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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Sunlight, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    We would like to collect your feedback regarding dwarf & s
    kill balancing.
    Take a look into the explanations down below, test it and let us know your thoughts ;)
    Please, remember that
    the changes are still work in progress! That’s why it’s on the Testserver and that’s why your Feedback is important to us!

    Dwarf Turret Changes

    The Dwarf receives a permanent aura attached that boosts turrets when they are inside the Aura. In exchange the standard damage of turrets will be reduced. The Dwarf itself might receive a bonus when standing next to turrets.

    TurretChangeBonus when in close vicinity to DwarfBonus for dwarf, when in close vicinity to Turret
    Combat TurretReduced Damage: 50% per shot (down from 65%)Increased Damage to 75% per shot----
    Machinegun TurretReduced Damage: 50% per tick (down from 58%)
    More Salvos (to prevent graphical glitches from stuns/destruction)
    Remove attackspeed multiplier
    Increased Damage to 60% per tick----
    Tesla TurretReduced Damage: 50% per tick (down from 66%)Increased Damage to 75% per tick----
    Tactical TurretUnchanged----Dwarf receives Defense Bonus
    Also change the basic turret settings, so they work in the following way:
    • They are affected by damage and effect like normal monsters
    • They don't block paths
    • They don't draw aggro
    • They have a small hit box
    • It has a normal health display, when hovering the mouse over it
      • For clicks of their summoner, turrets are ignored (its a movement command)
      • Enemy players can click on the turrets to issue attacks

    Skill Animation Timings

    Skill execution is faster animated. The attacks don't change in their velocity, but the animation ends sooner, which leads to the fact that the character can move a lot quicker after carrying out an action.
    To give you as much insight as possible and to make the comparison easier, we provided you the following list.
    The following skills have been adjusted, please focus on them:​

    SkillSkill Unlock FrameMotion Unlock FrameHit FrameOld Frames (Skill/Motion/Hit)
    Rage Attack156521/21/11
    Rageful Swing156522/22/12
    Iron Brow156513/13/5
    Fury of The Dragon2010924/24/12
    Mighty Wild Swing2010916/16/8
    Hunting Arrow156515/15/15
    Deadly Blow156520/20/15
    Death Sweep156518/18/11
    Precises Shot2010920/20/16
    Scatter Shot2010915/15/15
    Explosive Arrow2010920/20/16
    Magic Missile156515/15/8
    Chain Lightning156515/15/5
    Ice Missile156515/15/8
    Light Strike2010917/17/5
    Frozen Sphere2010913/13/7
    Quick Shot156513/5/4
    (Skill Unlock Frame = Duration of when next skill can be used; Motion Unlock Frame = Duration of when the Character can move again after using a skill; Hit Frame = duration of when the skills is dealing damage)

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. AmarWilrick

    AmarWilrick Forum Pro

    Machinegun Turret : Remove attackspeed multiplier ? it means that speed attack dosent affect turrets dmg ? . let me resume, so critical hits rate dont affect turret, speed attack dont affect turrets !! conclusion, delete the dwarf from drakensang online !!!

    Hp for turrets ? lol with what skill can fight now ? come on BP this ais a big mistake to give turrets hp
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
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  3. m0m0revenge

    m0m0revenge Forum Apprentice

    That's one of the worst idead ever made by you guys! So basically you remove the area around turrets so we can move "freely" but in the same time we can have dmg only if we stand next to them so no more movement. Also taking the speed multiplier of the turrets is leaving the dwarf "naked" because the damage and speed are the only things we can use and besides all this you put also life on turrets so everyone can one shot them leaving them completely useless. If this change is going to happen I can assure 90% of dwarf will leave the game (me 100%). The worst idea ever made, a big NO from me.
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  4. RastamanCZ

    RastamanCZ Forum Greenhorn

    This is the end for dwafrs.....
  5. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    The damage reduction outside area could be lived with but the elimination of attack speed bonus and the ability for turrets to be killed will make Dwarfs useless
  6. dini112

    dini112 Forum Greenhorn

    This new idea will kill the all dwarfs . very stupid

    DSOBROTHERS Forum Greenhorn

    Hi drakensang team,

    Just want to let you know that uptade is really bad and kill the dwarf class.

    First of all, our turrets deals already less dmg than strong skills from other classes with crit. We have no powerfull attacks wich make that we cannot use crit (not valuable of for speed shot), and now you remove attack speed from turrets.

    Secondly, you've given to our turrets some hp, but they're distroyed by one shot from boss or others players, wich mean we spend 50% of our steam for smght that is destroyed in one shot.

    Thristly, ess have no longer interrested on turrets since you have been nerfing the bug, we only earn few dmg more and our turret deals ridiculous more dmg.

    To conclude, we need to move and can't stay one a little circle near our turrets.

    Well, i hope you'll take it in account before making that worst realease on dwarf ever.

  8. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Thumbs up for the hp at the turrets... I don't understand why the mages and rangers would have hp at their spawns... Time to learn some strategy you auto-hit dwarfs.. Good for you..
    The Hp should not be fixed though due many reasons(it seems a bit low). The hp seems to need rebalance for the bosses, or at least not taking the agro from the boss.
    Invulnerability for 2secs after the spawn would be good as well...

