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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. xXxTroublexXx

    xXxTroublexXx Forum Apprentice

    dunes of desolation is a pretty crappy event.
    The graphics are good especially the flying swords mobs and the flying carpet.

    If you make THE grind map in different difficulties, I expect a lot better drops at higher difficulty: grinding is all about killing monsters as fast as possibles as many times as possible, now the fastest way for me to grind is doing the most easy map, else I just spend to much time killing stuff for too bad drop. If I'm correct the fatal mode is like 2 times the drop of the easiest map: I just run through the easiest mode, but I have difficulties surviving in the hardest mode. Offcourse "you need to team up" well that's most of the time EDIT because half the group is too damn slow and running over places that we just cleared and you end up farming the map with 2 people at the difficulty of 5 people.
    The mini thingies: please show the complete quest you have to complete, not in stadiums. The first days of the event I was on vacation, I came back and still had 10 days to compelte, so I started the mini 2. I farmed coins to kill the 1000 mobs, then I need to find some stuff as a drop from mobs, the drop is not good, but well, if that was the last thing to do, why not. After I finished it I see I need to do collect other things from other mobs once again. Well I'm going to be honest this were my drops: 3,3,1,1,2,6,2. Well, it was at that point I realised the mini is pretty EDIT if you hear that you will probably get bad tier 1 uniques. It was also at that point the event became total EDIT for me and stopped with it completely. I would like to see the full quest for the rewards at once so I can get a good idea whether it is smart to start the mini or not, as it was now, I found it not transparant enough.
    The time tables were new. I'm find it interesting that everyday you can do something "special", but I understand the frustration of many. If you have a 9 to 5 job, you can basically only play between 21 an 23, well, that sucks. I think it would be better if you make the mini last for 3 hours and shift it over the days: first day between 9-12, 15-18, 21-24, next time: 10-13, 16-19, 22-1 or wathever system you want to use. You can mainly be sure that 2 out of 3 times the mini is active the players can not play because of work and other real life stuff.
    The most annoying of all: way too many currencies. I already hate that nowadays everything comes with tiers, I easily use op to 20 inventory spots just for items I have in lower tiers, but not yet tier 3 (like 3 tier 1, 2 tier 2 for one piece of a set,...). I don't need the pain to use another 6 slots at least for currencies. Make less currencies or introduce an extra pouch for all the currencies apart from the normal inventory.

    Overall: this time the event was crappy, but next time it comes online, it can be awesome, if the right adjstements are made ;)
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

  3. cgcidefix

    cgcidefix Someday Author

    After the satisfaction (or goodluck) i got finishing challenge nr1, i provoke my goodluck with challenge nr2.
    The more runs i did, the less joy i got to do as well that part of the event. Not having a 9to5 job, i could plan my grinding(s) with max income. After 45 entrys(45x300 coins !) to the temple of Agony got at last challenge nr2 done. Then came the dark side of this horrible quest... got 2 sargon uniques that i don't use or need. Farewell "Dunes of Disillusion" Never more.... or BP have a big job to do !
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here are my numbers for those who wanne know :
    Kill 1000/1000 done in 12 runs
    Amulets 100/100 done in 9 runs
    Ancient Bones 100/100 done in 23 runs (drops where min 1 and max 7)
  4. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    And finally done with the horrific second minievents. Took me a gazillion of runs just to finish the Ancient Bones of frustration. The 23 runs chcidefix sounds about accurate, and it was painful enough I had to farm for all those Bone Coins.
    My sole consolation is that I got sort of lucky and dropped 3xBearach Staff and 1xHeredur Helmet, all tier 1 of course. The helmet is close to useless for my spellweaver but the staff will be interesting (once I get the other 13 pieces I still need *laughs*).
    The shovel drop however made my eyes bleed. Do people actually spend andermant on that junk?! 2 drakens and a green item as compared to the magnificent drop amphoraes give... thanks but no thanks!
    So then again, who's testing this? Anyone bothered to do the math of those drop chances or you guys just figured "hmm... a skeleton ought to drop around 5% of the times to question item... yeah... sounds about right... doesn't really matter how many of them are on the map or what's the average number dropped per map run... oh... and let's make it 100 cause that sounds like a round number, yes?"
    Final post on this topic. I'm done with this nonesense. Parallel world & Full Moon are the only good things this game has left. I'm curious how good (or disastruous) the next Dragan will be. I used to like that one in the past...
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  5. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert


