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  1. Vayne

    Vayne Forum Apprentice

    Green presents: 180
    Nick Name: Vayиe
    Server: Agathon
  2. CreeperS4

    CreeperS4 Someday Author

    Green Presents: 180
    Character Name: Creepers4
    Server: Heredur
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  3. Anomos

    Anomos Forum Greenhorn

    179 presents
    Ho ho ho
  4. Fiqqus

    Fiqqus Forum Greenhorn

    Name: Djhulk
    Server: Grimmag
    Green presents : 176
  5. Paranomos

    Paranomos Forum Greenhorn

    179 :p
  6. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Char name: Booleanbr
    Server: Tegan
    Green Presents: 180

    Correct and eigible
  7. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    Char: Magellano
    Server: Heredur
    Presents: 180

    Correct and eigible
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  8. X-VII

    X-VII Forum Apprentice

    Name: Greysmoke
    Server: Tegan
    Presents: 179
  9. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    Name: Targwiz
    Server: Heredur
    180 presents

    Correct and eigible
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
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  10. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    jayr3d tegan
  11. kenshin8141

    kenshin8141 Forum Greenhorn

    name: Anthony814
    server: Agathon
    present: 180 green
  12. -Dominator-

    -Dominator- Forum Greenhorn

    Character Name: 00d0minat0r00
    Server: Grimmage
    Green Presents: 180
  13. Roint2

    Roint2 Forum Greenhorn

    Presents : 180 total
    Character : Сандрос (cyrillic letters)
    Server : heredur
  14. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    74 light green & 105 dark green
    Answer:179 green presents
    Character: H4g4kure
    Server: Heredur
  15. MsahersmaraM

    MsahersmaraM Forum Greenhorn

    Number of green presents:180
    Merry Christmas :D
  16. Michelllevo

    Michelllevo Forum Apprentice

    Name: Mιchelle
    Server: Heredur
    Green presents: 179
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  17. tins89

    tins89 Forum Apprentice

    Char Name : Veny
    Server : Tegan
    Green Present : 74
  18. perkovic15

    perkovic15 Forum Apprentice

    I counted 180 green presents!
    My username/character name: Perkovic15
    My server: Grimmag

    Correct and eigible
  19. Dewesh

    Dewesh Someday Author

    green presents: 119
    server: Heredur
    Char name: Dewesh003
  20. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant


    Correct and eigible
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