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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Totentamten, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. Totentamten

    Totentamten Someday Author

    Hiho. I'd like to open such thread cause I like working with "numbers". What I mean by that - I'm creating alot of spread-sheets for example to calculate my character statistics etc.

    Statistic calculations works perfect, I just give as input base values of items, enchantments, stones and runes values and all other staff (pets, wisdom...).
    Having knowledge about items base values I can simply simulate how my character could looks like. Its really helpfull when you want to plan how to build your character.

    The thing is, I always need to know that items base values range, sometimes its possible to check it (like values of items from PW now from tier 1 to 10) but sometimes I dont know how item looks like. This is why I'm trying to find some patterns, and here it gets intresting...

    As an example Q7 weapon (2H staff) at lvl 55:
    max dmg is always 240 dmg higher then min dmg.

    But when I compare how dmg increases between tiers, or what is difference between min and max dmg, it looks like randomly picked numbers...

    I'm just curious how it goes, if devs works on some patterns or is it just "finger putted balance".

    I was also trying to find out BM staff statistics compared to regular 2H staffs, any ideas?

    Maybe there are more people like me intrested in such game-math things, ready to share/discuss about.
  2. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    There are but most important thing is that developers arent.
  3. TruthOfZero

    TruthOfZero Forum Apprentice

    yes well done.. good thinking!!
    XD just don't activate god mode in your spread-sheets XD
    you should put tier1 at left and go to tier10 to the right, so it will not be confusing reading it
    this table should be in columns not rows
    This is the same as saying : When an item at any given tier, has min- max at 77% it will be 77% no matter the tier of it!! that 240 diff. helps to calculate that 77%
    XDthat's why this happens XD
    yes, correct! the scaling of an item's tier between tier1 to tier2 to tier3 ...up to tier10 , is different!
    Thankfully its the same for most of the same type(yes it helps calculate things too)
    Example: Q4 also has the same base damage as the Q7 weapon
    BUT Q7 is a special case... people preferred not for the base damage..... its the XD +150% increase damage XD bonus that gives XD
    Those tables are raw data don't try to mix and match anything between them you will not get any useful information...and you will waste your time(been there done that)
    Stick only to your characters output values that change with any input you give and tweak its values as if you have equipped an item when you don't yet have it to see if its worth having it and if so go for it :cool: ..thats my advice as an "excel lent Sensei" :cool:

    as for Q7(Blue) vs Q4(Orange) this is what i get:
    ok i edited it a little bit to look funnier XD since this is the ''creative corner'' ..it doesnt actually hit the ceiling XD up there, but ,its accurate enough to describe it XD
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2020
  4. Totentamten

    Totentamten Someday Author

    It was yours waste of time posting this...
    I know everything about calculating character output values, I know how to get that values and I need to know that "raw data" sometimes for it.

    So please, if you dont have anything more then your "advices" to say - say nothing.

    -------- end of spam --------

    I figured out dependence between standard 2H weapon (Q4, Q7) and Blood Rune Staff.

    BM damage = 0,5(6) x dmg of 2H weapon
    +34 dmg for min damage of the BM weapon
    +118 dmg for max damage of the BM weapon

    Now counting rubies, enchantmens and gold bonuses its easy to get true weapon dmg to further calculations.
  5. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Exceptional Talent

    If you want find a formula don't use Blood Rune staff's numbers. Blood Rune have 1H base dmg plus a bonus that "grow" in a different way because some values are affected by the increase of levels and tiers and other only by levels.
    In this case only the "base dmg 1H" are affected by tier upgrade, bonus dmg not.

    I must see Q7 and BloodRune max stats at tier X but I think BloodRune lost something vs Q7...until level 60'll come.
  6. TruthOfZero

    TruthOfZero Forum Apprentice

    No just my advises above....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:..... i know you will follow them and thinking about them ......every single time now ...from now on ...when you open your spread sheets.... i'm counting on it!!!! :D:D:D:D
    :eek:No you are wrong!!:eek: The base damage its the same at tier10 for Q4 and Q7 you don't need to calculate anything ..the gates at PW say so....not me! :D are you sure you don't want my advises? XD Im the only one helping you here XD ;););)

    I want your proof that Q4 and Q7 that they are not equal at their base damage!!!
    I'm waiting for your explanation now!!
    thank you
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2020
  7. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    BM lost quite a bit at 90% base of both and 350% doti it´s about 800 dmg per tier so ye quite a lot especially when you put it to 100% of base and of doti

    Also why the hell do you ask for ideas when the first person that says smth gets pummeled by you for saying smth... please people use your brains
  8. Totentamten

    Totentamten Someday Author

    Each weapon type has it owns formula, BM Staff is not like standard 1H weapon, as I mentioned I figured out formula for BM after I asked here and it works perfectly. Everything starts from base damage. So as I said BM staff has a 56,6% dmg of standard 2H weapon +34/+118 min/max dmg when we speak ONLY about BASE dmg.

    For example Dragan 2H staff has 79% dmg of standard 2H weapon BASE dmg.

    Now knowing standard 2H weapon dmg (q4, q7 is same) I know also BASE values for BM, Dragan, etc.

    There is difference between ideas and crap spam from some1 who looks like want just troll that discussion.
  9. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Well it´s based if you take Q7/4 as base 2h or legendaries as base 2H bcs idk if i remember properly but i think they scale differently than Q7 and Q4

    Also i missed the last post so my apologies you´re right w/ the trolling
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2020
  10. Totentamten

    Totentamten Someday Author

    Nobody cares about legendary items, thats obvious.
    But looks like every weapon scales proportional, so it doesnt matter if you take as a base q4/q7, or BM, or any other staff, you just need to know formula of that proportion between each weapon type.

    Now when I figured that proportions out I can count very exact stats of BM staff at each tier from when it gets better then other weapons.
  11. TruthOfZero

    TruthOfZero Forum Apprentice

    Yes it is amazing that i can troll with my amazing ideas? XD
    ouch im wounded XD because you cant distinguish them
    So what..at the end...as a top end player you go for and check, the end result... that means the stats at tier10...XD who cares if they are different at tier3 5 6 7 ... if at tier10 is what matters in the end to check for!! XD
    pointless ...and it will make no difference
  12. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Spolier it´s worse just the gems made it equal and now w t9-10 it lost quite a lot of scaling again

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