    -- I'll try not to post anything about the event anymore.. it's excruciating and if I make a wrong step and lash out, God help me, I'll be banned for life. They'll probably send ninjas after me. :)
  6. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    i guess frustration is part of this game fun anymore...i just wondering is there a hidden agenda to let the players quitting the game!
  7. Atair

    Atair Forum Apprentice

    I dont like to complain much, but i have not seen the mini events yet :confused:
  8. -.SeReNiTy.-

    -.SeReNiTy.- Someday Author

    Hello all,

    As usual, I am almost commenting all this in the end of the event.

    To make sure since the very beginning I did: carpet + 2 challenges.

    Event has an awesome background (to be honest, I am starting to be a little bored of deserts and everything related to Middle East or Eastern world). There are a lot of contexts that you can report and do funnier events (something related to climate change, involving ice or water or something like that, like "Save Dracania from climate change").

    In terms of graphic, that team is really
    AMAZING , AWESOME and everything was perfectly done. My best regards to them! Awesome job, really and honestly ;)

    Things that I like
    - Background (context of the event - despite of, as I wrote before, starting to be a little annoyed of all that maps related to deserts).
    - New Mount and new set (I know that this set may not have a lot of importance to the majority of the players, but it is something new that may help other ones) ;)
    - Graphics, graphics, graphics were amazing :D (including that short river and maps transitions with that rive - amazing!)
    - New event is always positive (when production team does not destroy it, it was the case - see later).
    - Boss drop (mode 1 / mode 2): fine. Something that was really well done...

    Things that I don't like
    - Production team (or whoever makes the money appear in that company) destroyed the event easily! It was insane how they did it so well - more than that, they destroyed an event that, in graphics terms, had everything to be good or even the best. Just "seeking for money" trauma destroyed all. Keep it simple. Do not demand things that people cannot/don't want to give.

    - Daily quests: they were terrible built and it seems just to be "we had to give something to not make it so hard" (like it was intended). You were demanding over 10 entries per daily quest to win something like 2 or 3 finest earth or white flour or srapyer. This is the theory! In practical terms, you were asking for 3 hours (at least) of farming just to complete ONE daily quest.

    - Time needed (this affects all points that I am now writting about): this event was simply hard/impossible to do for "normal people", with a social life, family and professional affairs.

    Daily routine from a portuguese person (normal-day)
    07 a.m. - wake up
    08 a.m. - take children to school
    09 a.m. - arrive to work
    12 p.m. - lunch time
    17 p.m. - leave work
    18 p.m. - catch children from school and, then, home.
    19 p.m. - helping children with homework (or housing affairs - cleaning, preparing dinner...)
    21 p.m. - family time (watching TV, reading, PC time).
    23 p.m. - go to sleep.

    In practical terms, one mother/father has, at least, 1 or 2 hours to play per day. They were not even able to complete daily challenge. How they will have time to think on challenges or even on carpet? It was just ridiculous.

    You really need to check some concepts and study how societies works - concepts of urban mobility or how people spend their own time should be interesting for you.

    Why am I saying all that?
    Some time ago, I received in my inbox an e-mail from Bigpoint that would like to know me better. In the very beginning I thought "Cool, they want to know who I am as a player-person, my rotines, my feelings and my background".

    Not even a question like "What time do you have to be in your work?" or "What time do you leave your work?"... How they will know to schedule an event if they don't know my rotine (and surely the majority of the people).
    Another question:
    in Portugal, our labour market is still not "liberal" as many countries. We don't have access to Skype or online games (at least public sector). We cannot make a break in our work to go to do a challenge.

