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  1. Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding the Dragan Event - June 2016

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.

    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    If you wanted to replace the old Dragan set, you should have left the sholders as they was with armor, block and damage reduction and 2/3 set bonus as it was with 15% increased armor, that the reason most of the people are upset how new set turned out to be and the fact that we don't get tier1 unique on every kills is very upsetting for most of the players including me, it mean increased grind in a smaller event time window wich in general is not good. Maybe if you could reduce the price for old Dragan set, during the event to 2000 draken for tier3 part, it would calm most of the players if not all and revert then form quiting the game, couse that one is going to be a big issue for you 'couse they waited so long for this event and you've changed the set wich they where hoping to get.

    It's very grimm.

    Add on: About the event mount, that someone form BP refered as and quote, "badass mount" is very repulsive to me, I hate spiders. :confused: Last one was 5s in my inventory before I trow it out of it. Same faith for this one if I don't quit game. I'am considering it, definitive.
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  3. taketh

    taketh Regular

    EDIT: I had posted the following poll in the general part of the forum, it got deleted by the mods. No reason given for the deletion. They could have edited it, or deleted and recreated it so it fit the rules but nope. Not even a courtesy message on my profile.

    Two votes can be cast. Please vote for the following:

    1. I want the old dragan set back in the event as a drop, and will wait a month longer if its change.

    2. I am happy with the new sets and can't wait for the release.
    3. I would like the dragan event to be less time consuming.
    4. The dragan event was too easy, i am happy they made it harder.

    I would have voted for 1 and 3. The mods probably did me a favour since i would have lost the votes to noobs that havent been playing the game that long who dont realise that people have been waiting over 6 months for this event. Rangers and mages might have also out voted me, they are happy using the new moon set that they can get every month and dont need dragan that much.

    I could be wrong, but im fairly sure that the new sets arent as good as the old. The old set gave both offensive and defensive values.

    Defensively, the new set does not appear to give you an immediate block rate and block strength, you have to build that up by getting hit 25 times... in PVP you die in 1-5 hits. And what if its 25 times in 25 seconds? The defensive set does have offiensive attrributes, so a dk in q2 can reach 30% extra damage on the torso, making a good 1h solo build, but still much slower than a tank with with a 2h dwarf.

    The offensive set does not allow you to use your own attack speed gloves. If you have the old warlord set, an extra 10% increased weapon damage wont make up for the loss in attack speed you would have got from your legendary gloves. For someone who doesnt have the set, 40% increased weapon damage may or may not be better than attack speed gloves. It depends on the 2h weapon they are using, and the gloves. My gut feeling would be the gloves since attack speed affects the whole build and not just the weapon, but would need to use a calculator to be sure.
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  4. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    After checking the stats of the new items, I need to say that having the ranger's bow with the same stats as the 2-handed weapons of the other classes is going to be a major game breaker. Ranger bows have lower stats because they can equip quivers alongside with them - that's the basis of their entire archetype and why their weapons always had lower stats than those of other classes. I do not play arena at all since release 155 because I can kill almost everyone in one or two hits and I find that to be boring as hell, plus it rightfully frustrates about 95% of my opponents. With this powerful a weapon and a good quiver, every ranger will be able to one-shot everyone, including me (and I have over 21K HP). It is not reasonable to give a class such a powerful weapon and allow them to use quivers or shields alongside with it. As such, arena will become terribly unbalanced (even more than it is now) and rangers that will make the new weapon will be leagues ahead from those that do not, without any hope of them catching up.

    Other than that, the event looks good to me. I do like the new sets, they open some good possibilities. I might even break the old set in favor of the new one.
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    My bet is that it was a bad copy/paste with the RA's bow... lets see what R167_2 or higher brings. We all know that R167_1 will never make it to live server.

    I'm more interested in if the 40% damage available from the set will stand for RAs, or it it will get nerfed to 20% (half) just like the current Dragan set. If they don't change it, this will become one of the most valuable sets for a RA allowing them to go for damage and not just crit/crit damage based builds.
  6. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I'm going to start slowly, and edit after I tried the event myself in the live server, for now, I'm going to give my overview based on what's in the event guide and the patchnotes:

    First of all, I want to congratulate, yet again, the graphic's designer team, the designs are awesome, I expected no less from such a good art department.

    The new sets are appreciated, though I see some flaws in the overall layout of the bonuses, like those insignificant damage lines in the deffensive set, in which I'd rather see HP ones, and I generally dislike the "stack-type bonuses" on items and sets, theses one in particular seem pretty ineffective for a boss fight, maybe I'm proven wrong later, but that's my first impression. Albeit, some of the new items look interesting enough to try different combinations. The weapon looks decent enough from a SW perspective, the elemental bonus effect doesn't seem to make up for the loss of a crit line DPS-wise, but will be a very good boost for those players who are still struggling to find a decent staff, and, given you have the proper equipment, might be useful for more developed characters as well.

