dwarf skill change ideas

Discussion in 'Steam Mechanicus' started by bezryl, Dec 11, 2019.

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  1. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    just some random ideas on how to change the dwarfs skills

    before reading this please note i honestly don't care if they nerf q7 and think it would be ok and nice to use other skills

    been thinking some of dwarfs skills could be "active skills"

    what i mean by this is they are always active outside city but have a cost like 50 steam to have 1 active meaning - max steam amount until turned off

    some example ideas is tesla turet would now be a lightning effect around your dwarf always on with roughly the same radius it has now, think of you siting in the center of a tesla but it moves with you something like that but you would no longer be able to place it obviously. this would make q4 way more valuable imo

    machine gun could be transformed into a machine gun you shoot yourself like quick shot, it would function similar to having a machine turet out but you are shooting it and more important aiming it, if q7 was ever changed it could just buff this skill or something..? or maybe increase the "spread" of the shots and dmg making it similar to q4 but different skill

    mechanical turet could be "shoulder mounted" and always moving with you, yess the idea is from a movie:D, or give us actual capes and put one on the stick capes are on

    mechanical turet/q8 changes:give us a skill to add aoe/exsplosive dmg to the shots like 25-50%
    q8 changes the dmg to frost slowing and maybe small dmg buff? without something like the aoe dmg on the shots without q8 mechanical turet can not compete with machine/tesla

    iron dwarf: change this to a defensive similar to dragonhide or something, as is its mostly unused, if you activate it and open inventory you can see they already have something like a model for this. or just make it a summon skill call a iron dwarf he fights and dies like mages guardian or ranger wolfs. as is this skill is crap why use it when you do waaaay more dmg and fight better out of it, all im using it for now is runing past the towers in the event for more resistance:(

    bombs:they are okish...the delay on them is not the most fun and attack speed dont effect them, they seem out of place

    steam conductor is fine as is, utility and thats what everyone i know of use it for

    tactical turet:not used by me or anyone i know its crap. we get two bombs from it per 10 sec, change this to a dmg skill make it do HUGE DMG with a really large radius and actually aim at enemies. we are only getting two shots so its gota do alot of dmg in a big area to be worth using

    dwarf in the box: again not used mostly have no ideas on this one

    oil:again not used:( maybe instead of it throwing the oil on the ground you throw a barel of oil at the mobs and it slows/dmg them for certain amount of time instead of now if they walk out of it its useless

    rocket:is ok as is

    heavy shot:if q7 is changed would become a unused skill have no ideas for this

    so the general theme of these ideas is to make it so we dont gota deploy tuets anymore and atleast imo makes us more balanced compared to the other classes(WE WOULD PROBALLY DO LESS DMG) but way more fun to play/makes some unused skills usefull
  2. Bundin

    Bundin Someday Author

    You Play with dwarf and U dont use it lol with 5 Point Talent it gives a huge dmg buff on your quick shot when U use quick shot full talented then U can use it with bloodrifle for bigger base dmg and with q1 set combined U get an awesome quickshot dmg. What I find a Little bit bad the radius what its have a Little bit small.

    The Towers tesla, machinegun, and mechanical gun dont touch it, but the tactical turret could be Change to an aoe attack like a mini mortar, so it shoots out not a slow flying bomb, it must be work like a real mortar.

    Iron dwarf yes its useless, yet but we dont Need Guardian make the iron dwarf skill more thougher, or make a set what can make more effective it.

    Bombs normally only usefull during the lvl-ing after that it is useless for us, because its slow like a snail.

    Dwarf in the box make not one hit or make steam cost cheaper dont worth the cost.

    Dont touch q7 make another set useful like that q7 set is the only option for rangers yet.
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  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Veteran

    No, Q7 is too strong and should be nerfed... also, regarding dwarf, it is way more important to nerf (rework) Q8, bullets could explode in exchange for lower damage.

    Then perhaps some other possibilities could be buffed and some more reworks could follow.

