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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I call it "GENEROUS." What do you think will happen some day in the distant future when the game shuts down? Do you think they will refund people the money they spent over the many years? Or offer you a chance to transfer to another BigPoint game (assuming the game doesn't shut down because BigPoint folds) with the same amount of currency? I have spent years (5.5 at this time) and even a small amount of money on this game, but I am under no delusions... Some day DSO will end and I doubt that I will see any "compensation" at that time, nor do I expect it. It just so happened that your version/server died ahead of the average and another version still exists, providing a rare opportunity for BigPoint to be generous instead of just saying "It was bound to happen, live with it."
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  2. xandra214

    xandra214 Forum Greenhorn

    as if you know the whole story...

    the school has been closed, and you are advised to transfer to another school but you should start all over again from the ground because all the subjects are not carried thus losing all the effort and progress you made. and after a certain period of time, with all efforts and time studying again this school is also closing.

    would you accept that if you transfer to another school just to continue youre desire to study you will begin again from the ground?

    would you not ask that why not advise us to transfer in a good school in the first place ?

    that's our point sir.....
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Sometimes the problem is your analogy is not appropriate.

    Drakenrise (and Drakensang) are videogames, not educational institutions. This argument breaks down and is best ignored because you picked a terrible analogy.
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  4. DecØy

    DecØy Forum Greenhorn

    @Oessian (community team) & @YouWinOrYouDie (moderator, Team DSO)

    I have been waiting for your response on the compensations that we are asking
    since support has no power in doing the character data transfer and only the developers can.

    These compensations close to equivalent to our time & effort spent for almost 2 years in 2 dragonrise projects that we are asking are:

    1. Wisdom level to be set at 55.
    2. 10x Supreme Rune of Celerity or 10x Rune of Grand Celerity.
    3. 5x Rune of Relentlessness.
    4. 5x Rune of Resilience.



    We would not ask if we do not have these runes from legal plays. Menaces who uses exploits would not even bother complaining in forums & risk being discovered of their illegal doings.

    We can all agree that the drop rates are different in all servers that is why we never asked for any of our Clovers, Gems, Royal Sapphires & Pets combined from DRO SEA and DRO KR servers.

    You have to consider that not everyone started playing DSO at the same time. You guys think its fair for us starting from nothing again while the majority of the players in DSO have already farmed & bought items that we don't have.

    Some of the toons in DSO are playing with royal sapphires and speed runes at the same time. How is that not an advantage and we still start from zero?

    You can have pet bonuses if you complete the pets. But pets like fennec, little raptor, cute dog, fire rooster & some dragonspawns from old lucky spheres are no longer available for people like us who will start all over again. How is that fair that we have to wait for them to show up in daily deals (if they ever show up) and use our money just to acquire them?


    "If we get 2 candies, you should get 2 candies too” that is what you guys prioritized than hearing & helping us out. What you all want is Equity which is giving everyone what we all have. What we dragonrise players are asking is Equality which is treating everyone the same.

    Why are you all ignoring & not helping players? But instead of helping victims from the disaster BP had caused, you guys are more interested in the compensations that we are asking.

    Whenever there is an emergency or unscheduled maintenance in DSO, you all ask for compensation. But we had 2 times server shut down and we are just asking for compensation, you all disagree. Just Wow. You all have the privilege to become strong for playing 6 years and farming those items but when we ask for compensation that is not in your favor, again, you all disagree. EDIT
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  5. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You are being compensated. DSO is giving you your money back. You are free to "want" more, and you are free to "ask" for more, but the powers that be have decided that you are not getting anything but your money back.

    Why aren't you writing to support instead of complaining the forum? Not that I expect that to help much as they don't make the decisions either.

    I've said it over and over, that what happened to the DRO players is sad, but getting your real money back is something that rarely happens in the gaming world, and while it is rough that you have to start over, it could be worse.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    As you can see I only pointed out a miscalculation ... I won't participate in the debate if you should or should not get compensation or whatever.
    The damage is done ... and I was offering suggestions in he past years to ALL players ... here in the forum and at DSO Wiki as well.
    My suggestions were:
    - "don't use 3rd party BP partners if you can play the game directly via BP's website/client"
    - "don't play at those servers if you can play at the original game servers (EU+US servers)"
    - if anything mentioned above in the previous 2 points applies to you ... you better switch to the original game ASAP before you spend greater playing time/effort

    well now you all know why such suggestions.
    My part in helping you has been done before the "issue" start hitting the fan. Now it is too late anyone to help.
    Nope that is incorrect. The drops are all the same at all servers ... but ... i am talking about BP's severs with the original game. As far as I know those Asian servers were never operated alone by them ... they were operated via partners. The game was not the same there it had different features, different events at different time, probably different drop rates and rewards ... etc.
    Even the new players here in DSO don't have those items.
    It has always been that way ... something is available at some point of time ... and then it is gone forever.
    That is not a disadvantage at all ... you will only have to use different strategy. Instead of having sapphires in weapon adornments you will have to use Onyx ... which will lead to higher crit ... therefore instead of using helmet with increased crit rate you can use one with damage. Or even buff the quiver up with crit damage if using 1H weapon.
    Everything is the same the approach is different.
    The fennec and the raptor were rewards from events.
    Those dragonspawns were never obtainable in the game ... they were all part of a "credit card events" outside the game. I don't have them too. Actually i have 2-3 now but just because of the daily deal ... and you will have the same opportunity like me ... to get them from that feature.
    The Cute Doggy and the fire rooster were also part of outside "credit card event" I don't have them as well ... i am F2P.
    You see i play the 6th year and we are at same position . :)
    Just to prove you we are at same position ... let me show you something
    This is me riding the Shadow Steed mount 4 years ago


    because of lack of inventory space I had to discard it like 3-4 times in the past.
    and now i don't have it in my collector's bag :)
    Because of lack of inventory space I have even deleted the PvP mask ... and I don't have it now ... nor i have a chance to get it again .
    Injustice has been done many times in this game ... believe me you are in more suitable position.
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  7. Mr.eggplant

    Mr.eggplant Forum Apprentice

    Can BP atleast give as gifts for continuing giving support for the game after all the thing that happen.
    While its true that we got refunded via Bigpoint Gift cards
    but atleast give as additional Gifts ingame for continuing patronage in bp games(Dso).

    Gifts that will help us Develop our characters Ingame.
    As for me Im only gonna ask for a few things, Some andermants, 3 (3x)Inventory expansion and 1 Grand Rune Of celerity.
    I think BP can give us this ingame things easily and I think this is still reasonable request for a gift.
    Bp should atleast show us some goodwill for this mess and for continuing giving support for the game.
    Giving a little gift will not hurt you, just think about it

    I Tried asking Support but Im not sure if support can help me so ill post here too.
    I hope the moderators here can forward it to those who can made decision at the top.
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