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    Stellar Gold
    ~Event guide~
    Quick Overview

    Event Summary
    Stellar Gold is raining all over Dracania, leave the heroes of Duria full of questions. This unidentified object is rumored to be bringing the blessing along the realm. But the glister slowly began to dissipate, when the mischievous golden monsters cameand started spreading chaos in their desire of gold!

    Gold Craving!
    During the event time, Golden monsters will appear across all Dracanian dungeon maps (Except the Parallel World dungeon maps) and you must defeat them to get gather Stellar Gold Essence, needed for facing the Golden Bosses in the Skyfall Arena to collect Stellar Gold. Collect as much Stellar Gold as you can to participate in the event raffle.


    Event Progress Bars
    2.png 3.png 4.png

    The Skyfall Arena
    A place so close to the stars, that you can see the golden magic happening!

    You can enter it via the Realm Path to the Skyfall Arena. After entering the Skyfall Arena, you must click the Summoning Star to start the Stellar battle! Bear in mind that you are going to need Stellar Gold Essence to deal damage to the monsters and bosses in the arena, otherwise the damage input will be displayed as “immune”. Two bosses will spawn on the two platforms available and you must hurry up to defeat them both (beware that after certain amount of time after defeating the first Boss, but you have not defeated the second one yet, the first one will re-spawn) to unlock the third and final platform and therefore, the final Golden Boss, dropping the Stellar Gold and chance to get the Golden Fairy pet from it (More info about it down below)! After defeating and the final boss, a Cosmic Chest will appear, containing small amount of additional Stellar Gold and other gleaming rewards.

    The Realm Path to the Skyfall Arena 6.png
    It is used for entering the Skyfall Arena. Can be obtained by defeating Golden Sentinels. There is a higher chance when the Stellar Gold Event Attire is active. (more info about it down below)
    Can be purchased from the Shop, the Realm Mage Thabo in the Urban Area maps or from Emilia, the Purveyor to the Royal Court in Kingshill for the following prices:

    799 14.png
    3995 14.png
    7990 14.png
    No limits
    40 19.png
    67 19.png
    133 19.png
    Max purchasable amount is 54 Realm Paths (each offer 3x times per day)
    Emilia (with an active Premium or Deluxe membership)
    21.png 93364 (On Level 100)
    Offer can be bought 10x times per Event
    The Stellar Gold Essence 7.png
    The essence is needed to deal damage to all enemies in the Skyfall Arena. It can be obtained by defeating the Golden monsters in Dracania’s dungeon maps (except Parallel World dungeon maps) from Painful mode and above, or from the Stellar Gold Meteorite (More info about it down below). Remember that the number of Golden monsters varies, depending on the size of the map, so you better choose a bigger map to have a chance for more Golden monsters and therefore, more Stellar Gold Essence farmed.

    Adjusted drop chances:

    Difficulty Painful Excruciating Fatal Infernal Merciless Bloodshed
    60 75 81 108 180360

    Can be purchased from the Shop or from Emilia, the Purveyor to the Royal Court in Kingshill for the following prices:

    Location Amount Price Restrictions
    259 14.png
    492 14.png
    885 14.png
    No Limits
    Emilia (with an active Premium or Deluxe membership)999 21.png 10670 (On Level 100)Offer can be bought only 50x times per Event

    The Cosmic Chest
    The cosmic chest can be found in the Skyfall Arena after defeating the final Golden boss. It requires 1x Cosmic Chest Key to be opened. Open it for a chance to get some wonderful rewards (displayed below) and some additional Stellar Gold. The Chest can now also spawn one or more Greedy Goblins, depending on the difficulty you have gone on, able to drop large amount of Keys of Prowess!

    8.png 9.png

    The Cosmic Chest can contain:
    Firework Rocket (mount)1
    Stellar Gold
    Stellar Gold Essences
    Golden Fairy Pet (Uncommon or Magic)1
    Polished Gem Bag1
    Radiant Gem Bag1
    Flawless Gem Bag1
    Gilded Clover1
    Altered Crescerite3

    The Cosmic Anguish Debuffs
    The Cosmic Anguish Debuffs are applied by the Bosses in Skyfall Arena, where each Boss triggers a different debuff upon entering its round trigger area.

    The Cosmic Chest Key 16.png
    The Cosmic Chest Key is used for opening the Cosmic Chest in the Skyfall Arena after defeating the final Golden boss. It can be obtained as a drop from the final Golden boss. The drop chance depends on the difficulty.
    Can also be bought from the Shop for the following prices:

    3333 14.png
    9642 14.png
    15861 14.png

    The Stellar Gold Meteorites 17.png 18.png
    The Small Stellar Gold Meteorite and the Big Stellar Gold Meteorite contain useful event-related items. They can be purchased from the Shop.
    Meteorites’ Content and Prices:

    Meteorite Guaranteed items With a chance:Price:
    Small Stellar Gold Meteorite 1350 x Stellar Gold Essence 1 x Realm Path to the Skyfall Arena966 14.png
    Big Stellar Gold Meteorite 2150 x Stellar Gold Essence 1 x Realm Path to the Skyfall Arena
    1 x Stellar Gold Event Attire (3 Hours)

    Stellar Gold Progress Item
    Stellar Gold is the currency that requires the event finish. The drop of Stellar Gold has been adjusted. Stellar Gold will drop from the final Golden boss in the Skyfall Arena.
    Difficulty Painful Excruciating Fatal Infernal Merciless Bloodshed
    Stellar Gold Drop 270 304 348 405 593 1010
    You can also drop some more additional Stellar Gold from the Cosmic Chest, which appears after defeating the final Golden boss.

    Event Pet:
    Gold Fairy pet (obtainable from the last Boss in Skyfall Arena and the Cosmic Chest)

    Gold Fairy

    Invoke your fairy the fairy envelopes you with fairy dust, which helps you to run faster and deal more damage to your
    - 8% increased damage
    - 2.5% faster movement speed
    - 14% increased damage
    - 5% faster movement speed
    - 20% increased damage
    - 7.5% faster movement speed
    - 26% increased damage
    - 10% faster movement speed
    Essence of Vitality Abduction:
    +150% damage (PvP: No effect)
    +15% vitality abduction
    A new reward from the event’s progress bar.

    Event Attire:

    Stellar Gold Event Attire
    25.pngBonus while active:

    • 50% increased Stellar Gold drop stack size
    • 50% increased Stellar Gold Essence drop stack size
    • You are immune against all Cosmic Anguish debuffs of the Skyfall Arena bosses
    • There is an increased chance that all sentinels drop a Realm Path to the Skyfall Arena
    Duration: 10 days

    Stellar Gold Leaderboard
    Collect as much Stellar Gold as you can to participate in the Leaderboard! Every piece of collected Stellar Gold will count, even if the maximum amount of Stellar Gold, needed for completing the progress bars, has been collected already. The players with the most Stellar Gold collected until the end of the event will win special rewards!
    The Reward list will be announced in a Banner, along with all 20 players with highest amount of Stellar Gold from all server.
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