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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Welcome to our new community event!

    This time, you have to help Renwood Ato, our super-sensitive bunny.

    Renwood Ato, Dracania's special little bunny, is in very upset. He is sad because he is missing all his chocolate-eggs and carrots. Poor Ren, he is inconsolable as never before. He is even thinking on leaving his job as Dracania's bunny and find something related with evil forces.
    You must prevent this! That’s our call to you, hero. Help Renwood Ato become a happy bunny again. Reunite him with his chocolate eggs and carrots. Otherwise, the future may be terrible for all of Dracania!

    Renwood Ato: Hello, I am Renwood Ato. I am the leader of all bunnies in Dracania, but, since some weeks ago, I’ve been inconsolable. We had some trouble here, as you can see. Nobody respects me and I am lazy too to fix it myself… Everything seems chaotic and I see no future in 2017 Easter.

    Hero: Don’t be so sad, Ren. I am here to help you and save your Easter.

    Renwood Ato: Really? That’s the first time that I’ve had support from someone. Normally, nobody cares about a sensitive bunny like me.

    Hero: Yes! Your glory time is coming and your eggs and carrots will be on time in Kingshill, where people will taste your products.

    Renwood Ato: That’s awesome! But you have little time to do it, so hurry up!! Easter is coming and there is a lot of work to do, starting on how many eggs and carrots I have to deliver.

    Ren was always a lazy and a fat bunny and he still is. So, that’s your task! Count how many eggs and carrots are seen in this picture down below and help Renwood Ato, our supper-sensitive and inconsolable bunny, save Easter in Dracania!



    You have to count how many eggs and carrots our super-sensitive bunny, Renwood Ato, has to deliver in Kingshill until Easter time!

    It does not matter carrots/eggs color, everything in that picture must be considered for your task. Renwood Ato is lazy and he did not give us any information about his products. He is terrible in communication.

    This is the trigger-scenario. Everyone has left Renwood Ato’s team, so he is depending on you! Go further and save Easter time!


    Start: 11th April, 2017 – 12:00 CEST UTC +2
    End: 18th April, 2017 – 18:00 CEST UTC +2
    Announcement of the Winners: 19th April, 2017


    If you want to participate, make sure that you are respecting all these rules.

    1. You can participate with
    ONE ENTRY per global account ID.
    2. We will only accept participants that are
    active on English Forum (5 posts in Forum in the last month). This content is not for players who are not actively participating in community discussions.
    After counting every single egg and carrot carefully, post your guess in THIS ENTRIES THREAD. Do not forget to write your character’s name and server. The character must be on the a/c you post your entry with. If any of those information is missing, your guess won’t be accepted and, of course, you won’t be able to get our awesome rewards!
    You can edit your submission post as many times as you want. In the end of our official contest, you should only have one final post/guess.
    5. English Moderation Team reserves the right to disqualify and even apply temporary or permanent bans to those accounts that are not following the mentioned rules. Keep our thread focused on topic.

    How to participate?

    Count every single egg and carrot carefully. After counting and recounting, you can share your guess HERE.
    Do not forget to add your character’s name and server. If any of this information is missing, you won’t be eligible.

    Post example:
    Carrots number: X
    Eggs number: Y
    Character name + Server

    As Renwood Ato does not recognize people’s value, that’s why every single bunny abandoned him, he will not offer you anything.
    But… English Moderation team does!! Awesome rewards for those ones who help this poor bunny be a happier bunny as before.
    Only players who got the right amount of carrots AND eggs will be eligible. If there are not enough players with the right amount, we will select people with the right amount of carrots OR eggs.

    · 1 prize of 15 000 Andermant, 2000 gold and Bunny Costume (permament);

    · 3 prizes of 10 000 Andermant, 1000 gold and 7-days Bunny Costume;

    · 7 prizes of 5 000 Andermant and 250 gold.

    That’s it! Help Renwood Ato and you will be the one saving Easter time in Dracania and, of course, bring our Ren to the good vibes again.

    Enjoy and good luck!
    Your English Moderation Team
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