Dragans Vanguard [Discussion]

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by multitoonz, Feb 6, 2014.

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    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

  2. soxx101

    soxx101 Forum Connoisseur

    its been added so you PAY to try to kill it before someone else does, then Pay more to do the same again....they have run out of ideas so just thrown this in to get you to buy more.... NTY....

    always a pleasure
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    And it is over. I got kicked out of the game and when I cam back there were no banners and my quest for the Draken was gone... :`-(
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    English is not my native language neither.
    Man I am finishing this conversation with you ... because I left in lack of simple words so you can understand.

    PS- If i was to collect forum points I would reply with several short answers.
  5. KasKISkyWalKer

    KasKISkyWalKer Forum Apprentice

    I'm a girl send my best regards to Bjarne :D
    I left because you can't manage the conversation.

    Idk about open sources and your bl a bl a:

    This made my day and you wont respond where you got that information...
    BB It's sad to see this no real debate from you regarding the major issue here stealing kills minor is pvp attacks. But you don't see that I guess :D You claim you are lazy you wont travel by mount. You claim that teleporting is the same as logging out *not*, if it's same, both functions would be that the player come to the city but it's not.

    Sure you are talking about how this game is built up I'm not interested. I play without your technical pretentious info.You sure don't get a joke and you must respond on that with a Ps:
    Lack of sense of humor?
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2014
  6. soxx101

    soxx101 Forum Connoisseur

    you normally do lol....

    always a pleasure
    soxx .... :D
  7. SailorSaturn

    SailorSaturn Padavan

    Do I enjoy surprise event? Yes

    Such as this one? If you mean the Dragan Vanguard event... I wish he and his Black Knight cronies would banish from DSO, never to reappear again! What a meaningless event; I haven't read up on a badly created MMO event that had such consensual negative feedback until now. The fact the event ended so abruptly without any adjustments was a clue that it was a very poorly organized one.

    Please do not create a lame event like this again. If anything, it's discouraging players to work together, leaving an overall bad aftertaste for this game.
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You are girl? Too bad, I have always thought that girls are smarter then boys. :oops:
    What conversation? You don't understand simple things , I wonder how someone gave you a job at IT company.

    How did I get that info? The Greys have told me. :D

    Regarding the kill steal, I don't even understand your sentences. Please formulate it well so we can understand your thoughts.
    BTW this topic is about that "Dragan event" not about players attacking each other. If someone is weak and don't want to be killed at open map then he should turn off pvp. Simple as that.
    I claim I am lazy? :D I said everyone is doing that, saving time and effort.
    I see you don't understand. :D So let me simplify it to you.
    Let us assume we have function called "ChangeDay" and it is executing when the time on the clock passes 23:59:59.
    Case 1:
    If I was at party and get stone drunk. At 23:05 I have decided to go home At return home because of my condition I fell on the sidewalk and was unable to get up and I have slept on the street until the next day.
    Case 2:
    You are home and playing Drakensang with your $3000 invested character. At 23:00 you have decided to make some coffee. While you was preparing the coffee someone was calling you at your mobile phone and you was talking for 2 hours.

    In both cases when time passes 23:59:59 "ChangeDay" take action. The new day has come. It is not 09.02.14 anymore but 10.02.14.
    The new day has come regardless of the other events that may took place at same time. For an ex.
    Case 1: Day have changed no matter of the other events that may occur while I was sleeping on the sidewalk, like ... while I was sleeping maybe people were laughing at me or dogs were peeing on me.
    Case 2: Day have changed no matter if meanwhile you had your phone conversation, your coffee was prepared or someone whispered you in the game or the game has closed down due to 1 hour inactivity.
    So let me conclude what I have said about teleporting. In both cases you are resetting the map/changing instance of the same map no matter of the other things happening at same time. Changing instance is subject of interest here not going to town when you are telporting or typing your password and username if you re log in game.

    Bjarne says hi to you and is curious how someone is employing people at IT sector without basic knowledge in programming and networking.
  9. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Both of you, please cut out this pathetic discussion. You're getting off topic and the discussion is going nowhere. Start another topic about changing instances if you like, but please cut it out in this topic.

