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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Piipero, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. MiSi1234

    MiSi1234 Someday Author

    Hi there,
    I dropped the ring at lvl 50 Blakborg.

    It's been a while since I posted here, so here an update:

    After the lvl 55 update I refined 5 radiant sapphires that I had left over, giving me 5x 8% speed runes which are in my adornment + 2 sacreds and 3 flawless.
    Im planning on crafting a 4x 5.5%+ speed adornment pretty soon (I have the items, just need luck ;) )
    Trying to craft 4x % dmg belt now as well, my current has around 27% - 28%
    I have really bad luck with finding % dmg helmets (found only 1 blue helmet with a 9.87% line so far since the update)
    Still discussing with people and trying to find out what the best combination of enchantments is on 2h's now for pure dmg...2x % weapon dmg, 2x % total dmg? 1x % weapon dmg, 3x % total dmg? 3x % weapon dmg, 1x % total dmg? etc.

    - Michelle
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  2. Sanguinius94

    Sanguinius94 Forum Apprentice

    Very pretty, and thx for answer ^^

  3. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    best is a Bazooka with 4x % dmg on this item...crafted myself a pretty good one which boosted up the dmg for over + 5k
  4. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    My dwarf. My second character to reach level 55.
    Just reached level 55 this week.

  5. ZenGrinding

    ZenGrinding Forum Greenhorn

    I do not understand how this much damage is possible. Would you mind explaining where all that damage is coming from?
  6. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    the weapon has golden lines of increased damage and probably has big ruby gems
  7. ZenGrinding

    ZenGrinding Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you for the answer!
    Even with 200%dmg on the weapon and a piano worth of rubies this still does not even come close to 10k damage. I am confused.
  8. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    ZenGrinding, a torso with four increased damage % lines, same with belt. Also, that warlord set gave added % damage on 2h weapons. The mortis rings give another 4 or 5% damage or so each. lots of gear changes have happened since that picture was posted. there are some different gear combinations that have since been introduced with new updates. also, on your journey to get stronger, remember you want ONLY "increased damage on this item" for your weapon. the "increased damage" stat on a weapon will NOT give you better damage on blue, purple or red ess, and the % increase does not stack. so stick with increased weapon damage stats while trying to craft. hope this helps a bit. i will post a pic eventually when this darn increased damage helm finally gets crafted. good luck and happy hunting!

    p.s. +50k damage on red ess is now pretty easy to get with some crafting luck and new gear and you don't even have to pay $$$.
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  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    As others have noted, there is probably a bit of stacking of increased damage% from the torso, belt and 2 rings of death on top of the big total increased damage on this item % on the 2H gun and big rubies. As well as the 30% that warlord gives as a set bonus for 2H weapons.

    The mech also has virtually no hp and low armor and only 137 steam, so my guess is the wisdom talents are allocated at 25 for increased damage, 25 for increased speed, and 10 for behemoth.
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  10. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    It is not 200%. It is possible to get 4 lines of 80% damage each (320%)
    And then Behemoth adds 50% more on top of that.
    You can spend 25 points of wisdom on damage.
    As others have said, you can add 4 lines each from belt, helmet and robe.
    The theoretical maximum damage an SM can have now is about 28,600 without any essences or uniques.
    When you add some damage enhancing uniques to that, You can get even higher damage.

    So, 13k damage is not exceptional. Undoubtedly, it is more than decent, but not the high end.
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  11. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Sry to correct but:
    Max Increased DMG on this item, for 2h weapons is 76.7% (I suppose it could be 77% but never found any so far).
    308% it's actual max IDotI.
    It's a standalon multiplier, doesn't "add", it multiplies.
    I don't know where this number comes from but, even tho I suppose it can be reached, I hardly belive it could be reached without uniques as the the minimum essential uniques you will need is the new bellicose set bonus.

