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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    I dont know if they should called Champions or Boss, but on both map are always one mini that drops part for valve. I know that since right now i have 0 - 5 - 15 - 19 of this 4 parts for valve.
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I got the pets from champions in sewer under the Crypt. Have run into the Mother of Maggots twice in sewer under the Harbor, but her drops were ho-hum. Still haven't seen the Peeler after 20 odd-runs in the Harbor, but I guess I don't need him anyway.

    Have stumbled across one cursed amphora so far (in Harbor). The boss was surprisingly weak (I wasted red essence, assuming he would be as tough as the Full Moon amphora monster ... but the fight was a joke ... blue essence would definitely have been adequate). Drop was pitiful (25 draken, 5 amphora keys, a couple greens and a blue or exo [don't remember the specific gear dropped]), probably some main event progress, but I finished that days ago.


    Again, our experiences have been different: I definitely have done more than one run in the Crypt sewer in which neither champion (Pet Maniac, Puppeteer) showed up. I don't consider the Ambushing Worm a champion, as it drops literally nothing, not coins, gear, essence, event items, event progress, etc. Nothing.

    I'm at 17 valve handles (I often get one from piggies), 0 stems, 9 springs and 3 gates. The swamp monster champion in the Harbor drops either a handle or a stem (for me, the handle waaaaaay more frequently than the stem). The Pet Maniac and Puppeteer from the Crypt drop either a spring or a gate. Piggies in either sewer can drop valve parts from either sewer (for example, I got a spring from a piggie in the Harbor today).


    I'm still struggling mightily to drop 100% essence from anything (160 total in probably 10 hours of play last two days). For me, the Sewer Parasite is a rare drop as well, though I've been playing exclusively in the Fairgrounds and Harbor the last two days. When I switch back to Crypt tomorrow, I'm hoping the Sewer Parasite will drop more frequently, as I'm running low of the 300% essence we've been awarded from the challenge progress bar and have only been able to craft 3 or 4 x999 batches of essence the entire event.

    I've been hording stick bags, thinking I could save them for the next time the event rolls around to make even shorter work of the main progress bar, but will probably have to break into them to get essence and hope for a valve or two or at least a few valve parts.

    For me, the grind is gruesomely real.
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  3. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Appreciate that :D:D:D
    And yes, .. plan on giving it a few more shots ... got a 2nd rat from a cursed urn ... be nice to get it and add both to bag ... the sewers are good place to farm "other" stuff besides event items, so def gonna be back in there. Maybe I'll get lucky :cool:

    thanks, Doc.
  4. Cantab

    Cantab Forum Apprentice

    So if you add the first rat mount from the main challenge to your collectors bag, that means you can't craft the plague rat unless you get another rat from somewhere? Pity there wasn't a warning about needing it to craft epic mount.
  5. Erebus

    Erebus User

    There was, you just needed to read the event guide:

    Best regards.
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  6. Laurie53

    Laurie53 Someday Author

    Thanks Arx_X a pity I didn't read your reply last week. I hadn't realised and wasted a huge amount of keys with no golden gain.
    As for the rest I still haven't seen the Pet maniac, or the Mother of Maggots. I have JUST collected the lure cases from the chest under the castle, so don't despair Doc - what piggies anyway? I haven't seen any.
  7. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    the section is called "Piglets" and it shows on map and also with screenshots from players where those piggies hide on the 2 maps
  8. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Personally I'm not longer able to figure out which is the worst event structure gameplay between :
    1. tons of fragment to enter map
    2. farm map 1 to access map 2. farm map2 to access map3
    Sewer event is type 2
    Dragan event is type 2
    Moon events are type 1
  9. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    This is a no-brainer. #2 is by far worse. Realm Frags are not an issue over time. I have thousands of them and always will have thousands of them. When an event comes along that uses RF I can just play it. The events that I have to farm access during the event become a boring grind quickly.

    The Sewer event would have been a lot more enjoyable for me if it had used RF for access. Ofc, my pov is because I have been playing the game for a long time. Newer players would be locked out of certain events (or forced to use anders) if the farm-for-access type were not an option.

    The problem with this event was the ratio of farming for access to actually completing the progress bars. Most of the time I spent in this event was farming for access with very little time actually needed to get the progress bars done.