    The mechanism to obtain the weapon seems interesting and okay so far, hope a terrible drop rate for them doesn't ruin it, same for the process of turning it into the elemental versions as well.

    Now, as for the drops..., what I've seen and heard so far, both in the test server and in the forums, is an insane amount of people complaining about the lousy odds of getting a unique to drop both from Dragan and the Black Widow, which the CM's adressed on Twitch and said was going to be increased, I'm going to ask the same question as in the Looter's fortune event, by how much %???, is it going to have a real impact or not?

    Here's the thing, we need 16 tier 1 of each item to craft a tier 3 one, that makes 48 per set, a total of 96 tier 1 items to complete both of them, if you factor the terrible drop rate, the possibility of getting doubles, and perhaps, one item being rare to drop (like the cloak in the previous events), some people might end up with nothing usable out of a formerly amazing event, I'd rather see the same mechanic as the previous Dragan in which one out of three items of the set is harder to drop, than what we're having inside this one, this change is plain terrible, even if you state that Dragan's event is coming "more often" it doesn't justify it, and, from what I've heard, you gave Dragan henchman in excruciating mode, the effort is not paired with the rewards.

    Following up, the event runs for 2 weeks, and we need to farm cursed pearls for pretty much everything, for the 4 maps and their quests, for the repeatables and the elemental stones, for summoning the champions in Castle Ravenclaw, and so on, so, you're telling me I need to farm this place during all my play time, also kill a champion, kill Dragan with Henchman or the Black Widow and get 20 draken and coins?, this following question is serious, are you trying to get people to quit?.

    I wonder why in the world you consider it is okay or acceptable to have someone farm for pearls, summon the champion and kill it, get an entrance to the big boss, kill it and come out virtually empty handed?, also, why in the name of Agathon does the loot list needs to be empty aside from Drakens, coins and Uniques, you could at least throw us a bone and give us a legendary item when we don't get a unique drop so that we get at least a minimal compensation for the time and resource investment on the run, but seems it's asking too much.

    All in all, I absolutely loathe the new drop system for the unique items inside of this event, it's worst than the rare-dropping capes on previous Dragan events, this is my only complain so far about it, but you messed THE core feature that made some of us love this event.

    I'll edit accordingly when the event hits the live server, that's all.
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  7. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    First of all I want to say that I really like Dragan event because it lasts long, has so many different dungeons, interesting rewards, nice quests, difficulty (with the new changes in the one to come) among other things. This is (sadly) the only event that I look forward every time (before it was Terrifying Shadows). This is the only one that is interesting to me, not to say that other events are any less good.

    There were some downsides like needing lots of Cursed Pearls for entrances, bugged lasers (invisible) and timed mini events (which, because of my real life staff I could not always play). But that can be overlooked.

    As for the changes, many players don't know how hard is to satisfy both players and owners of the game (most of us don't think about that :D).
    Before many people were saying that they should change the set because they already have the old one and it would be boring to do this event again if the set is the one that they already have (I'm one of them). And now the same people (not one of them :D, because I don't care for my alts :D) are angry that they did that because they now want that set for their alts (as seen in few comments).

    Like @EhtovK said,

    For me (I already have the set) these changes are totally OK and I want to say excellent job. I really look forward to this event :)!
    But this sadly (to be fear) do not apply to new players that play the Dragan event for the first time. This is said because this set is (one of) the best set in the game.

    I have a compromise for this if you all agree. You can do the same (similar) thing you did with New and Full moon events. You can leave the old set as regular drop and the new set like a special one (like those sets that drop from Parallel World bosses). This will satisfy me (and all other players that already have the set) and new players that play this event for the first time (along with others that want this set for their alts).
    I think this will satisfy everyone (and make this event definitely the best one ;)). And I think that in terms of implementing this it's a piece of cake :).

    Now about the event:
    • The event will last 2 weeks – on the other hand, there are only two mini challenges (don’t be sad – this means that Dragan is visiting us more regularly in the future!)
    I like this line the most especially the part that says "Dragan is visiting us more regularly in the future!"! :)
    • "We have added brand new daily quests for this event only!". What can I say, nice. I like playing quests :p
    As for the "badass mount" I must say that this is the only thing that did not match up to my expectations. We have already seen a mount like this (a spider, forgot the name). I was expecting a new, non seen before, mount (maybe even some kind of wings from Dragan, eg. stolen Sargon wings :p) :(

    - "The crafting stones for all the Dragan’s weapons are as random drops within the wooden chests." this will be a motivation to grind all dungeons.

