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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    So you are forum demigod but you dont have glyphs to lv up your gear - maybe you spend to much time on forum instead farming them.
    I dont think they have so much , i play almost all day at work and home , about 12 hours / day sometimes and i dont have so many glyphs or ander so in my opinion you should stop making so much calculation on thinghs that you dont know.
    I dont have an account on Dragonrise or friends there i just put myself in theyr position.(nor a banned acc)
    What if they stop my server and there is another server where never existed exploits like zilion bugs on mortis khalys, lamp shield mistake , full.moon map2 exploit, pinata and many others and the new comunity dont want me there because maybe i have use them and benefit from them.How about this?
    We are not perfect we have our own bots and 5 years of bugs and exploits in front of them so why we have to be mean?
    I doubt that in 8 months they reach so many thinghs , the end game accounts are made with runes from events and jesters so in 8 months they could not get so many.
    If i was a decisional head of BP i would bring them on.my servers , you just win some costumers, i would also ban bots that are now active and unban the old bot accounts after i wipe all glyphes from them and for the acoounts that didnt make a payment also all gems except saphyres.
    This way you win some new/old players.
    I will explain why i will unban- because in my opinion this long period of time was wipe almost all benefit optained in that 2 months of boting and i will get back competitive players that pay , they bring money in game they have payed for bot and premium so they will pay again.
    I will let them only saphires because that can be a very strong motive to restart playing.
    We need good players strong players, competitive players that are wiling to pay for this game, players that undestand how this game works, mature people not kids that need special workbench to understand that crafting is the core of this game and dragonrise players and old dso players are some of them.
    We have friends that left the game because that ban wave, they have done mistakes but we want them back, we can help them to grow we can teach them to craft, to farm, we can make them understand that they should play fair from now on.
    Everyone can do mistakes sometimes and we need to forgive them, is the nature of all things.
    I have 18 years old kids in my guild that have never combine or transfer items, now i teach them and they play this game from 2 years now or more they have never pay this game and maybe they will never pay and after they will se that they can reach a medium position a minimum requierments for farming on infernal 1 2 they probably try to make exchanges or they will quit.
    Maybe i'm wrong but this game has more than 5 years now, we all have memories and old guild friends that we would like to see them playing again and you know the new players are 90% kids and they want all fast , easy with non investment.
    So i would say yes bring them here, why to keep servers empty?
    Why dot give them a prize for being one of my client?yes i will give them the account striped from some things but i will win theyr respect and money :).
    Is like they ask BP "Hello BP make me your player and take my money".
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  2. xandra214

    xandra214 Forum Greenhorn

    what a big EDIT on all of you in EDIT!!!

    we are from DRO SEA and were not given clear reason why that EDIT server was down and you
    let us transfer in DRO KOR to start all over again. we accepted that thinking that this server will
    be ok. Here comes again, its closing and you are suggesting us again that we transfer to another DSO server?
    you're the one reason in the first place why are we in DRO KOR.
    you could have transfer us in that DRO server that you suggested now!!!
    we could have not spent that amount of time to play on that server.
    MONEY is nothing to us......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if only you are near.................

    again EDIT!!!
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  3. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @xandra214 ,

    Please, respect the rules. If you feel that you need more information, contact our support team.
  4. xandra214

    xandra214 Forum Greenhorn

    what wont you speak here out the reasons why......

    be transparent enough to let us know..

    we are victims here of unprofessional personnel of this game.
  5. Darkmae

    Darkmae Forum Apprentice

    thats true..BP send all of players from open sea to korea server and now they told us i dont care about u.we are closing korea server because we failed on this project and play on dso from the start..are u crazy???.are u professionals??can u keep costumer in this game with this facts.??.no u cant..im disαppointed from all this..i hope the dso players dont have our 'luck'.after another failed project..
    i dont wanna play dso anymore and i like it.but BP make me feel like this..i start on dso..i am gonna finished now..

    please mods send our complaints..we speak with support and all here u know the answers..no.no.no.sorry..no no no.
  6. thunderstorm

    thunderstorm Forum Greenhorn

    you all the players of drakensang answer me a question ...
    how would you feei if tommorow bigpoint make an announcement that says its going to close one server-
    hypotheticaly just say heredur - and if you want to play this game again you must start over from the beggining on grimmag server from zero ...think about it...
    we didnt do anything wrong by playing in dro korea...that company belongs to big point...the same big point told us that when dro sea would close we would need to make new account in korean server...
    why didnt they told us to register a new account on drakensang back then?so we would lose another 7 months for nothing?how many servers must we change and do the same stuff all over again from scratch?
    and the rest of the people who have been playing for years are complaing about us?what are they afraid of?the progress we made in 7 months?
    think and tell me how would you feel if you started over for third time from scratch and without doing anything wrong or unlegal just because big point made some wrong decisions.
  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Every day for over a year I've been shocked that DSO hasn't shut down Tegan because of a lack of players.

    If DSO gave me my money back and switched me to a populated server today I would be jumping up and down with joy. Yes, I would miss my 4+ year old characters, but the ability to sign on and see many other players would offset any disappointment that I may have.

