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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Are you a Wiki guru? Do you know everything about Dracania? It's time to test yourself!


    We are selecting ONLY 5 winners. Hurry up and fly over Dracania with this awesome and epic bone wings.

    Write your character name and server and... guess the map!

    Start: 31st March 12:00 (CEST UTC +2)
    End: 02nd April 18:00 (CEST UTC +2)

    Winners announcement: 03rd April.

    Note: this event is only for active users in EN Forum.
    We do not allow edits to the post in this event.

    Good luck, heroes.
    Your English Moderation Team
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  2. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    Name: GodChronos
    Server: Heredur

    Guess: Blakborg xD (Should be blackborg but I don't think it has been fixed yet).
  3. Lin

    Lin Forum Apprentice

    Character Name : Augus
    ID : 731639
    Server :Tegan

    Guess Map : Burning Coast
  4. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Name: Imatearyouapart
    Server: Heredur
    Map: Burning Coast
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  5. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    haha... it'd be interesting to see why you guys think it's blackborg.... i even did a run to check that its not duplicate or something..
    There are only a couple maps with intact humanoid skeletons and fire, and burning coast was #1 on my list since there are no skeletons in suvius and dragon caverns and those two were already used for guess the map before.

    My guess is definitely burning coast. Every time I have an acc at RCC and the burning coast missions show up, i see this guy. I wonder why the arrow in his chest hasn't decomposed yet. And no one has even stolen his bones or anything (is that racist to the qaizah monsters?)...:)

    Server: Tegan
    Name: Immortaldeath
  6. Ren_Alanera

    Ren_Alanera Someday Author

    Character name: Renalanera
    Server: Heredur

    Guessed map: Burning Coast
  7. cgcidefix

    cgcidefix Someday Author

    Character name: Ezekiël (mage lvl55)
    Server: Heredur

    Map: Burning Coast
  8. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    char name: Lavadriller
    Server: Heredur

    Map is Burning Coast
  9. Dümbledore

    Dümbledore Someday Author

    Character name: Griммλg ( Spellweaver LvL 55)
    Server: Agathon
    Map: Burning Coast
  10. Michelllevo

    Michelllevo Forum Apprentice

    Char name: Mιchelle
    Server: Heredur
    Map: Burning coast
  11. motorola11

    motorola11 Forum Apprentice

    Char name: snopsis
    Server: grimmag
    Map: Burning coast
  12. Pumpkin7

    Pumpkin7 Junior Expert

    Name: Pumpkina
    Server: Heredur
    Map: Burning coast
  13. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Character: Morinphen // Server: Heredur // Map: Burning Coast ;).
  14. Craptacular

    Craptacular Forum Greenhorn

    Name Craptacular
    Server Tegan
    Map Burning Coast
  15. VukChe

    VukChe Forum Apprentice

    Name: Isidoraa
    Server: Grimmag
    Answer: Burning coast
  16. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    name: tassadar1977
    server: grimmag
    answer: burning coast
  17. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Name: A190714
    Server: Tegan
    Map: Burning Coast
  18. Dark_Sinister

    Dark_Sinister Forum Apprentice

    Name: Blixtguden
    Server: Heredur
    Guessed map: Burning Coast
  19. AlinBlendea11

    AlinBlendea11 Forum Greenhorn

    Map: Burning Coast
    Name: Aleenbld
    Server: Heredur
    Proof that I found the place:
  20. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Name: Fukuru
    Server: Heredur
    Id: 109738531
    I am kinda late.. Oh well .. GL to all the rest of the guys
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