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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Rafa_Official, Jan 15, 2021.

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  1. Rafa_Official

    Rafa_Official Forum Apprentice

    This is a thorough feedback about an important aspect I think need improvement.

    First of all, I’m not an old player, I made a new character a few months ago in mid 2020, played for less than a month. And just a week after I had reached level 55 I quit the game, why? Because I didn’t feel like collecting a huge amount of gold and gamble it away to craft my items without knowing if I’ll ever get the desired result or not. Because I didn’t feel like killing Herald 9852 times to get the q7 bow – and you can see why I needed it since I play a ranger-, for me a game just wasn’t worth all that trouble, any game. When I quit the game I quit for good without any intention of coming back. Now I almost play on a daily basis. What made me come back? Not the new maps or the new skills or any of that. The only thing that made me come back was the new enchantment transfer crafting. It is a real improvement and one of the positive things about this content expansion and I want to congratulate you on a job well done, regarding only this crafting change.

    Now for the other thing that made me quit. I want the way we drop the important things that the players target while farming to be changed. What I mean is, for example if I want to get the mortis ring, statistically speaking, there is a possibility that I never get the ring no matter how many runs I do since each run is an independent event, even though it’s a small possibility but it exists! And it shouldn’t exist. I should KNOW that if I keep killing mortis I’ll get the ring eventually. So the change I want to be made is, let’s say the possibility to drop the ring is 0.01, if I kill mortis and don’t drop the ring the possibility to drop it next time should be increased by a 0.001 for example. So the next run I’ve a possibility of 0.011 to get the ring. After 89 runs if I still haven’t got the ring, I’ll definitely get it in the 90th run since the possibility will be 1.0 The number of maximum runs can vary with each item depending on the item itself. I don’t know where is the fun in making 500 runs without dropping the unique item, which btw happened a lot even before the ce and its bugged drops. Also for runes, the possibility of dropping a rune should increase each time I kill a mini boss in infernal+ difficulties. Sometimes we go for 2 straight hours farming temple sector which is the equivalent of approximately 450-500 mini bosses without dropping a rune which is really frustrating. Most of the other stuff like gems and wisdom -even though important- but they drop so commonly that there is no need for change –assuming normal drop not current bugged drop-. So it shouldn’t be too complex to implement this change only on runes, unique items, set items, realm fragments – without looter’s fortune event- and other important rarely dropping things I’ve forgot to mention.

    I think this change is very important because we need to feel like the time we spend in this game is being valued. I want to know that my character is improving. I don’t want to feel like I haven’t moved a bit forward after spending hours trying to drop something, those who value time will eventually quit the game and move on, and so many of them have already did. I know some old players for whatever reason will be against this as they were against many changes before, mostly it’s just nostalgia or the new changes making things easier while they worked hard to get the same things in the past, but remember that this is a game not a job, it’s about having fun not working hard, and the changes affect all players not just new players, and the old players are still way ahead that no new player will be able to catch them if they both keep playing . Every game should improve in the right direction or else we would have got only one release not 245 releases . I think this change will keep us in the game and bring back many of those who left just the way the new enchantment transfer crafting brought me back.
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  2. Hotaru

    Hotaru Junior Expert

    If you research a little about the category of mmo rpg games you will notice that the development is slow, aiming at self improvement, regarding the launch of exclusive items I must say that it is very good. I am a veteran player (2012), I took the mortis items with my friends in just under 35 trips, all members of the group fell on some trips, as well as the items d, some of you will always have more difficulties, but for your history , I know you didn't even try. The drop of the items is very good, the drop of the runes is excellent, I say this because I did not adapt with my class after the CE, so I decided to level a wizard, I updated it from 1 to 100, with that even playing in dungeons outside the worlds i could get complete runes, this is a positive point for the CE, the bad part is that to be able to play on a level where mini bosses drop runes you will need a very experienced group, this is a fatal error for the game, for that some servers are almost bankrupt (without players), and to make matters worse this is the current situation of most servers, with which the novice player will be stagnant and will not even be able to release missions from 55 to 100, because how he manages to finish the dungeons between the world when there are almost no groups ?, this is a critical problem for everyone, how can intermediate players evolve taking into account that the game was redesigned to be played in groups? It's very complex for anyone to find a good group on these desert servers, in theory in the developers' minds it may seem easy, because they never got into the game to see in practice, strong groups don't want beginners, because they have nothing to offer, groups formed by newbies have no power to play, this ends up frustrating 70% of the newbies, because without friends and taking into account the complexity, as many players speak very difficult languages (turk, Deuts, Russo), all this makes a simple the action of making a group have fun turns into a plot of boredom and anger, as you will have to wait hours in the city, and most of the time you will lose the desire to play, veterans also get discouraged from playing, because even with great powers their time is not rewarded, falls at the high level change little, the fragments of hellish passages take more than 17 hours to be cultivated just long enough to make one, if you want to complete the entire map includes In the lair, you will have to farm for the whole month, just to go to a maximum level dungeon and not drop anything, the fragments left by the mobs are useless, 500k to buy just one rune ?? Fall of mediocre knowledge, fragments of sphere impossible. I agree with you, this game should provide us with fun, not a job, this business of having to farm entries and fragments to enter events and dungeons is a thing of the past, when the biggest events you could finish playing just two days without stop, current events are gigantic, players will take days to finish them, the act of registering is totally unnecessary, as it only overwhelms the player, making him lose the desire to play before he even starts, the target audience of this game is for adults and young people, having to make tickets for the events discourages everyone, as they are an impressive amount of tickets, if we add that to the time that an average player would take to finish an event, that would add many days of his life that we will have to use it to serve our families, work and studies, the drop is perfect the problem is that only the player does not have the opportunity to pick up the item, because with the intersection of the farm the air intakes with the number of times he will have to go will become boring. The game is clearly being run by people who are not interested in how these changes will work in practice, someone just orders them to do this, do that, and the developer does and implements the job as simple as it really is, without hearing the opinion of who lives the game, this is bad, because even now trying to fix something many faithful and old players are gone, this style of play is no longer popular, it was running out of time, just because it was a good game, I saw many new players coming back in the last few months, but due to the mistake of implementing something without consulting the people who use them 10x more stationary players, you would certainly like the game when the level was 45, the pvp was balanced, the events were fun, you had to drop 4 parts of a certain fantasy to obtain it, as well as the assemblies,
  3. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    guys, now let's talk about something serious .. do you feel like someone will bother with reading your walls of text? devs won't give a [EDIT].. 2 months since "the Biggest and the Best CE in the history of DSO" was launched and only about 1% of bugs were fixed ... do you feel like they will bother with your feedback? you are DELUSIONAL ... and like developers, you should wake up .. the game just died in 2020, just accept the truth and move on .. 2021 will be only about some minor fixes and 4 events that will be repeated over and over again ... just accept the truth here .. this is the end for DSO unless they come up with a big apologize to the entire DSO community and a big big big fix patch 246 .. but we should go back into reality and just accept the truth, the game is dead since developers destroyed it themselves
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  4. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    Drop chance increase is a good idea in my opinion. As you've said after killing Herald the drop chance should be a tiny bit higher than the last one and so on. It would help everyone as people farm bosses massively anyway. The real question is what's the disadventage and downsides to this theoretical system. I agree that we need a system like it :/
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