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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Sunlight, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Thoradin

    Thoradin Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    The dwarf not mage dwarf dont have so many dmg-ing skill like a mage, and dont have so big burst dmg skill like a mage or ranger. So we can reduce the number of towers but minimum two tower required like at the beginning was also only two towers in single time placeable. towers dont need any cooldown, or with this chananges waht u recommended Alchimista the dwarf need new skills what gives the dwarf more burst dmg, but with FPS rebalancing yet the dwarf quickshot slower, Bomb faster anyway like before but still useless skill, no one will use it. Like oilspill too or the dwarf crowd controll skill waht is a one hit target for mobs. Iron dwarf only useable with shield, but than u cant put out really big dmg in a combat, so that is useless too, because with two handed build u die fast in Irondwarf mode like close combat character.
  2. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author

    Not sure why there is all this soft-gloves-treatment with the dwarf class. Especially considering that this is a nerf in PVP, boost in PVE. ENOUGH of freeloading in PVP.

    While Archer class got destroyed in both PVP and PVE with R194 without any discussions (Complete destruction in PVP - see top archer vs top mage statistic now... medium nerf in PVE) :
    The Explosive Arrow will only explode if it hits a target.
    The duration of the Set Bonus of The Herald’s Burning Thunder is now 2 seconds."

    Do mages next. Mage PVP nerf is so overdue. Overpowered stuns, teleport, unlimited mana, 50k dmg fireballs. And bring back the good old lvl 35 pvp talent - Immunity to stun for 4 seconds after being stunned, since archers suffered the most from its loss.
  3. Thoradin

    Thoradin Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Maybe they had from Ranger nerf something learnt. And they wouldnt make the same shame with dwarf or the other classes, because they will nerf not only the dwarf class, when they finish the dwarf they will focus on mage, warrior also..... and I find it good they will argue from this Thing with Players before they ruin everything. That Kind of thinking what you say when my dog die than must my neighbour dog too.... not nice... that was sad what had became with ranger in r194 but yet we Players have a little chance in this case to argue to make everything better for all, dont ruin this chance, maybe next time you need this argue too in your class....
  4. AlexandroM

    AlexandroM Forum Greenhorn

    maybe rebalancing need only pvp...and all class;)
  5. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Maybe I'm somehow blinded but so far there are no changes active therefore I don't even understand where should be the "boost in PvE". Noone saw anything close to a boost in any of the changement they early proposed even.

    The nerfs will come, BP just hided em so ppl don't have much to complain about before they will be released.

    Anyone that is asking for the dwarfs nerfs can easly chill because they simply postponed em (and I can only fear what they will do).
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  6. This was entertaining. However, I better stay out of it as the midgets greatly outnumber us. :D

    One thing regarding the skill frame rate changes, what about Bird skill for rangers? It has the slowest animation out of all skills and classes. It can even get interrupted when you see it above your head while enemy is marked, if you get stunned.
  7. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello hello!:) Welcome ZenGrinding - good to see you ! We hope to see more of you around here:) Enjoy!

    Best regards.
  8. postal112

    postal112 Forum Greenhorn

    speed attack supper after rebalancing;)
  9. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    I am stunted about BP's creativity...Though i am not playing the game for a while,i think there are many other way to "rebalance"the dwarf rather than this rediculous patch.

    1、Dwarves are powerful in PVE because of mechine gun+speed."rebalances":

    Cut the speed bonus by xx% /cut the duration of turrent by xx sec
    In compensate,decrease steam require.

    2、Dwarves are annoying in 1v1 and superpower in flag stealing.

    Give turrent proper hp,when hp is out,turrent dmg is reduce xx% or turrent is deactivated for xx sec.
    In compensate,turrent ignore control(stun,mind control,agro etc).


    Turrent now can be controled.
    In compensate,turrent cant be destroyed or deactivated.

    One more thing,IMO,dwarves are useless in 3v3 due to the lack of offensive skills,some changes need to be implemented.

    such as oil slick(?) has a 500or something casting range with a proper CD;Dwarf in a box has a small area slightly slow effect(before detonate);Iron dwarf can be canceled and CD will be adjusted to the activation duration etc.
    Change 1 or 2,dwarf is more pleasant to play in pvp.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  10. ßítí

    ßítí Forum Greenhorn

    dso team . ..after dwarf Machinegun Turret will remove attackspeed multiplier ???
    because i want craft blood rune rifle with legend gun . but i dont know
    can you tell me?
  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    We don't know yet.
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