    Because everyone got too fast. People are reaching the terminal speeds with 2h... that could perhaps be possible with some speed-oriented 1h build, but not for any build. Something for something.
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  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Active Author

    What do you think if we (Dk's,Rangers and Dwarfs) create a thread where we rant how unfair it is to nerf our q7set and how much effort put in it, will they cancel it ? I think not, BUT if a mage create such a thread they will indeed cancel such a nerf (bloodstaff). Then I'm asking why q7 should be nerfed for 3 classes,when bloodstaff didn't get a single change ? 3 classes should suffer because of the simplicity of the mage players.I don't wont my characters to get nerfed because of the simpleminded people who refuse to understand that each class has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Dwarfs op/Rangers mega op/DK's should be played only 1h/Mages weaker then 1h Dk's PVE (sarcasm)
    How do you feel if they nerf your weapon ? (Oh wait they won't because they never touch your class)
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  5. Bundin

    Bundin Someday Author

    Speed thing is a general failure from BP and they made itr stronger with the knowledge talent tree....
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The Earth is flat, the Sun is revolving around the Earth, The Earth is the center of the Universe ... and then come people, like Giordano Bruno, who argues that is not true. Then, the butthurt society of peasants and their Inquisition masters start frenzy screaming "heresy! heresy! heresy!" and they burn them people opposing their whitewash crap ... at the stake.
    Centuries later ... when it proves those "heretics" were actually right, the same society of people screaming for punishment, turn 360 degrees and say "Well ...oink ... we actually knew they were right ... oink ... we were actually bored and killed them as a joke ... oink".
    And these events are repeating over and over and over again throughout the history, but always changing shape and place.
    They now infest the movies, games, music (ermm ...music? what it is?), comics, everyday life ... etc.
    They are revisiting the things made in the past and changing them to worse ... because they have no capacity to make them better and have even less capacity to make something new.
    - The good old music has been turned into one beat repetitive computer sound, because the old one was too complex for the new generations.
    - The old T-800 model 101 has been turned into draper and the old T-1000 has been made female and renamed to LGBT-1000. Because men are toxic and we don't have capacity to invent something new and better ... and we still need to sell crap and make money.
    - The ranger class has been destroyed and made just like any other class but without a soul, because of the players who are or might want playing a ranger ... without knowledge how to play it.
    - 2H weapons has been made faster than 1H weapons, having more damage and same critical hit, critical damage, because ... why not? We are masters in balancing and we feel like you should play our way or hit the highway.
    - and that was not enough but we actually made one OP set for all ... because "This is Sparta! Qaizah!".
    But, fortunately our Universe is a place of harmony and it has ability to fix and heal itself ...
    Whether like it or not things will get fixed. OP q7 set will become a set of the past and the Bloodmage weapon unique enchantment will get fixed eventually.
    It is already happening! 1H builds are becoming useful again...well not enough and certainly not for ranger class since it was nerfed so bad so it can't actually function without q7 set. But yes ... mages can have a same damage and speed with 1H as the Bloodmage builds.
    The almighty King Harold the Worthless will get his back kicked hard and the Queen Antonia will find a new King of Duria and the things will start to getting better.
    The OP argues that midgets have useless skills based on no experience whatsoever.
    Midgets are the only OP class that are having OP skills on top of the OP set. That can be seen easily at the place called arena where buffs and set bonuses are not working (well they are not supposed to be working unless there is a bug or exploit which almost always happens).
    Bombs, Tactical Turret and Oil are not useless but rather OP skills.
    I wonder how come the OP has never learnt of the real potential of those skills.
    But sure ... having an OP class is not enough ... lets enable the god mode for that class.
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  7. Bundin

    Bundin Someday Author

    LOL Tactical turret skill useless for dwarf as it works yet has no sense. If u know about this skill what I dont know then let me know it. As it works its a scrap skill, before I used it because its enormus steam charging after the changing its a scrap, for dmg I will never use, for buffs it cost too much in steam so it is a scrap.

    The bomb is not useless completly but not good enough to use too slow I made a set for that for my dwarf but then i surprised that quickshot is much better than bomb beacause it much faster and make more dmg, my opinion the bomb must have breakpoints not so much and big as the quick shot or the Specialshot but must have this speed too slow yet.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019

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