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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jocom, Jul 24, 2018.

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  1. Jocom

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    This'll be a longshot, but in my story "Fate of Dracania" I created a new essence and was promptly encouraged to share in this area of the forum. I hesitated because of how OP it would be, and I doubt anyone will take it seriously, but here it is:

    Essence of Oblivion - ANY enemy, boss or minion, dies with one shot, no matter how the amount of HP. However, BOSSES that use Andermagic attacks are not affected. These bosses would be Balor and Nefertari. The reasoning would be that they are so in tune with the Anderworld and so consumed by Andermagic that they would end up absorbing the essence.

    I also describe it as having "a dark purple-white glow." I had the essence item icon in mind when I wrote this, but also I described Aldred's weapon has having the same glow. The picture I had in mind for the icon, was a black sphere with alternating purple and white swirls behind it. The image I had in my mind for the weapon effect was similar to the effect on Sting from LOTR and the Hobbit, where the blade or whole weapon would glow.

    For balancing, there are two options that I have so far.
    1) Make it a rare item and/or only available in stacks of less than 100 through bonus codes or event chests, amphorae, or similar things at the team's discretion, but NOT anywhere in PWs. If done this way, the amount of this particular essence used by skills/talents would have to be low enough that players would get some decent playtime out of the item, but be high enough to deter them from using it all in one go and save it for particularly difficult enemies, knowing that it may be a while before they get any more.

    2) Make stacks of less than 100 available in the shop and stacks of less than 50 or so in certain parts of the game as a fairly uncommon item(i.e. ONLY events or ONLY in the normal maps-all difficulties, but NOT in PWs. The idea for this is that everyone should have a fair shot at this item.). The price in the shop would be in anderment and should be low enough to be affordable, but high enough that players wouldn't buy a lot of them.

    ALSO, This item would NOT be active in PVP. I envisioned it for PVE only.

    If it's made available in the shop, I can see some players going broke over this item so they can have the upper hand. I recognize the general presence of this item could cause negative reactions, and even managed well it might only cause more trouble than it's worth, but I thought I would share it anyway.
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