    The rest is pretty much OK.
  8. r33p3r

    r33p3r Forum Greenhorn

    Like the increased difficultly option!
    Don't like that the new sets clash with the old. can't wear old set and new set together. (switch the helm with the armor)
    Bug on the Test server.... third crate in iron forest was empty????
  9. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Gloves for SW class that Dragan drops have wrong stat. it reads: "Increased damage for Longbows".
    I don't know where else to report this minor issue.
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  10. Dark_Sinister

    Dark_Sinister Forum Apprentice

    Chest nr 3 at 120 map, was empty, nothing at all........

    thx alot
  11. sonorac12

    sonorac12 Someday Author

    Well, for this being my first time for the Dragan Event that I've waited since Easter for, I haven't been able to set foot in there yet. I'm still waiting for the brown screen to go away so I can actually move to get the quests and start the largest event for this game that I was anxiously waiting for. And not to get any acknowledgment in game of what is going on is not very smart. Especially since it's an issue they were told about ages ago that was ignored and went live with all the bugs.

    I've personally sent in a ticket ages ago about the brown screen when it was only affecting a few of us, and now it's affecting a larger part of the community. Was told that this was a known issue and who knew when a fix would be in store.

    Again, just like all the event's i've participated in, it's becoming a huge disappointment.
  12. Guado11

    Guado11 Forum Greenhorn

    You know...! for a game to succeed you need to keep your people happy. Soooo! How can you ignore an issue thats been there for the longest time bothering everyone. How can you start an event that everyone has been waiting for. With issues that prevent you from playing, i mean this event like all others have a time frame. How will you compensate the time loss? Also no admin to calm down the people here. Wow!

    Im disappointed.
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  13. Play.4.Fun

    Play.4.Fun Someday Author

    Drake have no quest for insignia on m120, and 3th chest on m120 dont drop rewards.

    So when you finish "Sweet Hollow 3/3" and get to open last chest near agent 004 you dont get drop.


    Harder? How? Its not harder just Dragans fight get 3 levels.

    Or you think harder to get items?
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  14. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

    How do we obtain dragans grim signet ring? It doesn't say and I need that ring for my dk it's quite an awesome ring.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Read the guide that is linked in the OP. Here is your hint: "Crafting."

    P.S. That item being shown in the event window is a lie/teaser and no one will get it for another several Dragan events.
  16. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    Quests are easy. Drop rate of pearls are good on the hard map and soloing the hard map for me is very easy and fast. Dragan on fatal is imposible solo and the drop rate of the new uniques is bad. Very bad. 6 runs on dragan fatal gave me 0 uniques and 10 runs on dragan normal gave me only one tire 1 glove. The spider queen on fatal again is very hard to solo but i killed her with one death and you cant even use 40 ander to revive pff and yeah again i got a leg there too. Only the easy map gave me a cloack tire 1. This is more than a grind for the uniques in pw worlds. At least there is easyer and can get you more than one crapy leg for melt with les resources. The drop rate needs to be improved even if we will have the event "several times a year". No weapon parts droped till now except for the first one which is a sure drop and no stones from the repeatable quests. It was a grind event before with the old set but at least before i would get something given the fact that i use a lot of resources, now i give everything for nothing in return.
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  17. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    The new dragan event is a major dissapointment
  18. Domrani

    Domrani Forum Apprentice

    Wow, you've done it again. skillfully managed to ruin this event even more, and piss off players.

    Seriously, whoever sits in DSO management team needs to go home and get some fresh new people that can lift this game up instead of rolling it down the hill. Your decision making team is so unaware of whats going on. Just leave us alone.
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  19. dimoalexis7

    dimoalexis7 Advanced

    Guys you NEED to change this immediately.Let's just skip the black screen bug-which is a major issue- rewards are veeery bad as well.Actually they are not bad ,they are awesome, but impossible to get. 40x Draken should NOT be the reward of a Dragan Excruciating fight.It's really disappointing not to see a standard unique after a fight with red ess , stones and anders spent. Change it ASAP.This is NOT parallel worlds , this is an event , which for the first time, lasts 15 days unlike any other Dragan event.
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    i was really looking forward to this dragan event, now im dissapointed to say at least, drop rate for unique is all time low, over 30 runs on dragan hardest mode and only 3 gloves tier 1, seriously? this just anint worth time and resorces needed ,,, nice job bp