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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Sunlight, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    Why not crit? May be we(dwarfs) should use it as others. For me like person who likes more arena is better to have atack like heavy shot without cool-down. I don't want that pvp will die only because rebalancing of pve. I pay money not for farm, but I farm only because I want be stronger in arena. What I want to say? New patch will not allow to use towers in arena because it is useless. And I want something instead that will help me in arena.


    Yes this is really disbalance in pvp. Dwarf need to hit many times to kill but mag and ranger do it in one shot. Why this is not fixed? I think need to have bounders between pve and pvp. If something rebalanced it should be done in pve and pvp separately. I am agree that need rebalance for dwarf in pve but in pvp this class have many problems. Please take it in account when DEV will change something.
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  2. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    allcoss, i appreciate that you enjoy pvp. :) that's ok. it can be SUPER fun! personally, i do not like it all that much as i'm not super competitive in arena. i don't care who is stronger to kill each other. that's also ok, but you have to remember 95% of the game is pve. so asking for better pvp skills can, in turn, ruin our pve skill. pvp vs pve is give and take. if we get heavyshot with steam cost...we lose pve kill speed because we can't keep turrets because all the sudden heavyshot takes 10 steam! so that can be tough too. i think ALL class should have separate pvp and pve ability, but this seems to be too much for bigpoint to handle. i think sm need the ability to have a "panic" skill to take out a few toons when in a a wild raccoon. you corner and sw and BOOM! fireballs fly. you corner a ranger and BOOM! EA come flying! hehe. you corner a 2h dk...and...that's just a bad idea. 2h dk have some fun skills to avoid death. looks like fun to play. but sm CAN drop a few skills, but they're more like...damage over time. that's fine, but we need a panic button in pvp too!!! lol. not just "here...have this turret flicking boogers at you while i go and RIP". lol. no offense, but remember, we need to keep pvp and pve apart. ask for better pvp and we will lose farming ability to get new gear, kill bosses, and help friends as a valid member of a party. this is supposed to be BALANCE, not "i like pvp so screw all skills and make me a pvp master class and screw everything else". NOR should it be, "me, Abradolf, doesn't like pvp, so screw the guys who enjoy it". i want both for all classes. a fun game. balance. long battles where any class has a struggle to kill the other. not just "my class has crits so god forbid you mess up i'll just kill you in one hit". let's make these pvp battles intense and more skill related. i'd rather have 2 minute 1v1 than if i get a heavyshot you die or if you get your big damage skill i die. that sounds fun to me. :)

    hope that wasn't too off topic.
  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I don't play a dwarf as my main but I do play one from time to time. I have friends who play their dwarfs. This change has been on my mind since it was posted and I just have to ask... Is DSO looking to change something we won't like so they propose a worse change causing us to accept the new change as "ok" because "it could have been worse"?

    As I said before, "Balance" doesn't mean "nerf". Balance, in this case, means bringing all the players onto an even playing field where players at the same play/skill level have similar experiences. A level 43 SM/DK/SW/RA should all die just as often on a set of maps or PvP matchings. If one class lives more often, help the other three to live as often. This will make the player base happier. Happier players play more often and spread happy words to others looking for games to play. Happy players buy things. Unhappy players leave the game.

    Be smart, BP, and make your player base happier; not angry, resentful, and frustrated.

    PS. Thanks Trakilaki for the video. I do like the animation/frame rate changes.
  4. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    they destroyed dwarfs...servers are already empty..tegan server is already dead empty waiting for pvp match all day the game is dead
  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Dear Players, as you may know the Rebalancing of the Dwarves Skills is still WORK IN PROGRESS.
    Two things are being fixed in the newest Test Server version:
    1. The Turret Healthpoints. It should scale more appropriately with the Player's Level up to a maximum of 13785 at level 55.
    2. The Tesla Turret Damage Buff now works correctly.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  6. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    This is a nice joke :) 13785 is 2x normal hit and bum no longer damage from dwarf :)).
  7. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    Has the issue of maps covered in poison etc such as the desert in the Dragan event been addressed. Dwarfs will have absolutely no offense there as turrets will die pretty much immediately when dropped.
  8. Velidor

    Velidor Forum Greenhorn

    as wite @BigHink what will happen with turret HP on events like chalenges of Dark Dwarf Heist
    13785 is better than 500-1000 - but spam of meters, exposions of (mini)bosses destroy them
    I think this HP is still too small, when compare it to a other summons
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  9. Gregminator

    Gregminator Forum Greenhorn

    Some people have 2x more dmg than this turret have Hp. On one hit they can deal 100-120k dmg because of crit and crit dmg. This 13785Hp is ridiculous! The same monsters on Q. Fatal? Inferno? With this Hp dwarf can do only normal maps D:
  10. flodder

    flodder Regular

    If this nerf is comming i'll stop playing this game! ihave 22k HP and if i get 1 hit i die..And we need to play the game like this!
  11. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    14k hp on a turret is still one hit. And the speed multiplicator must work too!!! dont destroy the dwarf!
  12. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Had to laugh. Funny how they make the mod team deliver bad news but not a single dev or anyone else from BP/DSO will comment on this insanity lol.

