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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Piipero, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. ZenGrinding

    ZenGrinding Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for the answer!
    Does it currently have a set bonus of +100% weapon damage for 3 worn parts? The wiki says a new set bonus exists since R189, but it could be wrong.
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I believe the +100% weapon damage (if hp is over 33%) is now a unique value on the 2H gun alone. So if you put 4x 75% weapon damage on the gun using crafting, you will get 300% + 100% for 400% weapon damage, and you don't need the other items to get that additional 100%.
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  3. VikiSmiley

    VikiSmiley Forum Apprentice

    I am surprised Steam Mechanicus part of the forum is not so active as the others. o_O
    Therefore, I would like to share with you my noob dwarf. :D So far I don't have much dmg or anything very good, but I am trying to craft armor, belt, helmet and gun with 4 gold dmg lines. So far I have helmet, belt and armor with 3 gold dmg lines. Trying to do my best. :)
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  4. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Simple truth is dwarfs are the most hated and overrated class in game atm therefor none of us is interested in posting on this forum just to be flamed.
  5. VikiSmiley

    VikiSmiley Forum Apprentice

    I don't know, I have never met a person who would hate dwarfs, even though I am noob they still don't go hating me or flaming. :D But I guess this is the truth for most dwarfs are being hated. :)
  6. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Fortunatly what happens in game and what you can see here are different stories but this is extremly off topic.
    Just don't expect that any end game dwarf will post here (I'm not an end game dwarf so I'm allowed to post :oops:)
  7. VikiSmiley

    VikiSmiley Forum Apprentice

    Ah,, when I will be end game dwarf (maybe like 10 years from now :D ) I will definitely post here. :D
  8. -KingTimo-

    -KingTimo- Forum Greenhorn

    Just for fun setting :rolleyes: Not for farming :D





    I am thankful for tips :)
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  9. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Very nice one, shame you still need the Bellicose gloves to complete the setup... I made the same mistake to follow the q7 route before Blood rune was released.
    BTW I'm about to drop Q7 also in PvP since the point blank rocket doesn't give much benefits compared to what you get once you stack some crit dmg.
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  10. -KingTimo-

    -KingTimo- Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you :p
    In my Oppinion this isn't a big problem with the gloves because sometimes i can switch to q7 weapon to get the buff:cool: yes you're right i am building some crit items now..
  11. MiSi1234

    MiSi1234 Someday Author

    I dont think my stats will change even a little bit, so I'll throw them on here before the rebalancing update.
    Im pretty curious what my stats will be after r208 though, I do have crit stats as well atm but they're not impressive at all, and besides that I'm not a big fan of playing with crit anyway.

    - Michelle
  12. marlon1487

    marlon1487 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello to everyone... i would like to post your opinion about my current build as ive'd just started this game only mid-Sept. last year. I read in forums but it circulates mostly on DK's build and nowhere in game i can ask as they are not helpful (most of the players.. sorry about that). I'm newbie as far i can tell and my progress is not good compare to other as i am not a premium member, and crafting is really a pain for me.. anyway i post my char down below for you to see whats wrong or what to priorities. Thank you.


    Btw sorry for hiding my identity for reason, peace to all.
  13. Kan_Krum

    Kan_Krum Forum Greenhorn

    I am thankful for tips :)

  14. Integrity

    Integrity Forum Apprentice

    hello, i would like to show you my 61 day effort in this game after abandoning it more than one year and few months ago. i stopped playing this game few days after reaching 55. reason? i found no more satisfying playing this game, probably because i was also playing a lot other game (card trading game). not playing this game since the latest expansion came out, so, yeee for drakensang :)

    right now it entertains me so much i have decided to make videos so i started a youtube channel, new video is produced every day. i have never been working with video-recording software, so i am learning and trying to make the best content i can and content which i find interesting/useful or entertaining. if you are interested, the link to the channel can be found in my signature.

    knowledge lvl 47, max speed, behemoth, rest is on dmg. unlike many dwarves i meet in parallels (playing a lot with region) I didnt try to haste making myself a crit dwarf so i am still using no critical. in kobold´s safe there is 46%crit helm waiting for patch and dragan to be transfered into his helm, i am only a step from constructing 4x gold gloves (2x3gold gloves) and an adornment +-108% (2x3 27+critical) and hopefully 4x weapon damage 2h as soon as possible, though in 3 days of playing i havent droped a blue weapon with 70%+ dmg which i thought is not possible to NOT DROP but now i know that yeah, it is possible :) there is a 3xgold weapon, 2x 2gold weapon in kobold waiting +- 15 weapons with 1 gold weapon, so hopefully some usable weapon will be constructed soon. the current herold weapon is the 6th weapon i bought for 112k, this one last i bought has gold stat, though very close to not-gold maybe 1-3 dmg i guess. sometimes when i´ll fell optimistic about the game i´ll go q7 and try to get the ultimat maximum dmg :p

    obviously i want dragan helm, shoes and top ring, managed to drop ring 150%health and 17%crit dmg other ring 55%crit, both will be probably as soon as possible transfered into mortis ring and dragan ring, making the dragan ring a little health booster (i have 2 +10% health rune). khalys cloak will be replaced for spider cloak and q2 amulet for medusas, then hopefully the critic will be not look so desperately after the patch. also the adornment will be filled with onyxys, now there is only 2x 333.

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  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hello @Integrity and welcome to DSO English forum.
    I have moved your post to correct thread.
    You can check this guide, on how to post images on the forum.

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  16. Amatrisi

    Amatrisi Forum Greenhorn

    Inf3 build:


    Fatal build:
    If you want to see my items check out my video on YouTube:
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  17. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

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  18. Sanguinius94

    Sanguinius94 Forum Apprentice

  19. Sabatooon

    Sabatooon Forum Greenhorn

    advices ?
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You should get better horseshoes ... probably titanium ones.
    You should also get a better carpetbeater ... when dusting the banner.
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