    Luck be with ye,
  10. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    since i managed to regain over 2x the event progress (after selling the first 3xxx upon completing the main) i guess i will go with "farm all the keys" till the mini starts and then get progress for both events simultaneously
  11. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    But you also need to farm >>>indirectly<<< for essence. Yes, essence occasionally drops from neat amphorae and piglets (maybe from mobs, too?), but so infrequently and in such small increments, you >must< farm for the 4 special items (andermight powder, sewer parsites, Nightglow Lilies, and rat lures) to craft essence and/or do the repeatable quests to farm for the event stick bags which contain event essence.

    Yes, all four special essence crafting items can drop in M1, M2 or M3, but at rates that don't match the balance of the crafting requirements, so I find myself scrambling to scrounge up sewer parasites which chiefly drop in M3 (the Crypt sewer, requiring 18 keys).

    Both repeatables require runs in M2 and/or M3; one of the two repeatables also requires runs in M4 (castle sewer).

    Yes, you get some essence and some mighty essence from the main and challenge progress bars, respectively, but I suspect you're going to be stuck grinding at various points during the challenge to come up with the essence crafting ingredients and/or bag sticks. You'll be low on essence crafting ingredients, and/or struggling to come up with valve crafting ingredients from the m2 & m3 champions (which you need to get into the castle in order to complete that 2nd repeatable quest; but you need event essence to kill the worms in the Castle, so, again, back to the M2 & M3 grind).

    You may regret not having the 3,200 event essence from the main progress bar before you start the challenge.

    Make no mistake: You'll be grinding for keys throughout the entire 3+ weeks, but I think it makes sense to alternate grinding for keys and running M2 & M3 (to get the essence and Castle sewer valve crafting components, and coincidentally racking up the champion kills needed for that 2nd repeatable and scoring that much more main event progress [in my experience, M3 yielded the best plumber's dogtag drops, so the few times I used the free buffs, I did it in the Crypt sewer]) from the start.
  12. Ranker

    Ranker Forum Apprentice

    FYI, buffs do not work on Map 4. Don't use them!
  13. Nalros

    Nalros User

    Hello @Ranker, please do not make posts in All-Caps as it can be seen as yelling and/or spam. Thank you for the tip, though :).
  14. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Unless, of course, you are playing dwarfensang with a decent 2H gun, in which case grinds seem to melt away....

    In that case, obtaining the main event progess reward essence, and possibly one set of crafted essence is probably all the essence you'll need to get started running the castle sewer map to completion. Because you're playing dwarfensang, 3x or 4x machine gun turrets and 300% essence is all you need to kill each excruciating castle worm and something similar occurs with the painful worms and the 100% essence. You'll earn some more 500x stacks of 100% ess with the two quest rewards.

    I believe my mech completed the mini with maybe 7x or less runs apiece of the harbor and crypt sewer maps (including a couple once you earn the cheese bread and fresh bread progress rewards, and earning a couple extra castle keys from piggies and a few more from crafted key pieces). The rest was earned by running painful castle sewer with 100% essence (I think my mech obtained 5500 or 6000 of the 100% essence throughout the event) and switching to excruciating castle sewer once you get the 300% ess.
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  15. Laurie53

    Laurie53 Someday Author

  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    There are definitely piglets in painful and excruciating mode as well, but not in every spot, and it varies from instance to instance. Pretty sure also normal but I have been running painful on my dk and mech, with a couple runs in excruciating as well on my mech.

    Maybe there are more piglets in infernal? Haven't tried it though.
  17. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    piglets are in normal mode as well Good maps with locations in Wiki
  18. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Phooey on this event. 8 runs under the fairgrounds and 1.5 runs under the harbor and not 1 single event essence. I had to creatively get around the undefeatables to get the 250 kills for the quest in the harbor, then quit the second run.

    And minimal amount of crap for drops. 10 runs total and only 5 - 9 items per run (80% green/20% blue; and I'm pretty sure I didn't get enough to fill 2 bags in inventory totaled).

    I just sold what I could (the plummers tags) and threw all the rest of the event items away. I'm washing my hands of the whole event and going back to the Great Desert.
  19. xXxTroublexXx

    xXxTroublexXx Forum Apprentice

    great event:
    -auto pickup=super
    -long time event=super, had busy period finished today, I'm happy

    negative points:
    -to many inv slots needed for event, why alwyas collect stuff from mobs, why not just kill x amount of mobs (for example for ess)
    -ess is not that easy to get
  20. Laurie53

    Laurie53 Someday Author

    A suggestion: the infernal pest lords should be counted as worthy champions for the daily quests, they are at least as difficult (and annoying :( )
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