something isn't done soon, I see alot of people dropping the game. Not just over the event, but over sly ignorance that has been presented to us. "Fixing" the quest will do nothing. I hope you make the right choice, I do enjoy this game, but not at its present state.

  14. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    this event u unbelive boring 2 hours of farming to go on map 150 and get nothing is stupid exspecial for dragan
  15. WU_mastakilla

    WU_mastakilla Forum Greenhorn

    20token= m30(7-10min becouse you must kill all)x2 =14-20min then you must go m60(10-15min becouse you must kill all)x2=20-30min so you need 30min-1h for 20token ....then you must do all that x3 ....becouse you need 50token....so we now speend 2-3h for 1enter "dragan" ....so I think that is not normal....or is normal....I play this game.....so,image now... Iwanna play something more...m150 example..pff.............. 1run in castle (pearls farm) there are4knights....25-35 pearls per run(5-15min)...so what we get...m30+m30+m60+m60 =180pearls so...that is 6x run castle....only for 1kill "dragan" lol DSO ....so in total you need 3,5-4h for 1kill...vgood job.....this game is not FUN any more.....this become work...and I do not know...how young/old ppl in Germany think abute work...but no1 like work....This game is not fun anymore :(
    Btw I play this game...from "beta-version" ...and now I think 2stop.... I will play more...but every day I ask my self....why you still play this :(
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  16. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    another "pearl" - if you collect scrolls to craft them for the quest....no matter how many copies of single scroll you have, they get all used up when crafting on work bench....i mean SERIOUSLY? i have the luxury to have 24 free spaces in my inventory hell not any more, those god damned scrolls occupy half the space and i cant even sell "leftovers"? and of course, i have 3+ copies of each scroll in my inventory yet missing pieces to complete collections. and for what? 100 drakens that one gets from karabossa in 10th of the time and no extra inventory spaces needed. it would seem that you people deliberately design these things on purpose to screw people over and over.

    collecting them dungeon by dungeon isnt really an option.....one would have to share account with 4 other people to have that amount of time to waste pearls just like that....

    not to mention that map 100 is going to be real pain in the ... you know exactly where cause you dont get tokens for that map nor chance to get some uniques like in 150 maps. like i said, designed on purpose to make people waste pearls - time - chance to get to dragan
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  17. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    i been stoped for 3 month but i think i will stop this time forever this game become very nice EDIT now
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  18. TheGreatDivine

    TheGreatDivine Forum Apprentice

    Any word on when this "quest fixing" is suppose to happen? I don't want to turn in 4/8 knowing I'll probably regret it.
  19. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    already happend afaik
  20. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    So today my group and I go to the 150 map two times, defeat the bosses and scurry like giddy school girls over to the chest to be extremely disappointed. Upon opening it after our first go around I received for my efforts in this map one level 25 improved ring...is the best you could muster?

    The second time and probably my last time resulted in not one but two level 25 improved items. (I think a ring and belt but I was too P.O'd at the time) Again really for defeating these two this is my reward? Please tell me this is an error...
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