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Discussion in 'Guild Introductions' started by Bitlaash, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. Bitlaash

    Bitlaash Forum Apprentice


    28.03.2017 I've created new guild - DreamWarriфrs with hope it'll be good guild.. It growing up so fast and it makes me happy :)
    Who are we looking for? What we offer? Why join us?

    • First of all we are looking for ACTIVE players.
    • Good teamwork is important.
    • At least 50 lvl.
    • The PvP rank is not important for us.
    • We offer a nice atmosphere.
    • PvE and PvP groups.
    • If you have a problem, we'll help you.
    • Why join us? Nothing at all, it depends on the Player.

    How to write an application to the guild?
    • Name in the game.
    • PvP rank.
    • PvE level.
    - Alejaho
    - Badmadsando

    Best Regards - Bitlaash! ;)
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  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @Bitlaaash ,

    Awesome ;) We wish you the best!
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  3. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Are you even active anymore? I try searching by name and could not find any of you.
  4. Cohnwill

    Cohnwill Forum Greenhorn

    PvP rank:Novice Centurion
    Level 55
    If your guild still exist,i would like to join you guys.
  5. Дуло

    Дуло Forum Greenhorn

    Hi there . I az a 44lvl but i will be 50 soon . I need guild so if you invite me i will be glade to play together. My in game name is ЗмейГорянин
  6. Bitlaash

    Bitlaash Forum Apprentice

    Hey, we were inactive, we all stopped playing this game, but I came back and I am in the process of reactivation of the guild!

    --- MERGED ---

    So sorry for late reply ;(
    Tried to add you, but you're already in guild.

    --- MERGED ---

    Hey, so sorry for late reply, I can't add you, can't type your nickname. Just message me in game, Bittlash.
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  7. mesar32

    mesar32 Forum Greenhorn

    are you still searching for players im lvl 50
  8. Bitlaash

    Bitlaash Forum Apprentice

    Minimu requirement is to have 55 lvl, sorry.
  9. Lordodemons5

    Lordodemons5 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Bitlaash! İ am a 52 level mage in server Grimmag and my pvp rank is legionair (i don't usually play pvp). İ am looking for a guild just like yours. İn the game my name is "Norix"
  10. SSDAM

    SSDAM Forum Greenhorn

    hallo :D
    pvp: veteran legionair ( not so good at pvp)
    pve: 55lvl
  11. W1zard

    W1zard Forum Greenhorn

    Name: W1zard
    PVP Rank: Ardent Knight of the Order
    PVE: level 55
  12. erenando

    erenando Forum Greenhorn

    Hey I'd like to join your guild

    name: Erenando
    PVP Rank: Novice Centurion
    PVE : Level 55
  13. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    active player here, can any chance I join your guild?
    Level 42 at the moment
    my nickname is - Miegutis
  14. mocny090

    mocny090 Forum Apprentice

    Is it active?
  15. Demonlite

    Demonlite Forum Greenhorn

    PvP rank:Ardent knight of the order
    Level 55
    i would like play with you guys if still active

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