    To be honest, I had luck, because when you launch the event, I was that week in holidays. So I can advance more on that... when I start to work, I had like 2 or 3 hours per day to play - so I forgot daily quests, I took hours to farm all what I needed... (Average of 300 coins per 12 minutes in mode 1). Are you joking, right?!
    - Challenges: in brief: idiotic. Badly builts, demanding over 30 entries to complete certain tasks. Why do you not ask all in the beginning? Simply - you want that us spend time (or pay to have it), with boosters / buffers and so on...

    - Prices: in brief: insane. You were demanding 799 andermant for a 10 minutes booster! 1300 andermant for an entrie... Rewards. I got just unesful things. In the first one, I got 2 equal items (Sargon bow). In the second one, was not that bad, but too far away from the effort that I did to complete it.

    - Set: it is cool (set bonus), but... we are tired of "tier 1, 2 and 3..." #boring! Everything is now like that. We have more things to do...

    - Coins drop - absurde for rewards' prices.

    - Challenges time: as you see in a "normal" daily rotine, I could not even farm to make the challenges and, if I was able to do them, I would not have the right time to finish them (playing 1 or 2 per day). This challenges "by a certain time" was stupid. Anyone demanded that? I don't think so.

    I could have a lot of more things to write - believe me.

    Again, congratulations to the graphic team (you made a really good job, that was destroyed for money seeking by production).

    I had to play over 10 hours per day during 4 days to farm for carpet + you demand to do challenge + daily quest! (I would like to tell you that I am a normal guy that needs to sleep and have social time too - try at least).

    This has all to be the best event of Dracania, but that sick of asking and converting all actions to money destroyed all this event - and many people gave up in the 1st day because of that. As I was from holidays in that week, I did not think about that... today, I see all my effort to do that and I ask to myself: "How were you able to do it?" just for 4 ridiculous items + 600 drakens + 1 polished amyth. and 1 normal cyanite? I should have been drunk or something like that when I decided to keep doing it :p

    Bigpoint does not care about your rotine or feelings, as players. How they demanded to farm 10 hours per day to have 10000 coins? My God, someone with work, family and other affairs have no time to play not even 3 hours per day, something requested to do daily quest (in one of that quests, you demanded 20 entries - 6000 coins, so 6 hours of farming!)

    To end, please, stop creating tier and tiers... create events with a progress bar! Or change event name to "Dunes of Frustration"...

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  9. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    I'm done, I got 100 bones after 34 runs. THAT'S 2.9 bones per run. Guess what, I still can't finish it. I still can't talk with Fahid to give him the bones. What happens? Am I missing something?!
  10. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Most likely your schedule didn't cross with the timetables for them, so that'd be why (you can look for them on here or on the Wiki).
    We already know the drop is incredibly awful. What trakilaki was saying is that, if you wanna hand in the 2nd quest during mini #1 (or the other way around), Fahid will have nothing to tell you, I presume. Of course, he's only on the map during the minis, so check the timetables and see when you can catch him for the quest you want to hand in.
  11. xSmokZz

    xSmokZz Someday Author

    omg realy ? last 3 hours of event u close the server?!?! after u cant?! now with event...?
  12. Natta!

    Natta! Forum Greenhorn

    I rarely post any comments about events, etc. Have been playing the game for a few years and have generally enjoyed most of the events even though improvements could occur. However, this event has annoyed me HUGELY. I spent a bit of money on ander thinking that this event would be fun and maybe even have some decent rewards. What a joke. That chest at the end is laughable. I was so disappointed when I opened it. Honestly thought that after all the hard slog and ander spent there would be something decent. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! If the aim was to get me and others to spend. well done. But once bitten twice shy. I wouldn't put up with this crap in the regular world where you expect to get something for your money. I'm not going to give up on the game just yet but I definitely will be thinking twice about spending money on your game in the future.
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  13. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    one question will this event be back?
    If not then i will sell drop all those items i am saving ...
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Probably ... they didn't made that silly trading system just for one event :D
  15. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    ya i guess so thanks!
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