Elysium. How do I kill my copy in the "Final Test"?

Discussion in 'Quests' started by zloy00, Feb 21, 2021 at 9:38 AM.

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  1. zloy00

    zloy00 Forum Greenhorn

    I play as a ranger and it is simply impossible for me to kill a copy! Tell me, what's the secret, maybe there is a video? The storyline quest cannot be so difficult (
  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Active Author

    Hi @zloy00 It says t's a copy of you, but this is a lie, cos it use eagle, tree, net, bees and more thing i don't use them. I managed to kill it with blue esse after having died lot of times with white ones but there's no an specific way to kill it that i know
  3. zloy00

    zloy00 Forum Greenhorn

    trouble! I used ginger essences and almost no effect. Maybe at higher levels it will seem easier (now I have 86) ...
  4. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Active Author

    I killed it at lvl 66 and with a poor equipment
  5. zloy00

    zloy00 Forum Greenhorn

    in this case, I don't understand anything at all (((86 lvl, 467 health, base 57 + red essences + enhancements ...
  6. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    Trap + ea ... hit ... run ... repeat .
    Easy peasy ...
    Learn the dance!
  7. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    Have you done trial of strength? My quest line seems to imply he is the final boss in elysium. Done all the quests I could find but never saw "Final Test"

    Boss is Tegan he seems to be a warror move fast and jumps a lot. My mage cant move far enough away to get any hits in before he one shots me.

    p.s. lvl 83 mage on normal in case that makes any difference
  8. zloy00

    zloy00 Forum Greenhorn

    you forgot to go through the battle with Tegan 2 times - Revenge, this is not a repeatable quest, but a story quest.

    --- MERGED ---

    for Tegan you must use the Guardian, red essences and be ready for a long and tedious running around. I used a tree and a falcon for stan him and then beat him, it was long and boring, but simple.
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  9. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    yup the Fire Gardian worked "well" but as you said rather tedious. After the first kill a ! appeared on the map but killed him a second time anyway.
    New quest was The Last Trial. First part "reach the gate to mortis". Did that. Gates at top of map didn`t open or change at all. Second part says "defeat the last trial". No new areas have opened and quest guidance cant find any more goals"
    Rather lost as to what to do now.

    nevermind found it
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021 at 7:37 PM
  10. zloy00

    zloy00 Forum Greenhorn

    you need to go to the gate and there kill your copy at maximum stats what I cannot do)
  11. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    Yes found him/her/it fortunatly was a true likeness of me a weak pathetice wimp so was easy to kill. It seemed to cycle the different types of attack so was easy to anticipate what would come next. It was so stupid that it even tried to mind control my pet.
    But worse is to come. You then have the Halls of the Dead which is lifted straight from the old PW without any change at all, only to be expected from a cheap arse company like BP.
    Anyways you wont be able to progress any further without killing Mortis, good luck on that, and of course you will need a mortis pass coin to get in there.
    You couldn't make this rubbish up if you tried :(
  12. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Forum Apprentice

    I play with a ranger, lvl 100, with equipment of lvl 140, wisdom lvl 200.
    I can't kill my copy, I tried doing it with essences, I tried doing it with buffs, with equipment, without equipment, with skill progress points, no progress points ...... etc.
    Inevitably he kills me in one or two shots ... and heals himself all the time with wolves ...
    If anyone knows the trick, please explain it to me ..... I'm already a bit bored to keep looking for ridiculous challenges in this game ...
    From already thank you very much.

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