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Discussion in 'Steam Mechanicus' started by Piipero, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. Sabatooon

    Sabatooon Forum Greenhorn

    very funny...
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Level up.

    Until you hit LVL 55, there is no relevant advice for me to give you.
  3. Sabatooon

    Sabatooon Forum Greenhorn

    This is my Dwarf now:
    What items to look for and what i need to improve ?
  4. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Medusa necklace with 4x crit damage% (see note 2)
    Cloak of your choice - I am currently using white queen cloak.
    Bearach belt with 4x damage%
    Cube ring with 4x crit damage% (see notes 1, 2)
    Dragan ring with 4x crit damage% (see notes 1, 2)
    Sigris adornment with 4x increased crit on this item%
    Herald 2H gun with 4x increased damage on this item%
    Dragan helmet with mix of damage% and increased crit% (see note 3)
    Pauldrons of you choice - either witch seeker uncrafted or khalys pauldrons with mix of armor% and resistance% lines
    Sigris torso with 4x damage%
    Herald gloves with 4x attack speed%
    Dragan boots with your choice of a mix of hp on this item% and travel speed%.


    1) other rings to consider - mortis death ring, bloodtooth ring. also bearach ring if you need survivability in the pws as it gives hp regen. cube ring requires premium to get the cubes, so dragan ring and mortis ring is also a good combination and might even be more preferred.

    2) its possible to max out crit damage if you have super gold/platinum lines in your necklace/rings. If that is the case for you, substitute out a crit damage line for hp on this item on your ring (or hp% on your necklace)

    3) the mix of damage% and increased crit% on your helmet will depend on whether you have maxed out your crit potential on your adornment and thus maxed out your crit for the infernals.
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  5. miras09

    miras09 Forum Apprentice

  6. hacker09897

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  7. miras09

    miras09 Forum Apprentice

    This bild is for fun not a regular farm, such a curiosity xd

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