    This is only a game, not real life. So no, starting over with a brand new character isn't the worst thing that can happen to you.
  8. rajanpoudyal2031

    rajanpoudyal2031 Forum Greenhorn

    I notice majority of the DSO players who replied here have a "selective reading" problem. They only choose what they want to read and if things are not too clear to their understanding, they instantly ingores the facts, rejects the idea and starts becoming negative.

    To those who know little or nothing and who feel the need to be superior in the game, I will post examples, videos and descriptions in layman's term how the official autoplay in dragonrise works.

    1. What is dragonrise? who owns it?
    -- Project Dragonrise is own by Bigpoint and operated by it's Korean partner. All ticket support in dragonrise goes straight to the International drakensang support team.

    2. Does andermant drops when autoplay is active?
    -- No, when "autoplay" is active, all andermant drops are disabled. (It is common sense & fair or else how will bigpoint make any money)

    3. How does autoplay works?
    -- Skills only assigned on the left and right mouse button. It is limited & only uses left and right mouse clicks. No auto sell & No auto melt.


    Autoplay is available in wilderness & dungeons however autoplay is not available in all Urban Areas & Boss maps.


    4. What are the items can be picked up during autoplay?
    -- Equipments, Quest items, Event Items, Consumables, Gems.


  9. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    We can understand your frustration, but, as announced, Dragonrise and Drakensang Online are two different projects. So, we are not aware of any of the reasons why Asian servers were shut down.

    Again, if you have any question, please contact our support team. We, forum moderators, don't have any information regarding Dragonrise project, once we are Drakensang Online moderators.
  10. rajanpoudyal2031

    rajanpoudyal2031 Forum Greenhorn

    1. Why most of the players in Korea server have lvl60 items?
    -- Deluxe membership. And it is because they are not lazy. Majority of the players have only 4 or 5 hours of actual play time in dragonrise. When they start playing, they are efficient, they only do their daily, they do not pvp at all. There is no time for chat, drama & you should be fast or you will get left behind.

    2. Is there any difference on the prices of adernmants in dragonrise?

    -- All andermants for sale in Dragonrise Korea have the same prices just like in drakensang.
    -- However, Dragonrise korea have bigger andermant bundles comparing to drakensang. This is due to the request of many players in Korea. (199k andermant bundle / 299k andermant bundle / 499k andermant bundle ). These bundles are available from time to time and turned into an event)


    2. Is there any difference on the prices of items for sale in dragonrise?
    -- Emotes costs 100 to 199 andermants.
    -- 3x Inventory Expansion costs 499 andermants.

    Why on earth would you pay 10800 andermants or around 10USD for a 3x inventory expansion or a total of 108K andermants (100USD) to open all of the inventory. If Bigpoint can sell it for 499 andermants for a 3x inventory expansion or a total of 5000 andermants for the entire inventory in Dragonrise Korea and not loose money, it would also make sense they can do the same in Drakensang.

    Drakensang players do not enjoy playing the game. Instead of playing the game, you are working.
  11. xandra214

    xandra214 Forum Greenhorn

    if the reason that the Korean server is down because of that BOT that you mentioned, then why are we from SEA server being suggested to play there???

    are we from SEA server being played upon? for what gain?
  12. DecØy

    DecØy Forum Greenhorn

    I am a player in in Dro SEA & KR as well. Base on the replies that I saw here in the forum by @Oessian (community team) & @YouWinOrYouDie (moderator, Team DSO), all I can say is I understand that support has no power in doing the character data transfer and only the developers can.

    I have already accepted that we have to start from level 1 again. However what I cannot accept is there is no compensation. DRO KR gave us andermant compensation when SEA server shut down.

    Now, when I say compensation, it is not our money spent in Dro KR to be refunded.

    These simple compensations that we are asking are:
    1. Wisdom level to be set at 55. - (for the 1 year and 4 months wasted in SEA & Kr server.)
    2. 10x Supreme Rune of Celerity. - (for the 8 months wasted in Kr server.)
    3. 5x Rune of Relentlessness - (for the 8 months wasted in Kr server.)
    4. 5x Rune of Resilience - (for the 8 months wasted in Kr server.)

    *We are not even asking for any andermant compensation but would appreciate if bigpoint would give us. After all, those are just digital currencies that you can produce and not loose any money.

    @Demon, thank you for being neutral and understanding of our situation.
  13. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I was DRO Sea player until it being shut down.

