Dragan 2020

Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by DeadRanger, Feb 22, 2020.

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  1. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    Personally I drop the report only from the "manholes" (and yes, they are not miniboss), but if you say that the mini-boss drop it too, obviously I trust you :D
    Simply I haven't experienced it, thanks for the info :)
    EDIT: I have studied your wiki long time ago, perhaps is time to go back to studies :p
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  2. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Poor non-Premiums trying to get wins in broken-af PvP for 3 stupid pearls :rolleyes:
  3. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Junior Expert

    This event iteration has a nice spawn rate of Cadoc... I got him in about half the maps. Let's hope it's not a bug and they don't "fix" that :D Dropped a Dragan cloak from Ghastly Grave.

    But the progress bars are still excruciatingly slow to fill. I have 400 progress on the second bar afters 5+ hours of grind, on fatal. Maybe it's faster in a group?

    Also, I suppose the raven pearls aren't counted when still on first or second bars - or are they added up once you unlock the third?
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  4. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Expert

    hmmmm Is it just me, or does anyone else think the red pearl drop rate is unfair?
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  5. Arbiter00

    Arbiter00 Forum Apprentice

    I almost fall asleep when i was farming the second bar. It's extreamly boring but the rewards are too good and idk if i will finish the bar or just stop at the sacred ruby...

    When you finish the second bar you will unluck the third one but in my opinion is a stupid mechanics because you can't do Dragan before unlocking it if you want to have some progress.

    Idk but I'm sure that farming them is realy boring. I prefer farm cores than red pearls all day:(.
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  6. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Junior Expert

    What do you mean? They drop from the chests, in around 25-33% of cases for me. Is it difficulty dependent? If not, it may be better to just run the maps on normal and spend as little black pearls as possible...
  7. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Expert

    Hmmm you say 25-33%???? When you say the chests you mean the chest for doing the quests? Not amp chests? I have got zero from amp chests. Must be my bad luck I guess, and everyone I play with bad luck. I have got one from the chests for completing the quests and the ones in the progress. Between my friends and I we have got total of four other then the ones in the progress. oh well not even going to bother with the 3 & 4 bar then with this drop rate.
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  8. Arbiter00

    Arbiter00 Forum Apprentice

    The chest that you can open when you kill 80% monsters (or something like this) drop the red pearl too but idk the %.
    Most of red pearls that I have comes from this chest.
    It is the big black one that is usually at the beginning of maps that ask pearls to enter.
    The chest of the quest is good for cursed pearls because it give more pearls of those that you need to enter in maps.
  9. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Junior Expert

    Lie Arbiter00 says, the chests near the entrance in each of the sub-dungeon, after clearing 80% of the map (the icon will appear on the minimap near the entrance). Also, if you get Cadoc, kill him and clear the bonus map as well, you get the "80%-chests" there, too.

    The rate was just a rough estimate as I got like 5 pearls so far from them.
  10. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well that's some great luck there
    I'm pretty sure he meant "like" :p
  11. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Junior Expert

    Sorry, yeah, I meant "like" :D

    I was surprised myself... well, maybe it was just a lucky streak at the beginning
  12. Arbiter00

    Arbiter00 Forum Apprentice

    Uh that's embarrassing:oops:. It was pretty obvious but i didn't thought:D.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2020
  13. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    If they by some chance lowered the required kills of the Castle Ravencaw (but kept the rewards) that alone could help much.
    And/Or, sub-dungeons could drop first map's pearls too, even though rarely.

    Then, Dragan kills could give Raven Pearls (and keep them in inventory) before finishing all sub-Dungeon quests ..

    That way, no one is forced to go through mad grinding and can focus on wherever.

    No one's got time for this s--te otherwise.
    And you don't expect everyone to give money eh?

    Ps. I'm experiencing great lag/stuttering in both game and forum due to increased activity.
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  14. Arbiter00

    Arbiter00 Forum Apprentice

    That's the idea of the anniversary event and i think is the best for this new bars mechanics.
  15. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Someday Author

    Hi again, when the header says dragan 2020 i don't know which one is been taking about here, or maybe all three at the same time and we still have moths for BP puts another dragan before this year ends... So let me talk dragan 2020 broadly... The first one 2020.1 was ok for me and playable but remember that famos issue that the BP said nothing about it, now it seems to me we are paying for that making changes in 2020.2 with 2 3 and 4 progress bar longer and unbereable, asking like 150 times to finish 3 and 4 bar in inf3 what it means 150 red pearls. I was able to finish 3 and 4 bars in 2020.1 in excruciating with only 50 or 60 times or read pearls but in 2020.2 i decided not to go on with 3 and 4 bars. Now in 2020.3 we have the same unbereable bars and a ridiculous drop in lethal or excruciating. In 2020.2 i was able to finish 2 progress bar cos drop was arroung 60 per round if i don't bad remember but now in lethal in 2020.3 each round is 25 to boot. So i'm gona try to get to the ruby and once there see you later alligator.

    It's a shame BP spoils events like this this way. I don't know what they want to get from it, money or is it, as i said before, a way to punish all those player who played 2020.1 but as they don't know how to catch the cheaters, all players are treated same way, and righteous are paying for sinner... something not fair, i think...

    I bet you all before 2020 ends there will be a dragan 2020.4... we will see...

    Greetings and whatsoever...
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  16. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    What's my fault in that being a "new" player :(
    I mean.. those players have TONS of Pearls to enter those Maps anyway.. (I've heard someone with 70k!!!!)

    3 days and I'm not even at 1/3 of 2nd bar.. But almost finished quests of all 4 sub-maps..

    Now more events coming so idk what to do or how to get the Set(s) I need very badly..
  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    I'm pretty sure that progress drops on the 4 maps are bugged. They're almost the same in all modes, which is often a sign that something is wrong. Could mods tell them to look into it?
  18. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    I've seen Normal mode dropping 2 pearls from some mobs tbh.. And Fatal gives the same, along with some 1s again..

    Odd af.
  19. Arbiter00

    Arbiter00 Forum Apprentice

    The drop change only in infernal 1 that drop 4 pearls. I saw that in infernal 3 it drops 8 but not everyone can do it (me neither).
  20. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Old Hand

    We see the decrease in progress for the second bar in the excavation site inf3, finished map +16 with all amphorae +184, total 200.

    After opening all the amphorae, I looked at the consumption of the keys and I said to myself ok the event ends here!

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