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    Changelog for Dragan Event

    24.01.2018 - 19.02.2018

    When entering Castle Ravencaw the Player is asked to choose 1 of 5 difficulties (Normal - Painful - Excruciating - Fatal - Infernal 1 - Infernal 2 - Infernal 3).

    Statue Leaders: The statues of Castle Ravencaw have been removed. The former statue leaders (Heredur, Sargon, Headless Horseman, Demon) will now spawn in the quest maps when the player has eliminated all monsters. A quest which will be accepted automatically when entering one of the maps will guide the player until one of the leaders spawns. They will have a chance to drop one key to the bosses each time the player defeats them (Empowered Cursed Pearl).

    Cursed Pearls open the event/quest maps (Gloomy Pastures, Dungeon in the Sulfur Desert, Dragan’s Excavation Site, Iron Forest at Night, Professor Jullov’s Laboratory, Mystra at Night, Black Knights’ Battleground and Wild Forest at Night) as they used to do the last timesPrices did not change for the Normal difficulty. The players can play all maps on any available difficulty now. That means when they enter Castle Ravencaw on any difficulty the quest maps will have the same difficulty- per difficulty the entry gets more expensive but since the player also finds more cursed pearls this is not a disadvantage.
    The drops on the maps get better in total and also the chance to get an Empowered Cursed Pearl.

    Cursed Pearls are now used as progress items. It is the first time that the Main Dragan Events has a progress bar: The player can receive Empowered Cursed Pearls and a valuable pet ingredient from filling it.

    Boss Fights: Each time the player has defeated one of the bosses (Dragan or Ghastly Black Widow) a trader (Grima) appears next to the player who sells Dragan set parts for Draken.
    If the player has had bad luck with the drop rates he/she has the chance to
    buy missing equipment parts here.

    Since the boss runs are more limited this time the drop rate of set items (Helmet, gloves, boots and weapon from the Ghastly Black Widow and ring, cloak, shoulders and torso from Dragan) have been significantly increased.

    Dragan's Refuge: To enter this map the player needs to invest one Empowered Cursed Pearl at the Offering Brazier - this is a blue fire bowl in front of the entrance portal. When activating the fire bowl monsters will spawn. After the player defeated them the entry to the map will appear for 60 seconds. This will be explained by a message on the fire bowl and after defeating the monsters as well as visually by the blue (open) portal becoming red (closed) again.
    The player can enter the Ghastly Grave for free (the entry has been moved next to Janus Fox). However to defeat the Ghastly Black Widow the player has to find the Offering Brazier and needs to invest one Empowered Cursed Pearl. Doing so will call the Ghastly Black Widow, which will spawn at the end of the map.

    Empowered Cursed Pearls
    are now used as key items for ALL difficulties.
    • Empowered Cursed Pearls are needed for the following actions:
      • Open the Portal to Dragan’s Refuge (Put it to blue fire bowl, fight against monsters and the portal will open). The portal is only open for 1 minute. Players will be informed by a GUI message
      • Call the Ghastly Black Widow in the Ghastly Grave by using the Empowered Cursed Pearl on the blue fire bowl located in the map
    Cursed Pearl to the Damned are obsolete and have been removed and replaced with Empowered Cursed Pearls - The ratio is 1:1.

    Challenge progress bars have been completely reworked.

    Challenge Maps
    • A chest has been added to each of the four challenge maps. It contains a guaranteed amount of progress (amount depends on difficulty). It can be opened after completing a quest which will be accepted automatically when entering one of the maps.
    All challenge exits have been moved to Dragan Junior's Chamber (at the end of Castle Ravencaw).

    New Achievements have been added and old ones have been adjusted.

    Good luck, heroes of Dracania!
    Your Drakensang Online Team


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    ~ FAQ ~


    Topic: Empowered Cursed Pearls (Boss Keys) / Entering Dragan's Refuge / Calling the Ghastly Black Widow

    Q: When entering the boss rooms in a group, does each group member need to use their own Empowered Cursed Pearls?
    A: Only one group member needs to use an Empowered Cursed Pearls at a fire bowl (State object) to open the entry to Dragan's Refuge or to call the Ghastly Black Widow.

