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Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by DeadRanger, Feb 22, 2020.

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  1. Deinoforo

    Deinoforo Active Author

    I give you some advice, the second bar is easy of you can do runs in inf5 or more, cause the drop rate is:
    -normal -> 1 or 2
    -excruciating -> 2
    -fatal -> 2 or 3
    -inf1 -> 4
    -inf2 -> 6
    -inf3 -> 8
    -inf4 -> 10
    -inf5 -> 20
    -inf6 -> 30
    -inf7 -> 40
    As you can see in inf5 the drop doubles. And the best map is map1, cause the miniboss appear when you drop torches. And the drop is really good, on average.
    Besides, the 1 amphoras are more worth than gold amphoras. Whenever you open them, you can get 20 or more progress. Sometimes i drop even 140/160 progress. Ever from 1 amphora.
    Btw, keep in mind that every run (with amphora) give 450 or more progress (in map1, map3 give only 200/250, the worst). With few runs you can finish 2nd bar. And there's no need to be so strong. I've only 38k dmg but i've done inf5. It was difficult, ok, i died sometimes and every run takes 20 min or more, but is the best and cheap way. Anyway, if you go with a strong friend Is very soft;)
    Oh yes, Dragan is very funny in Great hall:D i went in inf4 one time and i could see when he get 4 buff in movement speed he breaks and run in absolutely funny way:D
    And the bug of the headless horseman in this event is evident. They attack everytime with the element balls, and you see them 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3 or you die or survive luckily. I'm mage and with singularity i can perma-stun them, but is ridiculous.
  2. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Thanks for the answer. If I could run Inf5, I wouldn't have had a problem with the second bar and I certainly wouldn't have cared about the event. My friends all quit the game a long time ago, so groups are no longer possible. My point is that this game is not for people like me.
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  3. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    You will get most progress from the pastures (001). I estimate you get between 26-50 progress on fatal (over 20 should be guaranteed in each run). The progress drop isn't as random as I first thought, it seems there are lower and upper bounds for each map and difficulty, and the actual amount is decided before the map is loaded. Then, the selected amount gets randomly distributed on spawned monsters.

    There's a trick to this map, you need to kick down all lampposts (the ones that are clickable, next to the high grass, there are around 7 I think, mostly on the left side), and defeat the champions that appear, they drop progress as well.
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  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    1. Why run Fatal? Aren't the progress drops on Fatal the same as on Excruciating, 2 elemental pearls each?
    2. I've had many runs of under 20 progress (less than 10 drops), even under 10 (less than 5 drops), on M1 (and M3 is even worse)
    3. Lamppost mobs may drop progress, not guaranteed. Without having taken detailed notes, I'd estimate 1 in 5 lampposts would yield a single 2-elemental pearl drop
    In general, the variance in drops is horrendous. The PRNG should have a more reasonable range. Looking at the 30 emblems you need to gather from each of the 4 elemental maps in order to finish the 2 of 2 quest to get access to the Great Hall, I'd average just under 5 per run in M3 for 3 runs, then followed by consecutive drops of 2, 0 and 1. Took 9 runs to finish that map. But map 4 dropped nearly 10 emblems each run … only needed 4 runs to finish. Yes, there are more mobs in the forest than in the mines, but going an entire run without a single emblem drop???

    And the variance in the stats on the Dragan set? The equipment I dropped in Inf1 was all worse than what I'd dropped in Excruciating and Fatal in previous editions. Base stats like 1% HP? No way should the range be that wide, not all the way down to 1%. The PRNG needs to be seeded better. As it is, we are encouraged to play events at the lowest levels possible, not stretch for the toughest levels because the risk/reward ratio doesn't make sense.

    EDIT: I forgot to whine about one more thing: The Great Hall chest drops no runes at all any longer??? I only did the one run on Inf4, but was so discouraged by the gear and lack of gems and runes, I doubt I'll do more runs. (I did get an exo level Dragan doll, but am still uncertain of its value versus a defensive stat pet.) I'm not expecting the generous drops of this event from a year ago, but zero runes feels like a kick in the pants.
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  5. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    You know these suggestions for 50/1 and 100/1 ratios are a joke, let me explain why:
    In an average you can do 003 in 3-5 minutes (depends on group, but let's assume there is no char who needs 1/2 - 1 minute to kill a chest), there are 10 chests each giving 25 or 50 cursed pearls thus you end up with 250-500 cursed pearls minus 100 cursed pearls (entrance fee on normal) = 150-400 cursed pearls (this is of course if you have all 4 char types in the group).

    From the other hand there is the 2k/80/5 quest which you can also do on normal, in a 4/5 man group it takes 20 rounds to complete and if you do any of the 001/002/003/004 ports it costs you 2k cursed pearls to get 3 empowered cursed pearls. The 5 dragan kills you can also do for free if you find a donor, otherwise you just do great hall on your own.
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  6. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I've done 14 runs of the Great Hall and I've gotten 4 runes. The PRNG is a female dog!
  7. Deinoforo

    Deinoforo Active Author

    For me the event is over. I got the 2 sacred gems then i stop. But i counted the runes i got in 35 runs, half in inf1 and half in inf2. So, i got 14 runes. My drop is normal i think (exactly 40%), BUT i don't understand why i found runes 3-5 times in a row and then in the next 7 or more runs i found NOTHING. They make fun with us in my opinion.