Eden - Now recruiting Tegan players!

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  1. silverseas

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    Eden is a guild on Tegan that welcomes you to join! Our only requirements to apply are that you are level 45 or higher & speak English. We have players around the world spread throughout different timezones.

    Current status: Open
    Spots available: 10 (bring your friends!)

    If you are interested, please contact any of the following players:
    • Booleanbr (Guildmaster)
    • Rezar (Officer)
    • Zolty (Officer)
    • Cantab (Officer)
    • Artar (Officer)
    • Kuroumi (Officer)
    • Nemmut (Officer)
    We expect all members to conduct themselves in a respectful manner when dealing with all players. Any players who are inactive for over 3 weeks without reason may be removed at the discretion of the guild officers.

    Guild leadership is committed to providing assistance in the form of guild parties & guides but have a zero tolerance for freeloading [where players follow behind the main party and just picks up loot while contributing neither damage, tanking nor support skills].

    We hope to see you around!
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  2. Nalros

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    Good luck with your new guild. Many adventures await :). (Nice graphic as well).

  3. silverseas

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    Thank you Nalros.

    Just a heads up for anyone interested - we do have a Discord server. No mic is required to join - lurking is alright too. :) We strongly encourage guild members to join Discord to stay on top of announcements. We also create our own guide content that is available only to members.
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  4. Zoltan

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    Have recently joined Eden and having a blast. To date have mainly played solo but now enjoying team runs with active and friendly guildies. Also learning from more experienced players which is helping me improve.

    Looking forward to future events where I may actually get to finish them :)
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  5. Ayun_Woh

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    Hi lvl 49 DK, I would like to know if i could join your guild. :D

    - Thanks
  6. silverseas

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    Hello there, of course you can. We still have space. :) Please let me know your in-game name so I or another officer can drop you an invite. :D

    --- MERGED ---

    Just a brief announcement here: After much discussion, I have decided to retire once more and hand over the leadership of the guild officially. I have updated the first post of this thread to reflect this. Alas, since I cannot hand over ownership of the thread, I am stuck with continuing to manage it. :rolleyes:

    (Dear mods, please don't zap my post and grant me a bump instead. Many thanks.)
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