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  1. trakilaki

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    The quote is from a different thread, click on the yellow arrow in the quote header and it will take you to the original thread :p
    Well they are having more than one issue. The fix for the Error 35 is the one i have already posted above. You can read it from your own screenshot ... the error is due to a mismatch in the client version ... and the dro_client64.exe file is the one who is having the client version information.
    I already tested it before replying here on the forum and it workied for me.
    here you can see the file is modified and downloaded short time before my reply here on the forum

    but ... then again ... my DSO Folder is 24GB big (plus 25GB older game files backup XD)


    The error 23 is different , if they can't access the same character they should wait for an hour or two, and the game should kick them out due to inactivity.
  2. Comandorul007

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    Am dezinstalat clientul de 4 ori cu iobit Unins.l-am descarcat din nou clientul de pe pagina jocului am mers,de la ora 14 tot fac asta!
  3. K-otik

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    Thx for your help, but i think you don t see exactly the problem
    So, i ll illustrate Xd

    I connect with another account on my PC and isee the char Giantcoocoo online

    When i go to the account and try to connect with Giantcoocoo

    When i try to connect with another char of the Giantcoocoo's account

    And the problem run since the maintenance, so more than a couple of hours.
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  4. dragorndu24

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    Same for me, I have tried everything and I still have the same error messages
  5. trakilaki

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    As I said ... you have to wait some time for the game to kick you out OR contact the support.
    As for the Error 35 ... again ... the fix is working.
    Don't uninstall and reinstall the game ... al you have to do is delete that one file and restart the client.

    Here I will demonstrate it is working.
    I have old file in my backup, a file from October 2021.


    I have replaced the new file with the old one ... and the game is throwing Error code: 35


    I have deleted the file and the Error is gone and the client is working.


    So the fix for the Error 35 is working :) . You can delete all the files if you want but this one is much reliable and better method for various reasons.
    From now on I am leaving you to the mods and the support :D


    You can also try playing in browser until the error is sorted our. The browser game version is 32bit.
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  6. Javah

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    I was by phone, while coming home, and didnt realize it ehm :oops:

    I just deleted dro_client64.exe and I let it the time to re-download it:


    Then I launched the game with the "usual" shortcut that includes -x86_64... and tah-dah:



    I didnt touch the game in last 6 hours. And I am having Error 23 if I am trying to switch to a different char.

    I think something crucial has gone wrong in session management at database-level, or something like that.

    Your fix is appropriate and resolutive if everything would work properly on the server side. Which unfortunately does not seem to happen.

    EDIT: I also renamed the DSOClient folder, and let it to download all the files from scratch. So now they all are "fresh&new":


    Again, it did not help at all.

    That's the problem Kenneth :D
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  7. duo1

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    hola, al conectar me aparece error 23 dice que soy conectado sigue desde el reinicio ya son unas 8 horas ¿cuando se aregla esto?
  8. trakilaki

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    I was replying to the other players ... they said they were kicked out and couldn't get back.
    Well ... that is a server error and you will all have to wait the server reset :D the daily reset in 01:00 should do it. Or you can contact support if you haven't gotten your daily chest.
    I am on Windows 7 and POP!_OS :p
    If you are on Spyware 10 check if the files are not blocked. Wait 2 weeks to flatten the curve XD what else can I say :)
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  9. Javah

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    Got the same feedback from my guildmates. They say that lot of players seem online now, but they can't be contacted ("unknown character")

    Thanks, I just informed "the other side" of guildmates (those who are unable to log in all the day).

    They did it: the issue is known and under investigation

    - cit. Inspecteur de sécurité Clouseau :cool:

    But I am 3-times vaccined and booked the next three doses already, I am owner of a super-duper greenpass, I am also ready to corrupt any officer who would ever prevent me to access anywhere.... what else could I do :D
  10. trakilaki

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    Known server issue, it happened many times in the past
    In that case ... Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year :D
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  11. Lambrusco

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    Let me guess @trakilaki are you de Santa? Happy new 2022 and i wish you can play DSO again or maybe what's happening it's a way to close our accounts... the twilight of DSO? who knows...
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