    Q: Why did you introduce the fire bowl mechanic for entering a boss room, it will slow down stronger players who want to make quick runs. Will a teleport item be available to skip past that?
    A: This mechanic is designed to support group play. It allows groups to enter the boss rooms by using only 1 Empowered Cursed Pearl per group!
    About the fire bowl (Offering Brazier) mechanic: The spawning monsters will not slow the players down - especially strong players since only a
    couple of monsters will spawn and it will be only one wave.
    There is no teleportation scroll available for skipping the fire bowl mechanic for entering a boss room.

    Q: Do all former statue leaders have the same chance to drop the Empowered Cursed Pearls? In the past some had a higher chance to drop than others.
    A: The leaders have different chances of dropping an Empowered Cursed Pearl depending on the map they appear in and the selected difficulty.
    Like mentioned above this means that
    you have the lowest drop chance in the Gloomy Pastures on difficulty Normal and the highest chance in the Iron Forest at Night on difficulty Infernal I.
    Basic rule:
    The more Cursed Pearls you spend to enter a map the higher the chance.

    Q: Why can't we change the difficulty level when entering a map from Castle Ravencaw?
    A: This is a conscious decision: We want to prevent players from being able to farm i.e. Dragan on fatal difficulty mode even easier by just running through Castle Ravencaw on normal mode. If you choose a challenging difficulty, the experience should be consistent.

    Topic: Equipment / Crafting

    Q: What about Dragan's signet ring? Some people still have tier 1 and tier 2 rings that they would like to craft.
    A: You can buy the old (non-updated) T1 and T2 rings at Gnob's shop to craft the old (non-updated) version tier 3 of the ring.
    Additionally, we introduced an
    "Equipment Refiner" that allows players to have the chance to transfer their outdated versions of an item to the latest version.
    Example 1: You can use Equipment Refiners to transfer the old Dragan T2 ring to the new Dragan T2 ring which we brought into line with the new framework.
    Example 2: You can combine four old tier 2 Dragan rings to get an old T3 Dragan ring and then use an Equipment Refiner to transfer it to the new Dragan T3 ring.

    Q: What are Equipment Refiners?
    A: If you have an item which has received a reworked counterpart after the Sands of Malice content expansion, you can use Equipment Refiners to transform these older, non-updated items into the newly reworked version.

    Q: What is the tier level and cost of the items sold by "Grima", the female version of Gnob? Will the item level scale with the player level or dungeon difficulty level?
    A: Grima will always offer you 4 items per boss: 3 "normal" items costing 2000 Draken a piece (tier 0) and a rare item that costs 3000 Draken (also set at tier 0).
    Higher tiers will cost more:
    3720 Draken for T4 normal items, and 4720 Draken for rare items. The tier level of these items corresponds with the difficulty level you have chosen for the boss run.
    All of the items offered in Grima's shop will scale with your character's level, but the price will remain the same no matter which level you obtain them on. That means that a level 31 character buying a level 31 item will pay the same price as a level 51 character buying a level 51 item.

    Q: One more question regarding crafting: What exactly do you need for that? Dragan unique + random item of the same kind + pristine cores + soul cores for example?
    A: You need Draken Cores, which will drop from Dragan and the Ghastly Black Widow (This will be the same for every event in the future). The crafting mechanics will be the same as in the parallel worlds (example: Dragan unique + legendary item + Draken Core + Pristine Core OR Soul Core). Think about it like this: The Draken Cores replace the elemental cores from the parallel worlds. In the parallel worlds you need elemental cores, in the event you need Draken Cores as a recipe ingredient.

    Topic: Boss Fight / Monster Balancing

    Q: Did you rebalance the Demon and the Headless knight bosses? Out of the four statue leaders those 2 were the strongest by far.
    A: Yes, we balanced all of them to be on the same level now.


    2018 Edition timetable available here

    King regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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