    For those who say that turrets don't need hp, don't have an idea how annoying is for the other classes to be trapped inside those things.
    The whole thing needs some rebalancing but the hp is the right thing.
    They don't take agro so why the cries? Please somebody delete the video, its missleading, he places the turrets inside to take the dmg. It seems though that the boss is hitting it.
    Now you will have to think where to place it.. Bad huh? Strategy is something that you will have to learn, like the other 3 classes.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
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  9. dini112

    dini112 Forum Greenhorn

    Bad idea . Hp for turrets.. dwarf most of the main skills are passive. dwarfs will no skills can use for pvp and pve....
  10. magicus

    magicus Forum Apprentice

    Dear bp, if you do just one nerf of this, consider me out of the game !!! goodbye !!!
  11. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Just delete the dwarf class altogether now then. This game has always coddled SW class so I guess once again their constant bellyaching has killed another class. All a dwarf has are turrets because you made a 1 h dwarf useless with that joke of a 1h weapon range. Turrets have never had crit so their damage has always been much lower than sw and ranger class already but let's nerf them even more because after all, this game is notorious for making bad decisions. But thanks, I was really looking for an excuse to finally delete my toons and walk away from this mess of a game and you gave me one. :)
    At least the rangers can stop playing victim about being worse class to play in game lol.
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  12. Falk101

    Falk101 Junior Expert

    These changes are just horrible for Dwarves. If you apply that i'm afraid you will loose big amount of players.
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  13. bebvsii

    bebvsii Forum Greenhorn

    Just i played 2 minuts in ts and 2 turrets killed, finished steam and bb heheheheheheheheh

    Bp you are very ridiculous !!!!!!!!!

    Dwarf in pvp it s EDIT need need pomp up and not nerf !!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the last time that i write you... You can ban me np but this patch is make by EDIT!
  14. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    How many pvp games have you played? Honestly at 1vs1 Dwarf is the best, at least against my class (DK).
    I have played many games against dwarfs and i think the hp was the right thing to do, the only thing that is needed is some tweeking. What do you expect, auto hit and all are good?
  15. stegon

    stegon Forum Apprentice

  16. BurdushSM

    BurdushSM Forum Apprentice

    Thanks to BP, this is great because I will finally have a good reason to go back to normal life. I'll keep track of your fall to the final decay :D
  17. ††ШULƒGΛЯ††

    ††ШULƒGΛЯ†† Forum Greenhorn

    I have leveled my dwarf when level 55 comes and my war goes very bad to tank anything in hard difficulty. And now you want to destroy the dwarf class? I think i go to leave the game if you do this.
    It's a shame to leave because I play since beta.

    Sorry for my English, but I had to give my opinion on such a serious matter.
  18. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    This re-balancing stuff is a complete garbage.

    1. HP for turret? - A EDIT dumb idea is what it is. How do you expect us to still play as a dwarf? Basically, you want us to tank and shield our turrets? what is the point of having lvl49 ( Neutralizer skill ) on the tesla, how can we stay inside our tesla and also help our allies for example DK in tanking Heredur, Bearach and Dragan? IN just one swing in infernal mode it will just gets destroyed. How do you also expect us to do solo runs in pw leaderboard? we will just run out of steam and die all the time if our turrets gets destroyed all the time.

    2. Attack Speed Multipler - We cannot crit damage as high as the mages and rangers. we rely on this and pointless to remove it. With the speed that is the only time we are able to crit.

    Every class has its role:
    1. DK - to tank
    2. Mage - to damage using crit
    3. Ranger - to damage using crit
    4. Dwarf - to damage using speed Multipler

    ONLY AN EDIT WOULD SAY MAGE and RANGER are useless class. You just don't know how to make a good build for those 2 classes.

    JUST because you hear alot of EDIT players keeps on complaining about dwarfs needs to be nerf doesn't mean you need to be an EDIT to do the changes.
    Last edited by moderator: Jul 28, 2017
  19. powerflow

    powerflow Forum Apprentice

    this idea of giving hp to turets is soo dumb u should not do this other wise this game will become worse alot of players will stop who play mostly with dwarfs if they have made their dwarfs strong so u better not do that and i will also leave this game if this happen and have to find another better game then this:( but i dont want to do that so u better not do this to dwarf
  20. ТнeRock

    ТнeRock Forum Apprentice

    Lol , I can't believe what you did to dwarfs. Instead of nerfing mages who only spam fireball and ice missiles you nerf dwarf again?
    I play on war btw and as far as i know the mage simple destroy the rangers in pvp.
    I got 140k hp in pvp ,80% armor, 80% block and big resistance and from some hits of ice missiles or fireball spam my hp goes down in seconds, is very hard to play like this and if I as tank have big problem vs them just imagine other classes like rangers and dwarfs.
    Even some mages don't like this spam and instead of helping everyone who keep complaining about mage spam you do what? Nerf dwarf class again... thats a good joke on them.
    This nerf won't affect me , but from what I see in the videos is too much for them.
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