    Dragans Vanguard event was badly organised/designed. Let s keep it at that and ask the devs to do something with either the negative and the constructive feedback. (haven't seen much positive feedback, so....)
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  10. -LordZod-

    -LordZod- Forum Apprentice

    Yeah... never bothered with this event really... ran a couple of times to help guildies... but I'm not gonna put in a single dime of real money to events that don't advance my character. If the different colored dragons did different things or whatever... might be worth having them. But having 3 mounts that do the same thing... No thanks. This event and the New Moon event are wastes in my opinion. I'll just farm my lil Varholm and smite some werewolves from time to time.
  11. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    The mystery kicker to the event was the fact you could get shadow & sargon gear as possible drops from Dragan if you could summon him. That is the only draw to the event. Well for me now anyway.
    Pretty sure they will move future Vanguard events into dungeons because they know now the kill stealing will never be fixed or controlled.
  12. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and in the joined in the discussion for the Dragan's Vanguard event.

    We can see that the general consensus is that the spawn chance of the Knights were too low, the drop rewards did not justify the difficulty, and the loot steal was more than frustrating. The team is learning from your feedback and is discussing ways to improve this event in the future.

    "The event was supposed to be a silent event, and players were supposed to only stumble upon the dark knights – instead of actively looking for them. The event and the spread of its information blew out of proportion."

    "It was definitely not intended to annoy people – also – this “event” was not founded on the idea nor targeted to pay user or premium users. It was simply an extra quest that would allow you to learn about the story of the missing female steam mechanica, challenge yourself against tough enemies with fellow friends and give you the chance to get an epic mount."
  13. bravo1423

    bravo1423 Forum Apprentice

    i saw one player riding an onyx dragon mount today. it looks ok. i tried to get one but our group was powerless against one group. there were only 2 groups searching for the dark knights that day, ours included. we never had a chance against a master and 4 other marshalls. i wish dark knights spawn in dungeons instead of in the wilderness. this way, everyone gets a fair chance of completing the quest. the dark knights are very hard to kill. competing with other groups for the kill (and getting squashed like an insect by higher level payers in the process) makes it worse... i like to complete quests without the annoying bullies kicking my butt
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I completely agree with you.
    Even average players can't get that 20% damage requirement (if anti kill steal have been working) when surrounded with OP P2P players with buffs and red essences.
  15. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    What I learned most from the event:
    Doing Mortis after it was over, I discovered Mortis was easy and CHEAPER compared to lvl 50 Dragan and a boatload of lvl 50 Dark Knights. Plus there's a chance for better drops from Mortis so I bid any future variations of Dragans Vanguard, Adieu.
    Going to keep my shiny onyx dragon egg I got from a Dark Knight as a memento though. Wonder if scrambled dragon egg tastes like chicken....o_O
  16. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    Well there is only one way of finding out:p. When you do find out let us know, I am curious too:rolleyes:
  17. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    "The event was supposed to be a silent event, and players were supposed to only stumble upon the dark knights – instead of actively looking for them. The event and the spread of its information blew out of proportion."

    A DSO event with rewards means players always actively proceed. ???!!

    That the event blew out of proportion is really strange. Only a handful of players were to discover the story of the female SM?

    "It was simply an extra quest that would allow you to learn about the story of the missing female steam mechanica, challenge yourself against tough enemies with fellow friends and give you the chance to get an epic mount."

    Here's the poor logic guys.

    You don't wave an epic mount in front of our faces, give us ridiculously tough bosses, terrible drops after defeating the boss, and then say... (paraphrasing) oh sorry, it was just meant to be a bit of fun to find out about a story.


    I watched the Defend Kingshill video recently (where has that thread gone?) and perhaps if the people that were checking for bugs weren't given so much anders/etc, DSO would get feedback from them that actually benefits us players beyond bug issues. That is, how we would actually play and enjoy the game.

    The amount of negative feedback from this event makes it clear that the wrong people are doing the testing.
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  18. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Agreed. The same logic applies to troubleshooting (or lack of it) in bug detection. Real players with realistic characters discover these things, not souped-up characters.
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