    That being said, so how exactly are the SM's supposed to pvp, run Leader Boards for points, let alone solo anything anymore when all we have left is our gun? LMAO
    "Work in Progress" LOL They need to stop selling that phrase. They will not reconsider anything and think adding a pittance of useless HP will make it all better lol.
    Um...there will be a mass exodus from game after this "work in progress" kills the SM class, you do know that don't you?

    But it's ironically funny as I don't think BP cares anymore lol. The new T0S we had to agree to absolutely gives us no say in anything and anything they "give" us is to be considered as a generousity while they can destroy all our hard work with no moral afterthought. But then as stated in the original ToS years ago, we never owned our toons anyway so whatever.

    Looking forward to seeing IF they nerf the other classes so bad in the future, from afar of course. Guessing since they can't sell the whole game to anyone they plan on shelving it. They made a ton of money off of it anyway.
  13. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Is this some kind of joke? I really don't care about the dwarfs but this is illogical, do the devs play the live servers?
    Do they know what happens inside the game as a normal player?

    Think a Grand marshal for example, do you think that the turrets with the 13k hp is sufficient for a player that has 30~40k dmg?
    I think my idea is far more practical. 2-3 hits to destroy them and immunity till they spawn is far more normal than this low hp.
    Another idea is that the turrets would have a % of the player's total hp/armor/resistance (that way they would invest more to their build too)
    I remind you that i'am a DK and i am really happy that they get to have a balance but this is total [EDIT] that they try to do.
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  14. Heredur_oin

    Heredur_oin Forum Greenhorn

    BP, are you Kidding? dwarf turret for hp lv55 13785 hp?? dwarfs will can't do Leaderboards rank pve solo... and pvp too
    Turret hp 13785 Lv55 in pvp . 1hit was destroyed.... same pve fatal infenl mode...
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    When making big changes like class rebalancing or any other big game change ... the design team must be creating videos including designers explaining and practically showing the new changes ... like it used to be the case in the past.
  16. Hi Mal3ficent.
    I think like other players, that amount of turret life seems to me tiny. In addition the Tesla would have to remain immune by its purely defensive work.
    Apart you do not mention anything regarding the multiplier of the attack speed whether or not it will be maintained in the turrets, I only see it logical to remove it if they give a critical impact, otherwise, it seems normal to leave it since it is normal for damage to rise Depending on attack speed.
    Sorry for my English, but I had to give my opinion on such a serious matter.
  17. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    good job making the servers empty...good luck with that
  18. jslaughter

    jslaughter Forum Apprentice

    I like that BP is trying to make the rebalancing somewhat better like with raising the hp, maybe it means they are paying attention to this forum, i'm not sure, but i hope they continue to work on this and make it better because the dwarf would still be unplayable the way it is now, and if it is unplayable then there is simply no reason to continue to play the game and spend money in it. I hope they take alot of time with this and really look at what it will take to allow the dwarf to still be a decent playable toon because i have invested alot in my toon and will continue to do so as im sure others will too as long as it remains a playable toon. I just don't have the motivation to start over building up another toon so if the dwarf is really nerfed then its time to go.
  19. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    I tested towers but it is still not applicable for pvp. Players can dmg 80k to other player. What DEV think that our towers for one shot?
    Please give us something else for pvp. Dwarf is one-key-play(quick shot 66% dmg) and support skill ( heavy shot 3 sec cool-down).
    Please do balance on pvp.
  20. motorola11

    motorola11 Forum Apprentice

    If you balance the class, please be nice to explain
    1.Why are you "balancing" just a machine gun turret, and that's the second time?
    2. And why not balance the skill of OIL SLIK ,BOMB AND QUICK SHOT.
    Because balancing means all the skills and only the most brisk and most used skill MACHINE GUN TURRET
    Or you value our (gamers) intelligence and you destroy the class call "balancing":)
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