    Why did I joined it in first place:
    1. Way better ms.
    2. Cheaper andermant items
    3. A lot of bonus code
    4. Autobot feature of course

    The points that I concluded for my self:
    1. I'm sure the server being shut down as it was unable to generate enough income to pay all the expenses.
    2. As Haruki stated in twitch that the autobot feature being made for Asian server as to respond the majority playing behavior of Asian players that play more than 1 game in a session. DRO never been the most favorite game of players of this kind. As they being offered by many similar game with similar features.
    3. So much luxury in short period of time(Why I did I joined in the first place). As I never think to spend real money on the game. I knew some players did spent their money.. But I believe majority were not because of this luxury.
    4. I did spent quality real time there without autobot. But I didn't count it as wasted time at all.. Since what I did was to entertain my self through the game.
    5. I did have some rare strong items as for my hardcore farm. But I also didn't treat it as I owned those items. The game owned those items, I'm just being given the access to use it as long as it is available for me. So for me using getting and using those items is part of the entertainment it self.
    6. Entertainment for me in game is somewhat similar with other form of entertainment. Let's say paying ticket for a movie in theater. I never own the movie, yet I can only enjoy it in limited of time.

    Based on my conclusion above. Whether paying or not, Bigpoint never owe me anything. As I use their product for my entertainment that I already enjoyed it in period of time when it was available for me.

    I did not continue to Kr server. As I felt it would collapse the same way as Sea server soon or later. I being suggested to move, but I chose not. Korea? How many local MMO are there DRO Kr have to compete? It's a no go for me.

    If Tegan being shut down. It is as simple as I can no longer entertain my self there again. I will find other source perhaps other server or different game.

    I noticed that Kr players being offered to continue their premium membership if moved to DSO. In my opinion is fair enough since players who have it still haven't enjoy the time left until the membership expiration date.
    As for stats & items, Kr players no longer have access to use it.. as the game no longer available for them in coming shutdown date.

    To all Kr players here.. I was there along with you once. But I just have different point of view.

    My advice is. You may try your best here to be welcome to the community and your proposal being accepted by Bigpoint. In the end if it does not work. I think it would be easier just to let go and move on.

    Good luck.
  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador


    There are plenty of DSO players that aren't even close to having this, so why do you feel that Dro players should be rewarded in such a fashion?
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  15. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Suggested. You play DRO Kr based on your self consideration not them.
    They were trying to be responsible for players who still want to play DRO, especially for players who still had their premium membership on. To gain profit.. I don't think so. If they had such hope.. DRO Sea still might live.

    I can not imagine the solution:
    DRO Sea down --> moved to DRO Kr
    DRO Kr down --> moved to Tegan
    Tegan down --> moved to Agathon
    Agathon down --> moved to Werian
    Werian down --> moved to Grimmag
    Grimmag down --> moved to Heredur
    Heredur down --> move to where?
    Let it till Werian, I believe issues already amass there.
  16. xandra214

    xandra214 Forum Greenhorn


    thats the only option they suggested for us to transfer...

    see its "TRANSFER" but the reality is to register for new account... EDIT

    silence???!!!! hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

    someone being hit??!!!

    you only refund us on the money that we spend but the term you use is "COMPENSATION"...!!!


    HAHAHAHAH.. so dtoooottttmd [EDIT]
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  17. DecØy

    DecØy Forum Greenhorn

    These simple compensations that we are asking are:
    1. Wisdom level to be set at 55. - (for the 1 year and 4 months wasted in SEA & Kr server.)
    2. 10x Supreme Rune of Celerity. - (Can be obtained in 8 months of full moon & new moon events. )
    3. 5x Rune of Relentlessness - ( Can be obtained in 1 defeat the undefeatable event. )
    4. 5x Rune of Resilience - ( Can be obtained in 2 Sewer event. )

    If you are unable to have these items since 2014 when you joined DSO, in 3 years of playing, all I can say is that you are hopeless. Your laziness to farm is not our fault. So do not compare the majority of players to you. We played in 2 dead servers already and have achieved them and again. While you play in only 1 server for 3 years and have achieved nothing.

    Why do we feel that DRO players should be "compensated" not rewarded?
    1. We were hassled again and again, by now I assumed that you know that already.
    2. We felt like we are being scammed considering dragonrise is live and not Beta. (TWICE)
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    In 8 months you can only get 32x Lesser Rune of Celerity.
    That is 1x Supreme Rune of Celerity , 1x Rune of Celerity and 2x Lesser Rune of Celerity.
    How do you get 10 ... by exploiting the progress bar?
    5? Here the average per event is 1 Peridot.
    This is my sixth year of playing DSO ... and I still don't have 10 Supreme Rune of Celerity. That is the main reason all above players were pointing out ... it is obvious the drops and the rewards are not the same in both games.
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  19. Frostarch

    Frostarch Junior Expert

    Thanks for telling me how i feel, only now do i realize i don't actually enjoy the game! Wow.. and to think just yesterday i liked playing the game. Amazing
  20. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Is this for me?
    If yes. I get it clear for you. First I shared my point of view. Two I gave advice.
    It’s up to you how you would react on that.

    As to bring argument I don’t think so as I don’t have any obligation to respond any particular post here.

    Assuming you want some more from me. Here it is and that’s it I’m out.

    The main important point just in case you failed to digest my share & advise is. Does not matter if players justify Bigpoint as it is. But you as players always have a choice.
    If someone suggest you eat dirt. While you know or able to indicate that is a dirt. Why would you eat it anyway and complain as that someone totally reaponsible for something based on your own consideration and your own action.
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