    This leads to some conclusions:
    - many of us have very different "concept" of the term "easy"; 7-8 months of "work" could be enough to reach the 15k DMG target, past that, when a 4/4 tranferred weapon onto a t4-t5 with very good base dmg is mandatory, it could take years.
    - there is at least an essential event you can't miss (Dragan and to some exents the BloodMoon); without that you will need to wait at least 3-4 months before you can be competitive at high tiers.
    - while 50k dmg it's definatly reachable, it's basically the lowend of top tier considered that to improve that by another 10% will cost you about 2-3 times what you spent to reach that score (the jump from 50k -> 55k pretends things like royal rubyes, 4/4 tranferred crafted gear and so on; an average player usually collects 1 royal ruby in 1 year just to give a picture of how "easy" it will be)
    - paper dps doesn't mean much. I had multiple times the proof that there are other factors to consider. Steam amount/regen and def stats are sometimes better than the pure DPS.

    If you ask this, probably you haven't reached lvl 55 or, if you had, you still struggle to craft a decent weapon tranferred onto a good unique.
    Once a char reaches this step, jumps into another game (ANY class); it's the difference between hardly farmin painful mode and go through fatal as it was a walk in the park (even tho bosses are another story as, in there, skills and def stats will have a major role).
    To have a faster growing curve focus on the weapon (not only but mainly).
    I suggest you to get a dragan/Q7 weapon (t4 would be better for the higher base stat), in the meanwhile start crafting your 3,5-4/4 IDotI enchanted leg weapon.
    Priorize the weapon because it gives basically 70% of your dmg, any other craft won't give you as much as this one because any %DMG will be watered down by essence (beeing the same multiplier).

    There would be a lot more to suggest but this is not the place.
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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Max is 80% if you used old 80% lines from the level 50 game. My current herald gun originally started as a level 50 crafted gun and has 3 lines of over 78% each adding up to 237.12% idoti, including one line of 79.95% idoti, along with an old +damage line that adds +114 damage at level 60.

    Edit: its very similar to the one Blaind posted below. Slightly lower idoti, a little bit more +damage. I believe I posted the original level 50 stats somewhere more than a year ago, probably in one of the crafting threads.
  13. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Here are her last crafts in the crafting thread and I'm sure that her stats are way bigger now:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You forgot one important part of this equation to reach this level in a months. You truly need a good active guild with players willing to help/carry you along.
  15. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I am sorry, but Behemoth trait is called a 50% addition.
    Let me explain how the terminology in math works.

    If you have total weapon damage of 1000, then a multiplier of 50% would be = 1000 x 50% = 500 damage.

    But, Behemoth is called an addition. That means it is calculated as:

    1000 + 1000 * 50% = 1500 damage.

    It is an additional 50% to the base damage. That is how it will be explained in math.

    I wasn't talking about the damage that you can get in 6 months, or as a free account or as a paid account. I was trying to explain a theoretical maximum damage that someone can get. The phrase theoretical maximum means something specific in math. That means by whatever methods, spending whatever time, that is the maximum damage anyone can ever get under the current circumstances.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
  16. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Leaving all the the rest of the speech which isn't meaningful, the point is that Behemoth isn't applied to the base dmg but to the base dmg multiplied by the IDotI because they are different multipliers.
    And I wasn't referrin to you when I said that.

    The correct reference was
    Not anymore. Max WAS 80%.
  17. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Which is why I was specific and said old level 50 items.
  18. MiSi1234

    MiSi1234 Someday Author

    Here my most recent stats.

    Im a bit on the edge of keep playing / stop playing since the only reason for me to login would be to keep in contact with some friends :p
    At this point Im waiting for the augment cores to arrive to upgrade my weapon (1 base dmg away from being max, weapon only has 2 gold lines so that would be a goal as well to get it 4 gold lines :p ), other than that I try to craft another 4x dmg belt and speed adornment, trying to get new moon set as well but no luck so far.
    Also these are my stats for the turrets I put down at bosses: (blue ess + I switch to q7 set, shoot rocket and while it's flying, I switch back to wolf set, giving me these stats)

    - Michelle
  19. ZenGrinding

    ZenGrinding Forum Greenhorn

    Is that the Full Moon set with 100% weapon damage?
    If yes, is it still optainable? I read it was replaced.

    Also, is there a specific reason you are wearing those enforcer shoulders?
  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Are you talking about the blood rune set (the equipped 2H gun, amulet and belt)? As the entire set is tier IV, it looks like it is the currently dropping version.
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