Event Merchant Gnob [Feedback]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Biztart, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Sewyew

    Sewyew Someday Author

    yeah true that but hope atleast makes u go on :(
  2. Stipekralj

    Stipekralj Forum Greenhorn

    Old lvl 45 pieces from new moon event, 1 piece 1k draken, pls :)
  3. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Yup, and random values there too, pls. :sarcasm:
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  4. soxx101

    soxx101 Forum Connoisseur

    Gnob needs new items, its the same old things over and over...
    Oh look a green horse, a blue horse, a rotting horse...
    Same emotes time after time, they need changing...
    Some items cost way to much for the amount of draken you put on at events, if you are going to put items that high, run more shorter events.. Or have quests where you can obtain draken instead of lame items and coins...

    Always A Pleasure
  5. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    I have heard from a reliable source that, Gnob had to cutback on staff, because of the recession and he fired the entire "design n creation" team:D!!!

    He only kept the working force, so he has something to sell:eek:!!!
    Drakens are only good for buying the "Dark set" and melt it for glyphs!!!

    It took 2 years for Gnob to design the ring and capture the pig/boar:p
    We need to be a bit patient, after all Gnob is working all alone now:D
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  6. Sierra523

    Sierra523 Forum Apprentice

    I agree with the more variety request.
    Would be awesome to see some new items from him next time he comes around, and I guess a wider variety of items in general, but especially from Gnob because the wait is so long. It's a bit anticlimactic, if you ask me.

    Aside from that, everything else is peachy- I think the costs of his items are fine, they are a bit pricey but I guess if they were easy to come by then it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding and would kind of defeat the purpose of an event merchant.
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  7. anderw0rld

    anderw0rld Forum Greenhorn

    sorry guyz but i wass o lang time off.i dont play about 1 year and now i would buy from gnob dark pauldrons and dark gloves.i am agree with u ,introducing new items but not to exclud old itmes.thx
  8. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert


    But u right after 2 years gnob bring same intems...and onli 3 pieces are new from new set 2 rings and amulet....
    I din't understand why Dev's din't made a:

    -Dark Cloak
    -Dark wepon
    -Dark wepon ornament
    -Dark shild(for all clases)

    with so much idea u have in all forums about new intems with Drakens not 1 was add in game for 2 years lol....
    Is pointles to suggest santhig about Gnob becouse they need another 2 years to make that intem ...
  9. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    So you want a whole dark? huh..... don't really like an idea with a set the encompasses all the equips but I think might happen.
  10. Sewyew

    Sewyew Someday Author

    I think the devs are out of touch with the Legend item stats they created. Just look at the new dark set, 165 total dmg with bonus? that's something you can get with 2 legends. And with a price tag that high most likely most end game players buy it just for the sake of having it rather than using it. Besides there really is nothing else to buy anyway after going through all that to earn those drakens. Unless they are making items only for new players who don't have decent legends yet, these new items they are making keep getting EDIT. That kinda make me give up for any new decent gear so at least give us something that we can actually use like the ess of vitality abduction or CoTs or something along those lines...

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  11. buhurrr

    buhurrr Someday Author

    I think the *new* dark set can be quite effective provided you have the right setup.
    Yes you can get 165-180dmg with 2 legends, but can you get 500armor+res+hp, 5%run,7.5%speed and 25%crit on the other legend? For 3 pieces it gives great balance
  12. Lordcl

    Lordcl Junior Expert

    Gnob is dead!!!!
    he chocked on the nuts he collected in Kingshill. he got greedy and started eating the drakens on his way home; stuffed his mouth with nuts with his both hands. he was found dead outside Kingshill among several sacks of half eaten drakens. Priests of Kingshill predict that his death was due to a draken swallen whole.
    His hungry kids are to pick his body tomorrow after a short ceremony inKingshill
  13. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    The dark shadows on the grounds of KS is the remains of the ashes of the Gnob.......

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  14. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Rest In Peace, Gnob. You were never around when we needed you, your prices were high and you smelled like a dung heap... but at least you had the goods. You will be missed (sort of).
  15. SmileyJ

    SmileyJ Someday Author

  16. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Ok, i will try to make this like those kids post on facebook. Khmm, "wheeeereeee is KNOB? :(" :D
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  17. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    On the way.
  18. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Let gnob sell parts for the shadow minion costume this time. I want it (only need the helmet piece), farming my EDIT off and still didnt get it. Got over 40 temporary helmets, but cant do anything good with that.

    I am able to buy 2 more pieces from the dark set though, so i hope he ll come soon.
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  19. Lordcl

    Lordcl Junior Expert

    temporary helmet piece also works at work bench lol. you could make the costume 40 times already lol
  20. buhurrr

    buhurrr Someday Author

    when it was mentioned in that announcement before that the old new moon gear will be available at gnob, can anyone confirm if it will be max stats for say, a price of 1k-2kdraken each, or will be random stats with maybe 100draken each etc.. thanks.

    Also if its not too late to suggest, is it possible to add the lvl 40/45sargon pieces to gnob also (given he wont be returning for the foreseeable future. I mean armor&weapon sets).
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