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  1. OmniusPrime

    OmniusPrime Forum Newbie

    playing on the American sever and only found 3 or 4 people that speak English. so edit this game, cant get any help
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  2. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Tegan is a joke anymore. I have been playing my PvP dwarf and in KH all I see is spanish, portugese, philippine, turkish.....lol, then the funny thing is I get guild invites from these players and I do not speak their language. Go figure.
    Think most english speaking US players have left the game. We got hit with the biggest andermant purchase price increase as compared to the rest of the world, and seeing how the game has evolved into a must pay or miss out on just about everything anymore, the servers are emptying rapidly. Well, of english speakers anyway.
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  3. keronnowrang

    keronnowrang Forum Greenhorn

    If any english speakers want to join an english guild you can add me. Shadowcaster96 and you can just add me as a friend if you'd like and i'll help you if you want me to.
    thank you all and keep well
  4. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    We have an alliance on Agathon for English speaking guilds here. I don't know if the other servers do anything similar.
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  5. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    Still a lot of English speakers on Tegan, but what with everyone spread out with the new PW entrances and end levels, it's hard to track most of them down. I miss the days when Kingshill was the main hub for everything.
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  6. soxx101

    soxx101 Forum Connoisseur

    plenty of english speaking ppl you just not looking hard enough or they cant be bothered talking to you...half of them are so up themselves its too funny...
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  7. Wakaole

    Wakaole Someday Author

    Dont know about you...i think there are many english speaking player in tegan... i play in tegan and actually i dont mind if they want to talk in any language they want. Just say u only understand english...

    I play in tegan server near 3 years now and language is not a problem to me...

    and my guild is [​IMG]

    and language here 99% English..but you must be A Ranger lvl 40 above.
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  8. mamayukero

    mamayukero Forum Greenhorn

    those phillipines people they can speak english so is singaporean, malaysian, indonesian.. just respect each other if they dont speak english why bother!! this world is not only about english and just so u know spanish is the no 1 language in the world that most people use..
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  9. Denemama

    Denemama Someday Author

    Deathinc Agathon. Plenty of english speakers,
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  10. Bubblesitchbays

    Bubblesitchbays Forum Greenhorn

    if any one wants to you can join the unrelentingforce and add me as a friend too
  11. Belgareth

    Belgareth Forum Greenhorn

    Nobles of Duria english agathon server
  12. Laurie53

    Laurie53 Someday Author

    And the mother country of all English speakers - that'll be England, not US, is actually on a European server, so we have groups and guilds full of peeps with little or no English and we manage somehow.To be fair, most peeps try a little bit of English to accommodate us as we Brits are so insular ;o) And some of the Brits are getting the hang of it now too. Bearing in mind we have countries which don't even use the same alphabet on Heredur, it's amazing how quick they learn to swear and insult in English. I wonder how they picked that up?
    Sometimes it's better not to know...
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  13. AltairBanished

    AltairBanished Forum Apprentice

    Lyk-a Sum-booodeeeee!!! Just use the darn Google Translator :D thats how i communicate with the BR and Espanols :D
    BTW there are plenty of English Speaking Players on Agathon Server. :)
  14. wenny0119

    wenny0119 Junior Expert

    I'm on Tegan too. I see alot of Spanish-speaking users...I did meet one that also speaks English. I started when DSO had only one server so I can't be bothered switching and starting anew.
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